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It's 2:00 in the morning and the task force went home hours ago. Light was currently sleeping which wasn't out of the ordinary, but L was feeling a bit strange. The insomniac tossed and turned, coughing and sneezing throughout the night in his blue pajamas with pink smiling cupcakes on them. Of course after a while the bothersome sounds from the chain that linked the two geniuses together, woke up Light. "L… the noises…from this…chain…is….disturbing" Light held up his wrist to emphasize his point. L stayed facing the wall and cleared his throat.

"Sorry Light-kun" and tried to hide his cough. Light sighed "It's ok just….try to relax"

'Did he cough just now?...No maybe it was my imagination'. Light shook his head to clear all further thoughts out of his mind. He was about to drift back into a deep sleep when the aggressive sounds of the chain started again. "L is something wrong?" Light was now a little irritated. He knew that L made him get up too early in the morning to lose sleep so carelessly. When L didn't reply that just irritated the teen even more. Light was trying to be nice, he could have punched L in the face instead of acting concerned. Light glared at L but stopped when he saw the detective shiver rather harshly

"L…are you okay?" Light asked dropping his hostile attitude. When L didn't answer for the second time, Light started to worry. Light grabbed L's arm to get his attention, immediately he noticed how hot the insomniac's arm was. The teen shifted the detective over on his back to examine him. L's panda eyes were shut tight. Sweat glistened on his pale skin. Short shaky breaths came from his mouth. The sight of L look so disheveled sent shivers down the boy's spine and made him panic. 'Is he….sick?' Light put his hand on L's forehead to check for a fever. His eyes went wide. "Christ! He's burning up!" Light removed his hand from L's forehead and ran into the bathroom for a thermometer and a wet cloth to bring down the fever, but that didn't work out to well when the chain mercilessly yanked on his wrist because of the distance. Light winced and rubbed his now throbbing wrist. The teen hurried back to the bed and scooped L into his arms, bridal style.

'Why am I letting him carry me like this? I want him to put me down...but…my body…it hurts' Light knew that L didn't want to be carry, but L was in no condition to argue or compromise, Light knew that L really needed him right now. Light wasn't surprised that L was really light, even with his poor eating habits. Light made his way to the bathroom again. The bright light from the bathroom hurt Light's eyes. He set L down in the chair they sat on while waiting for each other to take a shower. He had to put L in a certain position so he wouldn't fall. Light went to the bathroom closet and pulled out a white wash cloth and grabbed a thermometer from the medicine cabinet that was located next to the closet. Moving with haste Light started towards the sink. Setting down the thermometer, Light turned the faucet on 'cold'. When the wash cloth was swollen with enough water, he wringed it out a bit to prevent too much dripping. Picking up the thermometer, Light walked back to where L was sitting. Light noticed that L was trying his hardest not to cough. The teen set the cold cloth on L's forehead. Light grabbed L by the chin and turned his head, so he could look at L's face.

"L I'm going to take your temperature. I need you to stay still and keep the thermometer under your tongue" L hated it when Light spoke to him like he was a child. Normally L would've frowned from that comment and probably say something smart. But because of the circumstances he didn't. Light put the thermometer in L's mouth and waited for the results. A few seconds later there was a beeping sound from the thermometer to indicate that it was finished. Light pulled the thermometer out of L's mouth. Light eyes went wide "I have to get you to the hospital now! Your fever is 103!" Light quickly picked up the insomniac and ran back into the bed room. Sitting on the bed with L still in his arms, Light pushed a button on a nearby night stand to phone Watari. "Watari!" there was no answer "Watari are you there!" still no answer

'Where the hell is Watari!' Light thought. "*cough* *cough*Light-kun" Light looked down at L. "Yes?"

"Wata..ri .uh..is..haa..*cough* *cough* in...Eng...land..haa..haa" Although L's voice was shaky and filled with heavy pants and coughs. Light could understand what L said was 'Wateri is in England' L buried his face in Light's chest and grabbed a fist full of the teens shirt. L's body were tense and he was shaking like crazy. 'He's getting worse. I have to get him to a hospital.' Light pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed 119. After a few moments Light hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket.

"Ok the ambulance will be here in a second. I have to get you to the lobby." L wrapped his arms around Light's neck and rested his head in the crook of his neck. Light could feel L's hot shaky breaths on him. 'I hope L doesn't get me sick, I have exams coming up and…Wait I don't have time to think about that right now. I have to get L to the lobby.' Light hurried out of L's apartment room and headed straight for the elevator. To Light's and L's dismay, there were two teenage girls in the elevator. When Light stepped in the elevator he could hear them squealing and whispering to each other. He even heard one of the girls say how adorable L looked in his cupcake pajamas. 'Shit, I didn't want anybody to see me and L like this. Of course there getting the wrong idea, I wonder how L must feel right now? This situation must be really embarrassing f-' Light was cut off from his thoughts when both of the girls walked to him and asked "Is he your boyfriend?" Lights face flushed 'I knew this was coming'

"N-no he is not my boyfriend. He's JUST a friend." Both girls pouted "Oh….well we thought that you guys just got done having sex and you fucked your poor boyfriend here so hard that he was in too much pain to walk!" Light and L's eyes were as big as saucers and their faces were bright pink. L tried to bury his face even further in Light's neck. Light's eye started twitching "WHAT?" *Ding* "Well, that's our stop. Got to go" the two teens stepped out the elevator and waved "Oh here's some tips. Use some lube, it will go in much easier and it will be less pain for your boyfriend." At that last comment the elevator doors closed. Light closed his eyes to get what just happen out of his mind. "It's going to be a long night." *Ding* the elevator doors opened. Light and L immediately knew they had reach the lobby when they were greeted with the flashing lights of the ambulance that was waiting for them outside. Relieved, Light rushed outside and gave L to one of the paramedics. With no time to waste the paramedics started putting L on the stretcher and into the ambulance. Light also hurried into the ambulance. Even if he wanted to leave he couldn't because of the chain, but it's not like he didn't want to stay by L's side in the first place. After putting a oxygen mask on L. One of the paramedics turned towards Light.

