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Chapter 15- Wishing You Were Somehow Here

"Charlotte, are you crazy in the head? You're father can't be dead!" Draco took the letter from my weak grip. I watched as his grey-blue eyes scanned the paper carefully until he pulled me into a hug.

"I told you!" I cried as I pulled away from him. "There can't even be a service for him because they threw him into the sea!"

"Charlotte, calm down."

"How can I calm down? My father is DEAD. He was my best friend, my father, someone close to me!"

Draco was silent and sat down on his bed.

"And, I'm sorry about that Charlotte. It's not the time to worry about this. Our lives are at stake too." His voice gradually got louder.

"Fine Draco. If you don't care anymore, why don't you say so?" I frowned at his remark.

"Charlotte, I do care about you. But right now, your life and my life are in danger. And now that we have a child on the way, we have to be careful." He kissed me gently.

It didn't stop my crying though. I wanted to go back to my house and visit there. I felt te=he strong need to deep inside, even if it was just for an hour.

"I feel the need to go back." I suddenly told him.

"Back where, Charlotte?"

"Back to my house."

"They won't let you. Aunt Bellatrix wants everyone here when Lord Voldemort gets here."

"Do me a favor Draco. Distract the others while I sneak out to go back to my house for a few things."

"I'll go with you-"

"No, I'm going alone. If I'm not back in an hour, come and get me." I interuppted him then scrambled around the room grabbing my borrowed wand and coat. "Just distract them, and I'll run out the door."

Draco frowned but opened the door and walked out into the wide hallway and started down the stairs to meet the others. I noticed that his black, long sleeved suit made his blonde hair and pale skin stick out more. I stood at a black, wooden railing which was over looking the commotion downstairs.

When Draco reached the bottom of the stairs, I prepared for my bolt to the door. But I noticed that the manor grew silent for a few moments but then the chaos started again and everyone was yelling at each other. I was glad I wasn't down there. Draco looked like a lost puppy down stairs, just like he didn't belong.

"Well, not only we lost Harry, Charlottte lost the horcrux. He'll kill us all!" Bellatrix shouted in her usual cackle she had since I met her.

I gingerly ran down the stairs while everyone's attention was on Bellatrix. I was careful not to make the clicking and clacking noise with my heals. As I reached the end of the staircase, I took out my wand and opened the door then I ran out the door.

I felt the cold, early spring air hit my face as I ran the few blocks to get to my house.

I didn't live too far from the Malfoy Manor in my childhood. I used to walk to their house all the time when my parents were on "trips" for the Dark Lord. I knew the short cuts to and from well, but I took the long way instead. I took the long way not only for the freedom, but because of my nervousness to get back home and to see what I would find.

The trees that lined the streets didn't have little birds chirping in them like I remembered from my childhood. It saddened me even more. I knew we were in a dark time since the birds weren't in the trees.

The sky was cloudy and grey like it was almost going to rain and storm too. It was an eerie feeling to have the sun not shine and the birds not chirping.

When I got to my old house. It looked like it had been destroyed in a riot or searched by the guards of Azkaban.

I ran to the black door, which was cracked open. I pushed the door all the way open and slowly walked into my childhood home.

The flickering lights didn't help the mood. Papers were scattered all across the floor and the furniture were all in threads.

Suddenly, a breeze flew in from a broken window and a paper hit my ankle, then landed in front of me. I reached down and picked up the paper. My eyes scanned it quickly before I read it thouroghly. But when I did, I was surprised and confused about what I read.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hogwarts has been going great. My friends in Gryffindor are forming a group called Dumbledore's Army and I'm joining it like you said I should. Is it really going to protect me? They're fighting against who you follow and who my little sister is going to follow. I feel like I'm betraying my own family. I know its for my own good but I don't know if its worth leaving my family behind. Please, send me your luck and best wishes.



"What is this?" I muttered to myself. "I had another brother?"

A loud crackling noise came from behind me. I turned around quickly but found nothing there.

"I knew I would find you here. You got a letter too?" A dark, deep voice asked me.

"Who are you?" I shouted, holding my wand in front of me.

"Logan Darcey. You must be Charlotte."

"How do you know my name?" My body shook in fear. "You can't be a Darcey. You'd be my brother then."

"I am your brother. I went to Hogwarts while you were home schooled. Mom and Dad wanted a different path for me. Look, I can't stay long, I know you're confused and I'll clear things up later but the death eaters, are not good people."

"Don't say that. I'm one. My husband is one. Everyone I know is one. It's everything I know."

"Come with me Charlotte, it's the best thing for you."

"I can't he'll kill me!"

"Exactly my point. I must go, but I'll find you again."

Then the boy vanished out of thin air. He left me confused and even more scared than I used to be.

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