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It's a beautiful summer's day and I'm trying to make the most of every minute of sunshine. I love the hot weather, the hotter the better I say. In fact if I had my own way I would probably move to a secluded tropical island and spend all my time stretched out on the beach soaking up the sun. Alas, I know this is never going to be a real possibility for me. I am too tightly bound by my obligations to my family and to the memory of my dad and the legacy he left behind.

I have to settle for catching some rays led on a blanket in a public park, and even then I can't seem to catch a moments peace. My mother, as regular as clockwork, has rung to get her daily update.

I scowl in frustration and look down at my manicured nails as she proceeds to ask me the same question for about the fifteenth time in the last twenty minutes, "How much longer is it going to be?".

"I'm telling you mother, our plan is coming together perfectly. It won't be much longer now until I have a ring on my finger." She really has so little faith in me and my ability to be a seductress; to fulfil my role in our plan. This very conversation is the exact one we have been having for the last three months and its becoming beyond tiresome to have to keep repeating myself.

My whole life she has doubted me and put me down. Nothing I ever do is good enough or reaches her high standards, and its most definitely not as good as Irina would have done it. Irina is my older sister and my mother's golden child. She has made no secret of the fact that Irina is her favourite; she is after all the child my mother wanted and planned to have.

I was just a mistake.

She never wanted or had time for a second child, but once my father found out she was pregnant with me he would hear none of her talk about having an abortion. It hurts that my mother felt that way. If my father hadn't found out she was pregnant then I probably never would have been born. She has always seen me as a hindrance.

All that's going to change soon though.

I try to focus on what my mother is saying but her scratchy voice is giving me headache.

"I know what I'm doing mother. I know it is taking slightly longer than we initially anticipated but I assure you that everything is going exactly how we knew it would. Not long and I will be engaged to be the next Mrs Edward Cullen." I'm pretty sure I have managed to sound more confident than I feel, and our conversation only continues for a few more minutes before my mother hangs up after a forced, obligatory term of endearment and a promise to ring me tomorrow.

I huff in annoyance as I throw my phone onto the ground at my side. I put my arm over my face and take a few minutes to let my muscles relax and to allow the tension to leave my body. I don't know why I let her get to me so much.

When I first listened to my mothers' plan to solve our financial problems I was more than willing to do anything within my power to help and protect our name and the reputation my father had fought his whole life to build. The Denali family was well known within the business world and in the high society social circles of Seattle.

When he had died of a heart attack a year ago none of us had a clue about the mess he was leaving behind. However, all his dealings came to light quite quickly after his death, and it became easier and easier to see why he had a heart attack. The stress would have simply been too much for his heart to handle.

As it turns out, he was facing financial ruin. On the verge of bankruptcy. Due to the crappy economy and the even crappier decisions he had made in the eight months leading up to his death, he had lost almost everything. He had even been selling off his and my mother assets behind my mothers back in order to make ends meet.

Shocked. Mortified. Humiliated. Upset. Angry. Betrayed. Scared.

Me, my mother and my sister experienced a whole range of emotions when we found out about everything. It was all just so overwhelming.

My mother was the first one to point out that with no money we had no means to survive. I knew as soon as the words left her lips that by "we" she meant herself and me. My sister were already happily married to a respectable business man who she was certain wouldn't want to becoming embroiled in the scandal my father had left behind. Also the embarrassment that would come from letting outsiders know would be too much for my mother to bear. She was an intensely private person when it came to anything that could be construed in a negative light by the other society women that she mingled with.

I suggested getting a job but my mother immediately turned her nose up. She herself has never worked a day in her life. We had few options, and ultimately the intricate plan to snag the illustrious single Cullen brother came together. His family were completely loading, a fortune which had been passed down through the generations, but he was also extremely wealth in his own right. Marrying him and getting access to his funds would solve all our problems, and save the Denali name from ruin. My mother would be ok. She would be happy and secure, and perhaps for once, she would be proud of me.

However, getting to know him and woo him wasn't as easy as I had initially planned. He has been a notoriously private and secluded person since the death of his first wife, his childhood sweetheart. Kate I think her name was. She died during childbirth, a little girl. It was through his child that I have been able to get access to his home and hopefully his heart.

I was Daisy Cullen's nanny.

This job was apparently the only exception to my mothers rule about not working.

She was Edward rude, bratty, spoilt, four year old daughter. She had made my life a living hell for the last four months. Once me and Edward got married I would definitely be shipping her off to a boarding school, hopefully outside of Washington State, perhaps even outside the USA altogether, at the first available opportunity. I was absolutely not mummy material. Of course I couldn't let Edward know about this little fact, so I have spent the last four months sucking up to her and attending to her every whim.

Needless to say it hasn't all been plain sailing. She is the reason why I am currently here in this overcrowded public park as opposed to on a comfortable, cushioned sun bed sipping margarita's in Edward's backyard. I had promised her I would bring her today to play on the swings in exchange for her silence about a row we had on Monday evening. She was forever tattling to Edward about me shouting at her and I was worried that he was going to start doubting our relationship because of it. Daisy was without a doubt his first priority.

For now that it is.

Once our whirl wind romance is complete and we're engaged I will be his first priority. Although that might not be quite a soon as I have been leading my mother to believe. Our relationship is moving forward, just at a relatively snail like pace. Although he hasn't said anything, I get the impression that Edward hasn't been with anyone in the four years since his wife died. He is a little rusty on the whole relationship front. I'm actually one step away from spiking his drinks and getting him drunk to loosen him up a bit. He is always so stiff and formal with me.

