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Casca just about had it with all this excitement in Rome. Seriously, he was fed up.

Especially when he was stuck lugging around some guy who decided to overheat and pass out on a bench.

"Look, how did you even get out here?"

"I was… running… New clothes, you see…" the man explained. He was fairly old, but very much in shape. He'd refused to take off the armor-like clothing; instead just using Casca's conveniently placed shoulder. "Just going… past this corner."

"Wait, why were you running? Why are you using me as a crutch? Why are you going to a brothel!"

He chuckled, "Well… I'm not going to the brothel. Or is that the only thing you see on this street?"

"No… I just want to know!" the guard exclaimed, exasperated. He'd been putting up wanted posters—for some reason Arturo refused to come along—when the man had appeared out of nowhere passed out. That sort of thing can just ruin everyone's day, really.

"Well, let's just say you wouldn't have been my first choice for help."

"That doesn't answer anything." he sighed.

"Here's fine…" the man said, dropping onto a bench immediately after entering the square. Casca gratefully let go, feeling a bit warm himself.

"Finally, what made you think it would be a good idea to go out wearing… What is that? Dog fur?"

The man chuckled, "I certainly hope that it's wolf fur, otherwise I don't think it was worth all that work…"

Casca, though confused, continued, "Alright then, I'll probably see you around." He was normally confused about something, whether he'd admit it or not.

He muttered something in response.


"Oh sorry, I was just going to ask you to keep an eye out for a girl for me. She's been missing for a couple of days."

"Who is she? Can you describe her at all?" He asked the routine, necessary questions.

"Well, she's fairly small; she'd remind you of a bird if you saw her. A member of my family, you could say."

Casca, though confused, continued, "Well… I'll keep an eye out for her. Don't overdo it again, alright?"

"Of course!" the strange man flashed him a toothy smile behind his hood. A scar was visible despite his growing beard, on the right side of his lip.

The guard couldn't help but smile back as he turned to leave. They didn't get many opportunities to smile, considering being stern and generally hateful was apparently a rule now.

Then, just as he turned back onto the street where he'd left the posters, he thought of something…

"Passera!" he exclaimed under his breath. She was of slight build, and could definitely have been missing since she'd been hurt. Arturo was probably at home fixing her bandages as he thought about it (which also meant they'd have to take her to the doctor to get them fixed again because Arturo… well all the guards really, were bad with that sort of thing).

He sprinted back to where he'd left the man, but when he got there, he'd disappeared.

Casca was quite fed up with all of this, really.

"If you're going to give me a case, at least try to stay in touch!" he said, looking at some of the hairs scattered on the bench.

Somewhere, he heard laughter.

He made his way to talk to his captain, somewhat unsure of why he was going in the first place.

The captain wasn't busy, and waved him in with a slight, though justified, wince.

"What is it now? Have you found that woman a place to stay?" he said, pushing his paper aside.

"We've found her a place. She plans to move in…once we get her some furniture." At the captain's frown he added, "Oh, just a bed and table, you know."

"And you've come to tell me this because…?"

"No! I mean… I just was asking… I think we might need more patrols around the brothel."

"Are you just trying to sneak a peek at—"

"No! There are just… some really strange people around there."

The captain sighed. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately; sighing, that is. "I'll see what I can do." He seemed to be doing a lot of that as well. "There's that man in white to worry about anyway."

Casca thought for a moment, "I haven't seen him."

So he left to tell Passera about the odd, possible member of her family.

This, dear readers, is what we call Dramatic Irony... and breaking the fourth wall.