Wren wasn't exactly her boyfriend, but she did sort of have a relationship with him. For all of three weeks, before he decided to return to her sister.

Spencer remembers how she got carried away, and over so little. Within a couple of weeks of meeting Wren, she already thought they had some kind of wonderful connection. She shortly began thinking about graduating high school early and downloading college applications so they could go to university together. She was already thinking about how they would live together and have a pet, and she wishes she hadn't been so naïve.

She remembers the anger she felt when he broke up with her, and she later found out that he had gone back to Melissa. Really though, she shouldn't have been all that surprised. What would a university guy want with a high school girl? Especially when it caused all the problems with her family. She thinks about it, and realises that a few kisses and secret meetings really weren't worth the effect it had on her family. Her parents basically thought she was worthless, and her sister thought she was a total skank. It really had been pointless-Melissa and Wren didn't even stay together that much longer before they called it off.

Wren wasn't the first guy she'd stolen from her sister.

Ian was another total mistake. Golden boy, sister's boyfriend. She kissed him, out of competition with Ali. They had their own little contest going, to see who could kiss more hot older guys than the others. Kissing Ian put Spencer in the lead but Ali was quick to lord the knowledge over her.

Bragging about it to Ali quickly became another mistake.

It quickly became a secret that Ali threatened to make public, a sort of foreshadowing to a few years later when she would hook up with Wren. The only difference was that when she hooked up with Wren, Ali wasn't around to be the bearer and trader of secrets. Instead, she had a probably-psychotic, all-knowing stalker who knew her every move-and thought. As with Ali, she'd have to keep the (then unknown) person appeased so they wouldn't say anything either. She would later find out that it was Mona who had been watching and following, and that she had had Ali's diary for years.

Spencer cursed Ali's interest in details. She's surprised that with all the hints Ali dropped, even with Melissa around, that no-one else really figured it out.

Andrew was the best of the guys she'd been interested in. Ali wasn't around to disapprove in that way she seemed to favour, and he wasn't a boy her sister had dated before.

She considers this, thinking of how she and Andrew had been sort of the golden couple-funnily enough, it was much like how Melissa and Ian had been. Both hyper-ambitious, top-of-the-class students, sporty and into a dozen extracurriculars each.

Then again, it wasn't the most ideal of relationships. The competitiveness alone could have been enough to make them never want to talk to the other again. When Spencer considered all she'd been through with two stalkers pretending to be her best friend and people trying to kill her, it really wasn't so much of a surprise if Andrew couldn't handle it all.

Having people stalk and want to kill your girlfriend is more than a little unnerving.

He'd been a pretty good boyfriend, staying by her side when she thought she'd been adopted. He'd been concerned when she'd been thinking about moving in with Olivia, worried that it was moving too fast and she'd be hurt.

He had been right.

He had been the one to help and reassure her in the immediate aftermath of all that had happened in the Poconos.

Andrew was the best boyfriend Spencer had had.