I have just about had all I can take of the park though and its getting late, so I sit up and arch my back trying to stretch out my sore muscles. Lying on the grass sure was uncomfortable. I have no idea why so many people came here today to just lay around on the ground. Surely they would be more comfortable at home.

I look over to the swings to where I'm sure Daisy will be, and I'm shocked to see that she's not there. I let my eyes drift across the expanse of the playground several times before I start to feel the panic swell in my chest. Where is she?

I jump up and begin to circle the playground but by now I'm sure she is not here. She is wearing a white t-shirt and pink dungarees. She would definitely stand out. I would have seen her by now if she were still here.

I look around me and see that people have started to gradually leave. I'm sure that if someone had taken her I would have heard something. Someone would have seen something. She must have just wandered off or be hiding somewhere. She's probably just playing a trick on me again thinking she can get me into more trouble with her father.

She got to be here somewhere and when I find her I'm going to make sure Edward knows exactly what a little troublemaker she is. She has deliberately disobeyed me. I made it perfectly clear she was to stay in the play area.

I'm not even going to bother calling Edward and bothering him with this. He's too busy to deal with this petty, attention seeking sort of stunt. Damn you Daisy. Your going to be in serious trouble when I find you.


"Hey, pretty girl!"

"Wanna go out sometime? I could wine ya and dine ya." Young hooligan number one shouted. I fought the urge to make a snaky comment.

"Don't go on a date with him. Go out with me! I'll take you dancing baby!" Young hooligan number two has apparently decided to get in on the action.

"Tinkletoes! You ignoring us tinkletoes?" Young hoodie number three joins in, and this signals just about all I can take.

"Yes I am you jackass! Can't a lady walk home in peace!" I am now feeling infinitely better.

Really some guys are so immature. Where do they get this stuff from? That is surely no way to capture the attention of a girl. Hollering in the street. How barbaric.

I desperately wish that we still lived in the times of formal courtships and gentlemanly chivalry. My friends say that I'm a hopeless romantic and I'm inclined to agree. I have high expectations and I'm not going to settle for anything less even if it means I spend my life alone. Please God let me meet the right man, I don't want to be alone for ever!

I'm on my way back home from the art studio on campus and admittedly its not unusual for me to get the odd comment shouted at me from guys in this neighbourhood. Today though I'm just not in the mood.

I have just finished making a mandatory appearance on campus to make it seem like I'm actively participating with the rest of my class. I never manage to get much work done at there, but today see to have been particular unproductive. I happen to have an extraordinary ability to procrastinate it would seem. I'm grouchy and tired and all I want to do is get home and paint, thus making me a lot less tolerate of the guys in the street shouting at me and checking out my ass today. I do have a pretty fine ass in these shorts though.

I always get so much more work done in my little apartment with its view of the City. I'm more inspired there and my art just flows better. Everything makes more sense when I'm surrounded with my own things, in my own space.

Also, I have to take three buses and walk for about half an hour to get to my campus, which is another major disadvantage of going in. What can I say, walking isn't my strongest attribute.

It's just started to rain which is a startling turn around on the days' weather, and not at all what the weather man predicted this morning. I swear the sun was blazing only ten minutes ago. Damn global warming.

I let out a groan of frustration as water starts to heavily pelt down and I decide to break into a run. Please don't fall, please don't fall.

My clumsy nature doesn't usually allow for me to move at speed without causing serious bodily harm to either myself or the people who are unfortunate enough to be in the same vicinity as me.

My ripped denim shorts and lightweight blue t-shirt are doing very little to protect me from the weather.

I've just about made it to my apartment block and I'm fumbling in my bag looking for my keys. I really need to be more organised and make sure that I always put my keys in the side pocket of my bag so I always know where they are. I'm going to have to empty out all my stuff I just know it. My bag is too cluttered. A bit like my life actually. Its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I bend down to the floor intent on my mission to empty my bag and retrieve my keys in record speed when something catches my eye from under from under the stairs of my front stoop.

"Hey there. Who are you? Are you lost?"

I'm now staring into the most piercing green eyes I have ever seen. There mesmerizing but undoubtedly full of terror at this current moment. This is enough to snap me out of my daze, and I am greeted by the sight of a petrified little girl curled up in a tight ball. She is sobbing her little heart out, and I almost want to cry myself. What has happened to this little girl to break her heart like this?

"My name's Bella. It's short for Isabella. Isabella Swan. But you can just call me Bella. I prefer it."

I am bubbling like a fool. Its my nerves. I don't have much experience with children being a only child, and a bit of a loner whilst growing up. I desperately don't want to make this situation any worse. I need her to trust me.

"What's you name sweetie?" I enquire.

I'm putting on my best friendly face trying to reassure the girl that I just want to help, but I'm pretty sure that I probably look more like a drown rat. It really is raining hard now. My clothes are soaked, my hair is hanging limp around my face, and my black mascara and eye liner are running down my face. I am almost certain I look like a monster from some cheap horror film.

I decide to hold out my hand as a sign of peace and to help her out from her hiding place, when I hear her speak. She is so quiet and timid I almost miss it. Her voice sounds like a little set of bells, almost musical.

"My name is Daisy Cullen, and I have losted my daddy. I really misses him 'cause I haven't seen in a long time now."

"Its ok sweetie. We'll find him even if we have to search all night. Don't you worry about it."

She reaches out and slips her chubby little fingers into mine and we make our way inside. I know already that this is a very special little girl, and that I'm going to do everything in my power to make her happy again.