Good day everyone! Engel here, with my first ever fanfiction! I've never actually written anything that I deemed okay enough to post, but an idea came up to me while I was watching the television, and since no one had done it yet in the Hetalia fandom... I figured, why not?

I chose Arthur, not only because my sister loved him, but that's beside the point, but because he is rather versatile for a character. And besides, my sister liked to abuse him.

Disclaimers: The nations are their own, but only discovered by Himaruya Hidekaz himself. Arthur-centric, and eventually Arthur/?, future crack pairings in the future.

Hello everyone, my name is Arthur Kirkland. I live in London, England as a columnist and the author of several children's books that are rather famous worldwide. I am twenty-four years old, the youngest of 4 brothers, and yes, I am a homosexual.

Being open about my sexuality is somewhat difficult, especially because I write stories for children, but I am not ashamed of it, and coming out was one of the most nerve-wracking, but certainly the most relieving experience I've ever gone through. But it's rather surprising that most people are more open-minded than I had originally thought. But that's all well and good, and I am now currently in that part of my life when I am looking for a special person to share the rest of my life with.

It's not as easy as it seemed to be. In the few years I've come to terms with my sexuality, with a few failed relationships every now and then, I've almost given up on looking for that one man that would complete my life. But, still, I kept trying, because I know, somewhere out there, I would eventually meet the man of my dreams and hopefully… find true love, as cheesy as it may sound.

I've always looked for love, so maybe it's time for it to find me. Haha.


Arthur Kirkland was fidgeting in his seat, fumbling with his tie for the innumerous time as he restlessly waited for the knock on the door that would signify the start of the emotional roller-coaster ride that he had signed up for. Honestly, he didn't quite know what went through his head when he agreed to be the star of a romance-based reality show as the first gay bachelor in the history of the world. But a few meetings after, a couple of contracts signed, here he was, in his best formal suit, primped, curled and dressed up for the cameras that were taking in every single second of his anxiety and nervousness.

And the show hadn't even started yet. Just… perfect.

The producers had told him to ignore the constant lenses that were all but stalking him everywhere, but he felt uncomfortable under such… scrutiny, knowing that there were people from all over the world that would watch his every step in his 'journey to find true love' as the show put it. But he supposed that he would get used to it in time, and since his life in the mansion would not be live telecast (as opposed to the start and the end of the show, wherein he would meet each of his suitors and eventually… spouse, if he was lucky enough) and some parts would be cut off, the prospect of being watched wasn't so bad after all.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, Arthur decided to think about what the director and the writer told him. Since he was the first gay bachelor, they decided to make this season a bit more special, with his suitors coming from every end of the world, one from any major country in fact. Not only would it raise viewers (because, primarily, that's what this show was really about) but it would also look into different cultures of different people from different places. They had also told him of the basic guidelines: he would need to eliminate the suitor he had the least connection to, every week it seemed, by the means of a 'rose ceremony'. He would also go on group dates, two-on-one dates, and finally one-on-one dates where both of them could talk privately and more intimately with each other. The suitors were also free to leave of their own will (which Arthur hoped would not happen) and he could also not adhere to the basic guidelines, such as eliminating two people at once, but ultimately, he would need to choose the person he was closest to feeling in love with.

And so it all boiled down to 25 men trying to vie for his affections. Arthur didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted. He wasn't a bad looking bloke (far from it, actually) but for twenty-five apparently gorgeous and drop-dead-looking handsome guys competing for his hand was just too much for him. He would ultimately break some hearts, of course, and maybe get his own heart broken in the process, but what was the assurance that these men would fall for him? For all he knew, they could also be attracted to one another and leave him in the dust. But in any case, he had already got himself into this, and he would also get out of it the proper way.

The quick raps on the door made him return to reality, and visibly jumped when the door opened to reveal a brunette-haired woman just around his age, very beautiful in the aesthetic sense, wearing a chiffon-colored dress that ended at the knees and revealed her figure quite nicely. She also wore a large, flower-shaped hairclip at the side of her face, and had brilliant dark green eyes that sparkled happily when she saw him.

"Arthur Kirkland, yes?" She stepped into the room, walking towards him and holding her hand out in greeting, smiling warmly at him. "Elizabeta Héderváry. I'm the host for this season's show."

Not forgetting his manners, Arthur stood up and took her hand, placing a gentlemanly kiss on top of it, feeling more at ease when she started to giggle. "Yes, I am Arthur Kirkland. A pleasure, Miss Héderváry."

"Oh no, Elizabeta is fine." She was still giggling, even after Arthur had released her and they had settled on the couch. "You're British, I presume?"

"Yes." Arthur felt more comfortable when she was around. She was friendly and kind, and seemed open to any kind of conversation you want with her. "And please, call me Arthur."

"Arthur it is, then." Elizabeta smiled. "Before you go to the mansion and we start taping your… conquest," Arthur raised an eyebrow on the term she used. "Would you mind answering some of my questions? On camera of course, and we'll delete any scene that you want us to delete." She added with a wink.

"… Very well." Arthur wasn't really used to all of it yet, but still, he could start now.

