Chapter 15/Epilogue

Tony and Ziva look up when the elevator dings revealing a grim looking Gibbs. He's still carrying his rucksack and his traditional cup of coffee. He's accompanied by Abby, Ducky and Jimmy.

"Conference room everyone please."

The two agents exchange worried looks. The last time Gibbs said please he'd just come back from Mexico after a four-month hiatus. They join the others upstairs in the conference room and Gibbs looks around the table indicating for the others to sit down. Once they do so he sighs and takes out his cell phone.

There's a knock and then Tim McGee enters the room. Before anyone can say anything Gibbs motions for silence. "Let Tim have his say and then we'll go around the room."

Tim clears his throat and nods his thanks to Gibbs. "Hey guys, I just wanted to come back and tell you myself that I am moving to Colorado. Before you start asking questions, this is something I've been considering for a while now and it's a good move for me."

"You are looking a bit more rested my boy." Ducky observes kindly. "I will admit, that's nice to see."

"Not as many nightmares Ducky. Jimmy, Daniel said that you called and I'm sorry that I didn't call you back. I've...been getting a few other things resolved." Jimmy shrugs and smiles at Tim.

"What about Jethro?"

Everyone stares at Abby and Tim shakes his head. "I've asked a good friend if his family will take Jethro in; they have three kids who will play with him and give him the attention that I can't."

Abby starts to protest, but this time its Tim who stares her down. "I can't take him and what's more I refuse to continue making myself miserable because you think I deserve him. Friends don't treat each other the way that you treat me. Be glad that I didn't have him destroyed."

Abby sits in stunned silence and Tim continues.

"I'm not officially quitting NCIS; I just can't stay here for the time being. I have found a new team to work with and will be starting my new position next week."

Tony focuses on Gibbs. "You're okay with him going, boss?"

Gibbs shakes his head, "No, Tony but I understand why he's going." Gibbs raises his cup of coffee to Tim, and says, "For now, it's the best of both worlds."

Gibbs almost chokes on his coffee when Ziva asks softly, "Our best is going to a new world?"

Tim chuckles at her innocent question. She has no way of knowing at this time the things he's learned about the Stargate program, "I'm going to Colorado, for now anyway."

Tim reaches into his pack and pulls out a hand carved wooden box. Tony inhales as he recognizes not just the craftsmanship, but also the box that Kate had asked Gibbs to make just prior to her death. Abby recognizes it too and her eyes light up in anticipation; she's surprised when Tim walks over to where Ziva is sitting and hands the box to her.

"I'm not certain when I'll be back, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the gift you've given me. Kate gave me this just before she died; I'd like you to hold onto this and feel free to use it if you'd like."

Ziva opens it up and sees the quill pen and ink set inside knowing that this precious temporary gift is one that Tim holds dear.

"Thank you, Tim." She says with tears in her eyes and looks up at him with a small smile. "We will hold on to these dearly."

Tim fingers the necklace he has placed round his neck and nods. "Yeah, Ziva. We will."

Jack's sitting in the reception area near Jenny's office listening to the exchange beyond the Directors door. He was grateful for Tim covertly pressing the intercom button that linked Jenny to her assistant and after a quick word in Cynthia's ear, he had managed to get her to go and take an extended lunch on him. He glances over to where Sam, Daniel and Teal'c all sit and feels his heart melt at Daniel comforting Sam with a soothing arm over her shoulder as they listen to the exchange. His attention is drawn away when he hears the conversation about the gift he's bestowing on Ziva.

"Our best is going to a new world?"

Jack chuckles to himself and shakes his head. "What do you make of that Sam?" Sam smiles at him before nodding back to the intercom.

"I'm going to Colorado, for now anyway."

"Good boy, Tim." He mumbles at his son's answer and feels proud of the certainty he hears in the voice he has grown to love. He hears rustling over the intercom and knows that Tim has reached into the bag that he insisted on bringing. For some reason, the kid had been reluctant to say what was in the bag, and truth be told, Jack didn't push. It was too small to hold his clothes, so he knew that he was in no danger of losing Tim to them this time so he had let it slide and wrapped his arm around Tim's shoulder to guide him out of the door.

"I'm not certain when I'll be back, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the gift you've given me. Kate gave me this just before she died; I'd like you to hold onto this and feel free to use it if you'd like."

