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Ezra was the one guy she really shouldn't have fallen for, given that he was her teacher. She realizes now that she probably liked him at least partly because he was her teacher-and therefore off-limits. Basic psychology says that people tend to want what they can't have. The chase, the pursuit, or the idea of getting what they shouldn't have, but desperately want.

He was a shoulder to cry on, so to speak. She told him about her dad's affair and he told her about his mom's affair. She felt like she could talk to him about anything, and he seemed like the ideal guy. Once you got past the fact that he was her teacher, of course. There was definitely some kind of connection, and maybe he didn't try to stop her for the same reason: they both wanted what they really shouldn't have.

She tries not to flagellate herself over it too much. After all, Ezra told her to look him up in a few years, and disappeared. Back then, Aria may have been upset about it.

Now, she thinks it's for the best. There was never anything real between them: a few kisses, some time stolen in his office at school. He left, and she could have put her life on hold to wait until she graduated to look him up.

Or, she could have moved on. Once Ezra was gone, the chances of him telling people he hooked up with his student were slim. While A did reveal it to Sean, few others would have known and that would have made it easier to move forward.

She doesn't think much about him nowadays. For all she knows, he's married now.

Sean overlapped with Ezra a bit. She does regret that she cheated on him with Ezra, and that he found out about the cheating from A, in a picture text message.

She feels bad about that, especially when she considers that Sean and his family took her in and gave her a place to stay after she decided to move out of home right after the scarlet A incident with Meredith. She thinks she really should have apologized, and wishes that Sean had at least allowed her to do so properly.

She wonders if Sean went out with her because he was on the rebound. Hanna and he had broken up not long before he and Aria got together, and that had made Hanna cooler towards Aria for a while. It seemed that only after Aria and Sean broke up that Hanna seemed to soften towards Aria.

She thinks about ultimately it was a good thing that she and Sean broke up, because they weren't too compatible. He was almost too perfect, and she preferred guys who weren't the cookie-cutter Rosewood type.

Noel took her by surprise. When he started being nice to her, and seemed interested, that was a change. She's sure he probably made fun of her back before she became friends with Ali and the rest of her clique.

She never expected that someone like Noel-who appeared to be a Typical Rosewood-would have hidden depths. Such as, he attended séances to try communicating with his brother, or that he even had a brother who had committed suicide.

When the rest of her classmates were taunting her about being a 'Pretty Little Liar', she expected him to join in. She never would have thought that he would take her away from it and apologize to her for what they were doing.

She also expected that he would make fun of her for trying to communicate with Ali somehow, as if she was trying to reach her spirit.

She remembers how he subverted many of her expectations: he turned out not to be some lacrosse boy who was just like dozens of others at school. She realizes that when she caught him and Alison kissing at the Valentine's Day dance, she jumped to conclusions that he had instigated it, and that he was being honest when he denied it.

Aria recognizes that the relationship she has with Noel is the best she's had since she's been back in Rosewood.