"We need the key to this chain. You have to wait in the waiting room while we're trying to treat your friend" Light nodded his head. "Yeah it should be in his pajama pocket" Light turned toward L and whispered: "Sorry L, I have to take the chain off, I have no choice. I'll be sure to put it back on when were back at head quarters."L looked at Light for a minute, and finally nodded. Light then put his hand in L's left front pocket, pulled out the key and unlocked the cuff on L's wrist, then unlocked the cuff on his wrist. The paramedic took the chain from Light. "I'll make sure you get that back before you leave. Now can you tell me what happen?" "Yeah sure, it was about 2:00 in the morning and Ryuzaki kept tossing and turning, so I wanted to make sure he was okay. But when I called his name he was unresponsive. I started to worry…" By the time Light was done telling what happened, they were at the hospital, And L was rushed into the emergency room. Light was left to wait in the waiting room. The clerk asked for L's name and address, health insurance information, doctor's name and emergency contact information. Light just hoped that he could remember enough information about Ryuzaki Rue to answer the questions right. To Light it seemed like days past until he got to see L, when in reality it was only about 20 minutes. While being lead by a nurse to L's room. Light went into deep thought.

'I hope nothing is seriously wrong with him. I never imagined the famous L getting sick. He always seems inhuman. I guess I forgot that he actually is a person like everybody else.' Suddenly the nurse stopped in front of room 27A "Here we are Ryuzaki Rue is right in there." Light walked in the room to see L sitting up in the hospital looking more himself. Light turned to the nurse "Is he going to be okay." The nurse smiled "Yes he's going to be fine. It seems he has the flu. I have a prescription here to help with the symptoms." "Well how did he get the flu? I was with him all today and he seemed to be fine."

" Uh… he said he was standing outside on a roof in the rain, with no shoes, socks, or jacket." Light sighed and turned to L who was now pretending like he found something very interesting on the ceiling and couldn't take his eyes off it, to look at Light, Light frowned.

"L, did you really walk outside with like that?" L slowly turned his head to Light

"Yes Light-kun, I like when it rains. I don't like shoes or socks so I went outside without them and I couldn't find a jacket." Light rubbed his temples "Well are you happy now? You got yourself sick, if I didn't make it to the hospital on time you could have DIED!" L's head dropped and his eyes were now hidden by his mass of hair.

"I-I'm sorry Light-kun I-I …didn't m-mean" L's voice cracked, he shot his head up to look at Light. Light saw tears streaming down the insomniacs face. "I didn't think you cared!" The teen's eyes went wide. 'What the hell?' The nurse left the room to give them privacy and Light took L in a warm embrace.

"Of course I care. Why wouldn't I?" L shoved his face in Light's chest and grabbed a fist full of the teen's night shirt. "I don't know. You tell me" Light could feel L's tears soaking his night shirt, but he didn't care he just wanted to know what the hell whar wrong with L! Light grabbed L's chin and made the insomniac look straight up at his face. Light had to admit L did look pretty cute right now, with his big innocent panda eyes.

"Look Ryuzaki I care a lot about you and I would never wish for anything bad to happen to you. I'm sorry I made you cry. Ok?" L made a little smile " Yes Light-kun, I'm sorry for making you worry" Light let go of L's chin and let the insomniac rest his head on his chest. Soon after, L went sound asleep. Light very carefully removed L from chest and left the hospital room to go talk to the nurse. "What was that all about? Why did he get so emotional?" The nurse smiled "It's just the side effects from the medicine. His emotions will be much stronger then they usually are, he'll have some mood swings, and he really won't seem himself" Light signed "Ok what are some of the symptoms to the flu?" The nurse looked at her clip board "Chills, sweating, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, fever, muscle ache, stuffy nose and a lot of vomiting" Light eyes went wide "What does the medicine help with?" The nurse checked her clip board again "It helps with the chills, sweating, headache, fever, muscle ache, loss of appetite and stuffy nose" Light rubbed his temples. "When is he to be released from the hospital?" Clip board check "After he wakes up" Light was relieved at that. The sooner he and L got home the better. Light was exhausted. He was in desperate need of some sleep. "Ok, thanks you for your help" the nurse smiled "I was happy to help. Oh and here…" The nurse handed Light L's medicine and there chain "You seemed tired so I went to the front desk and got your chain and the medicine while you and your friend were chatting" Light gave a tired smile, thanked the nurse and then headed back to L's room. When Light walked in L was wide awake "Ryuzaki, you've been released from the hospital. Were going home now, I need some sleep." L slowly got out the hospital bed, walked over to Light and put the chain cuffs back on both of their wrists. "I'll cuff you to the bed so you can have a day off today. If you need to go somewhere just call me. I'll explain your absents to the task force. I will explain everything that we uncover tomorrow to you." Light looked confused "We? What do you mean 'WE'? It's just going to be the task force. When they find out your sick you can't work" L frowned "There not going to find out I'm sick. None of my symptoms are showing" "Yeah for right now. I just talk to the nurse. She said the medicine doesn't help with coughing, sneezing, fatigue, or vomiting and she said you will vomit a LOT." "Light-kun I haven't had nausea at all, but if you help me I think the task force won't notice I'm sick." Light signed "Fine fine, I'll help you. Let's just go home, I'm exhausted."

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