"O'Neill. Is that his…"

"Must be." Jack said with a shrug and frowns "Why?"

"Ziva gave him her necklace to hold onto until they meet again. I guess he's giving her something that is equally as precious to him." All eyes turn to Daniel. "Come on, Ziva hasn't technically done that much to him. I mean, sure, she isn't completely innocent in this, but she's also the one that has been more of a friend to him."

Jack nods and just barely catches the tail end of the Israeli's sniffles. "….We will hold on to these dearly."

Even the stoic Colonel Jack O'Neill finds it difficult to keep his emotions in check at what he is hearing and feels his heart swell with pride at what Tim has done.

"Yeah, Ziva. We will."

"That's beautiful." Sam says with a thick voice and Jack turns just in time to see Daniel pulling her closer towards him. His arm never moves from being round her shoulders, but right now, she is sitting there with her head resting on his other son's shoulder and tears trailing their way down her cheeks.

"Sam, you okay?" Jack finds himself asking gently.

"Yeah, Tim's coming with us. I think part of me expected him to stay here." Jack nods at her with total understanding because that same fear has been hovering at the back of his mind all day.

"Come on Probie! You don't have to do this, Man. I mean, you're gonna give up what you have here?"

"Damn it, DiNozzo!" Jack scowls and gets to his feet. In no time at all, he's made his way across the room and has his hand on the handle to the door. He is stopped by a large hand on his shoulder and turns so that he is looking Teal'c directly in the eye.

"Do not do anything rash, O'Neill. Timothy will not appreciate it." Jack deflates slightly and looks his good friend in the eye.

"I know, big guy. But Tim doesn't need this." He stops to listen to what is being said on the intercom and catches the end of what Tim is saying.

"….So yeah, Tony. I do. I want this and nothing you say is going to stop me now."

"So you're gonna just throw this away? Your job, your friends…hell your life"

"That's it!" Jack opens the door and enters the room. He pauses briefly when everyone turns to look at him. "Don't mind me. Carry on." With a wave of his hand, he leans against the wall grateful that the rest of his team have joined him and are now standing beside him to offer their silent support. Tim looks at them all and grins happily before turning back to Tony.

"What am I throwing away, Tony? The chance to be with my family? They care about me. They don't treat me like crap or wear me down. I can be me!" Tim watches as Tony backs off and offers him a small smile. "Why can't you see that?"

"I can, McGee. That's what hurts the most. We've done this and I'm damned if I know how to resolve it."

"You can, Tony. It'll take time, but you all can. Right now, this is something that I have to do. You know, I've just found out that I have a brother. Daniel had our blood works checked and it turns out we're biological brothers. Jack has been more of father to me than anyone ever has. All of them, including Sam and Teal'c…hell even General Hammond, has shown me what family means and I love them all dearly. Don't try and take that away from me or make me chose between you all, because right now, you'll all be disappointed."

Tim turns and walks towards his family. He looks Jack in the eye and gives him one of the brightest smiles that Jack has seen from him yet. "Dad, it's okay; we can go home now."

Two weeks later:

Jack hides a smile as he waits for his team to enter the gate room. Teal'c stands tall beside him and softly asks, "Timothy will be joining us for the first time O'Neill. How does this make you feel?"

Jack looks at him and then looks at his sons entering the room at a run, having clearly raced to get there.

"Proud as any father can be Teal'c...not one but two sons by my side. What more could any man ask for?" he turns towards his boys with a smile and nods. "You two ready?"

"Yes Ja…Dad." Daniel says and offers a rueful smile. "Sorry, that's going to take some getting used to."

Jack grins at him "Don't worry about it." he moves to Tim and lays his hand on his son's shoulder. "What about you? You nervous?"

"Yeah, a little. It's all a bit surreal at the moment. What's it like?" Tim asks the same question that he's been asking since being asked to join them on the mission. Every time, he's received the same answer.

"It's a walk in the park, son. Weird first time round, but it'll soon become second nature." With that, he turns to the door and sees Sam walking through it. "About time, Carter."

"Sorry sir, I had something to finish up in the lab."

Jack smiles at her and turns to look at Teal'c who nods serenely. That is his cue; he has his full team with him so he turns to the observation deck and gives them a thumbs up. Within seconds, they all hear General Hammond saying, "SG-1, you have a go."

The End.

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