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Light rubbed his temples as he felt another poke was delivered to his side. "What do you want L" the brunette said a bit strained.

"Light-kun I'm bored" the insomniac said for the 5th time already

Light made L stay in bed for the rest of the day while the rest of the taskforce workeD on the case. Not only has L already been driving him crazy but he was extremely bored himself.

"Well what do you suppose I do about it" Light questioned irritably

L gave a cute smile "Why play with me of course silly"

The teen sat up slowly from his laying position on the bed.

"What do you want to play?"

L thought for a minute then his eyes lit up with excitement "Duck Duck Goose!"

Before Light could protest, because it was only the two of them. L placed his hand on Lights head and yelled 'DUCK' and ran out the bedroom for the other players.

Stunned from the unexpected move. Light was dragged after the detective

"L what are you doing?" The auburn haired boy asked little flustered

"I'm going to find my other ducklings and that sneaky goose!"

Light laughed as they entered the investigation room.

Before anyone could say anything L started speaking rather loudly


The Taskforce members looked dumbstruck at L as Light laughed hysterically.

"Light is not the goose because he has been with me the whole time. So that leaves you three"

"Ryuzaki what are yo-" Soichiro couldn't finish his sentence as he felt L's hand touch his head.

"DUCK" L said as he went over to Matsuda and touch his head saying the word 'DUCK'

As the sleuth walked over to Mogi he eyed his rather suspiciously "Hmm you don't look like the rest of my ducklings" L touched Mogi 's head. But this time he gasped as his eyes went wide.

"GOOSE!" Someone could have mistaken L's cry of 'goose' for bloody murder. Which is exactly why Mogi immediately ran out the investigation room and made a mad dash for the elevator.

"Come on Light duckling we can't let that rotten goose get away!" L said as he charged out the room after Mogi. Leaving a laughing Matsuda and confused Soichiro behind.

"It seems like L is more concerned with getting revenge on the goose then getting in his spot! Poor Mogi he never knew what hit him!" Matsuda said as he laughed even harder

"Here goosy goosy goosy goosy! heeeeere goosy goosy goosy goosy! Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!" L said as he searched thoroughly through the hallway.

Light found himself searching for the frightened man too. After seeing his reaction it was no doubt in Lights mind that the former officer was either hiding or went home.

"L I don't think calling the goose is gonna make him come out. Why are we searching for him anyway? The point was to get in his spot."

The detective stopped searching for the missing goose and turned to face Light

"Because that goose was not truthful about being a duck. And he didn't apologize for it either."

Light shrugged his shoulders as L went back to searching.

Soichiro sighed as he heard Matsuda begin to go off on another tangent. Next time he would have to remind himself to stick to small talk and not a full blown out conversation. The man's mouth just seems to run like the wind every time it had a chance. Driving anyone with ears and an IQ above 81 insane! Just before Soichiro was about to tell that babbling man to shut up, his cell phone rang. Matsuda stopped his conversation suddenly.

" Oh chief your cell phone is ringing!" Matsuda said not seeming to take into acknowledge that the two things on each side of Soichiro head called ears worked perfectly well. The older investigator held his tongue as he answered his cell phone, afraid he might snap on the former officer.

"Hello…Mogi wait-…..how am I su-…..yes I completely understand bu-…."

Matsuda listened to the conversation as he saw Soichiro face contort into a grimace and finally hang up.

"Come on we better go get Light and Ryuzaki, Mogi isn't coming back till tomorrow" The older sighed as he made his way to the door followed by a talkative Matsuda

"Please Light-kun" L said as Light pinched the bridge of his nose

"No! We cannot go in the kitchen so you can eat all those sweets, I don't know if you forgotten but your still sick, you should be in bed right now! Not to mention you got sick all over Aizawa a few hours ago"

"But Light-kuuuuuuun I want it"

"I don't care what you want, what you need is rest. Now come on were going back to the headquarters Mogi obviously isn't here."

L sulked as they made their way back to headquarters. Even though Light may have seemed like he couldn't care less and the discussion was over. He still felt a sliver of guilt as L trailed behind him. Finally when they made it inside Light heard a loud slam come from the door. He was surprised it wasn't broken from the impact and even more surprise that it was L who did it.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" The teen asked still stunned by The detectives actions

L eyes were hidden by his black bangs as he clenched his fists "You're the hell is what's wrong with me Kira."

"L what are you talking about I'm not Kira!" 'Why all of a sudden? Why did he have to be mad now! I never seen him have a episode where he's angry, and judging by his tone I don't think I want to'

The insomniacs head suddenly snapped up sending a intense glare at Light

"Cut the bullshit Kira! I already won. And now that I've won I get to have my prize!"

Without warning L suddenly delivered a round house kick to Lights side sending them soaring across the room. Light last bit of patience was gone as he clenched his abused side


After looking for the duo for 20 minutes now Soichiro was on the verge of pulling his hair out and Matsuda was animated as ever laughing, smiling even pouting. The older guessed he was pouring his heart out, thinking that he was listening and really interested in the conversation, when really he felt the very opposite. If only he could block him the younger man long enough to stay on one thought and keep his sane.

"Yagami-san don't you think we should go back to headquarters now? Light and L might have gone back"

Soichiro grinded his teeth he massages his temples willing his already raging migraine not to get worse

"Matsuda where do you think we've been going for the last 5 minutes. Headquarters is right there" The older stated pointing to a door down the hall

The younger scratched the back of his head "Oh! Sorry I must have not noticed caus-"

Suddenly the bubbly man was cut off by a loud crash being heard from headquarters"

Earning a quick glance from Soichiro, they advanced at the door. Just before they were about to charge in. Another sound was heard, only this time it was a….moan?

"L-Light-kun please me gentle"

"What! You mean this is your first time someone has ever don't this too you?"

"Don't say it like that! I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't done it!"

"Ok ok whatever; I'll be gentle since this is your first time"

"Oh and Light-kun"


"I trust you"

Matsuda's face was so red he could put a tomato to shame as Soichiro nearly choked as he had difficulty getting air in his lungs.

" Ah! L-Light! It h-hurts"

"S-Sorry but you so t-tiiight, just try and relax"

The older's face turned green as mental images started popping in his head as Mastuda's nose bled

"Light-kuuun it sti-AAAH!"

"L I think I found your s-sweet spot"

" Y-yeah it seem y-ou have. I-it feel so g-good Aaah hah h-harder eh, P-please~ don't s-stop LIGHT"

Just before Soichiro was about to vomit all over the floor and Matsuda pass out from blood lost they both burst through the door

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