This was inspired by a tiny clip I saw from one of the new episodes airing tonight, 'Rebound'. The first part of the conversation is as it is in the episode, but I've changed it from the fourth line onwards ;-) This won't be the way it goes down on the show, but we can dream!

Disclaimer: Not my show, sadly.


"So five wives in two and a half years, and every one of them on the rebound. I couldn't even get near you when you were on the rebound." He snapped his laptop shut.

She half smiled. "Maybe you didn't try hard enough."

"Are you saying I had a chance?"

She gave a slight shrug, that little smile flickering again. "Try a little harder and you might find out."

He didn't say anything for almost a minute, just sat there looking at her with his piercing gaze. Just as she was about to say something – tell him they should start working on the case again, probably – he jumped up from his seat, moving his face to within an inch of hers.

"Cal," she breathed. "We need to..."

"I need to try a little harder," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "Isn't that what you said?"

"The case-" The words barely escaped her before his lips crashed against hers, his hands falling to her hips and pulling her towards him.

It didn't take long for her to return the kiss. She opened her mouth to him, allowing him entry, and as soon as she felt his tongue brush against her own all coherent thought was gone. She looped her arms around his neck, then trailed her right hand through his hair. One of his hands had slid up her back and was now running through her hair, while his other hand was gently stroking her lower back. Years of pent-up passion and sexual attraction was flooding from her, and the intensity of his kiss showed her that it was just the same for him.

Eventually they broke apart, and Gillian forced her eyes to open as she tried to regain control of her breathing.

"That hard enough for you?" He grinned. "Perhaps I should rephrase that. Or not."

"Cal." She shook her head, a small laugh escaping. "We should... get back to the case."

"So I have a chance?" He sat back in the chair, but kept his eyes glued to hers as he waited for her response.

"Keep trying and we'll see," she said playfully, then stood up a little straighter as she returned to professional mode. "We need to talk to the husband again."

"Have dinner with me tonight."

"Cal." She noticed – and so did he – that she couldn't seem to say his name now without smiling. "The case. We need to talk to-"

"Dinner." He flashed her a wicked grin. "I can't focus my mind back on the case unless you agree to have dinner with me tonight, so for the sake of our business..."

"Fine." She started walking towards the door, even more aware of his eyes on her than usual. "We'll have dinner. But first, we talk to the husband."

He grinned at her retreating figure. "Certainly, darling. Anything you say." With that he jumped up and followed her out the room, determined that this time he was not going to miss his chance.