"So," The woman started to ask conversationally, quietly signaling for the camera to start rolling. "What does it feel like to be the first homosexual bachelor? I would bet some of the girls watching this show would be a bit disappointed on this season's bachelor. Really, it's such a shame that a handsome gentleman like you would, ah… bat for the other team, so to speak." She tone was engaging and lightly teasing, making him blush and forget that he would eventually be seen by thousands of people. But she didn't look adverse to this; in fact, her eyes seemed to be… gleaming?

"It's a bit surprising, actually. I never expected to participate in such a show." Arthur answered truthfully, shrugging off the gleam in her eyes as the effect of the lights. "But then again, here I am, waiting for my knight in shining armor." They both shared a laugh at that.

"What do you expect in the course of this show?" Her tone was so engaging, and she seemed to be genuinely interested in the answer that Arthur almost forgot that he was being interviewed. "Are you expecting to fall in love with one of your twenty-five suitors?"

"Not really expecting, but I do hope that I could meet him there, if fate would permit it." Arthur answered pleasantly. "It would save me a lot of time and energy."

"Oh dear," Elizabeta laughed back. "It seems we have a rather lazy gentleman here." She winked to the camera, noticing Arthur getting more flustered. "Now," She leaned forward conspiratorially. "Tell us, what do you look for in a man? Just to give all of us a hint."

Then he remembered that he was in a reality show. "I…I can't possibly tell you that!" Arthur stuttered back, blushing a bright red, and the woman finally backed down, taking pity on him.

"Just one last question, Arthur." Elizabeta assured him, internally laughing at his mortified look. "This question might be rather risky, but I still believe it is needed to be asked."

"W-What is it?" The blonde man asked warily, already fearing the next words coming out of her mouth.

"Are you… to say… the goalkeeper? Or the… striker in the relationship?"

It took a moment for Arthur to comprehend what she was trying to ask. And when he did, he reddened to hard that even his ears were tinged pink. He trusted himself on not to speak, because if he did, nothing would come out but incoherent babbles and spluttered explanations.

"And I think," Elizabeta turned to the camera, lightly smirking. "We finally have the answer to that question."

The director finally yelled cut, and the rest of the set was in a flurry, a hound of people on front of Arthur and Elizabeta retouching their makeup, rereading some lines and smoothing out their clothes, while the woman patted the Brtion's arm comfortingly.

"I'm sorry if the questions made you uncomfortable, but the director wanted them in the show." She didn't sound very sorry at all, but Arthur could understand that it was all for the show. It always was.

"It's… quite all right." He paused as a woman dabbed some power on his chin and rubbed on it to make it blend with his skin color. "I was just… startled, that's all."

"You better get used to it, Arthur." She advised him. "It's going to be a rough few weeks, with all those men after you." She punctuated with another wink. "Lucky guy."

"I know." But did he? Arthur wasn't really sure. After all the retouches, the camera rolled again, with Elizabeta telling him that the car would be escorting him to the mansion now, and that they will see each other again there. Arthur nodded, and was instantly whisked away in a sleek, silver limousine that would take him to Villa De La Vina, the mansion where all the past bachelors and bachelorettes had lain their hearts on the line in the search for that one true love. Today, Arthur Kirkland was going to do the same.

In the limousine, the camera still followed, situated in front of him while he sat near the window, the beautiful scenery forgotten as his heart chose that time to go into overdrive.

"How are you feeling?" The cameraman asked, gesturing for Arthur to tell his feelings in front of the camera silently recording everything that was being taken in place.

"Nervous." The blond admitted, his hand pressing against his chest, as if physically trying to stop his heart from flying out of his ribcage. "It feels like my heart is going to burst at any moment. I've never felt this nervous before."

"And your thoughts on the weeks to come?"

"It's going to be one hell of a stay there." Arthur looked far away, already seeing the tops of the mansion looming before him. "That's the only thing I can be sure of as of this moment."


Arriving at the mansion was one of the greatest shocks for me. I had never seen a house that big or spacious before in my entire life. The crew told me that I wouldn't be staying in it, for it's going to be the home of my suitors in the weeks that they're going to stay here. I'll only be here whenever I would go on dates, but otherwise I'll be staying in a residence close to the mansion, so the filming would be easier to do.

It was a pretty sight, with brown and red hues, with a spacious front and backyard with a sizeable pool. It's a six bedroom, nine bathroom home (heaven knows why you need that much toilets in a single house), simply too large for me to live alone in, but with a partner and a couple of surrogate children… perhaps not.

Elizabeta, true to her word, had come to greet me at the front door, welcoming me warmly and asking me a few questions on my British roots and my expectations on the show, which I tried to answer truthfully but at the same time giving too much away.

And before I knew it, I was already standing in front of the front door of the mansion, waiting for the first car to go in.

It was time to finally meet my suitors.

*ominous music here* It's done~ The first chapter of The Bachelor. The next chapter, of course, is when Arthur would meet his suitors and possible potential husband in the future. I would stay as close as to the original tv series itself, including the inner thoughts of the suitors and Arthur himself, and there would be a special twist in the next chapter! Please wait for it!

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