Hello everyone! the second chapter of The Bachelor is here, in which Arthur meets his twenty-five suitors one by one. I had cut these scene into three parts, since writing twenty-five nations and their interaction with Arthur is a very hard thing to do, you see. The suitors are picked completely at random, and the way they appear in the story are random too. So don't worry, you'll see your favorite suitor with Arthur soon enough!

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If Arthur was feeling nervous even before the taping had started, he didn't know what he would call his feelings right now, since his body was torn between his stomach churning in different directions and his pulse fluttering like a hummingbird's wings. Internally he thanked God that he couldn't see the cameras that he knew was on and recording, because, heaven forbid, he would actually faint if he saw as much as a peek of the lens that were seeing his every move. But outwardly he looked as composed as ever, looking a bit apprehensive but anticipant at the same time, feeling his insides almost shredding in nervousness and anxiety.

It's finally time to meet my potential spouse in the near future. I have neither hair nor tail on who they are and what they look like, but I've been told that they were coming from different parts of the world. But still, I can't help but feel excited on meeting these different people and getting to know them better. But I do hope they're attractive enough. I admit, I'm quite picky when it comes to choosing the right man for me, and I hope that my OC-ness wouldn't deter my suitors. Well, maybe a bit.

The front gates finally opened, startling Arthur from his thoughts as a black limousine finally entered, clasping his hands behind his back so their trembling wouldn't be that noticeable. His heart thudded thunderously, so loud in his chest that he thought that the microphone hidden in his clothes would be able to hear it. He took a steadying breath, swallowing when he felt his throat dry, his emerald green eyes fixated on the last door at the back of the long car, seeing it stop ten feet directly away from him.

This is the moment of truth, I suppose. There's no turning back now.

The door opened, with one black leather shoe peeking under the sleek car door, eventually pressing itself flat against the ground as spiked, pale brown hair appeared on top, along with a handsome face as a tall, lean man stepped out of the limousine and closed it shut, a blue and white scarf billowing around his neck, looking quite out of place with the tux he was wearing as he walked towards where Arthur was standing.

Aquamarine eyes opened and stared down at the Briton as a hand was offered up; looking at Arthur with a quiet intensity that Arthur didn't know was good or bad. He could see the other man's face clearly now; distinctly sharp features with a small, vertical scar on his forehead that only seemed to amplify the 'bad boy' charm that Arthur didn't know that he was very attracted to. Until now.

"Lars Janssen." The man spoke with a hard tilt in his voice, as if he wasn't used to speaking English often, though Arthur could tell that the man was fluent in it. Arthur gave a small smile back, taking the hand and shaking it briefly, before introducing himself as well.

"Arthur Kirkland. A pleasure to meet you."

Lars didn't let go just yet, but merely stared at the blond for a little more before tightening his hold for a short while before letting his hand fall back. "Ja, voor me eveneens.*"

Arthur didn't know what he just said, but it was distinctly Germanic. Was he German, perhaps? But Arthur didn't get the chance to ask, since Lars had finally moved on to enter the mansion through the front door, leaving him there to greet the second one.

He wasn't what I expected when I saw him for the first time. Blond hair, big, monstrous eyebrows. But he had nice eyes, it reminded me of the plains back in Amsterdam, where the tulips are planted. I heard that he was older than me, three years I think, and I've always preferred younger men.

But I might make an exception for him.

With Lars out of sight, Arthur turned back in time just to see the second limousine entering the grounds, with some of his nervousness slightly abating now that he had welcomed his first suitor without making a complete arse out of himself. If he would admit it to himself, the tall man was quite attractive, a realization that had surprised him, since he rarely likes a person physically from the moment he saw them. There's a first time for everything, he supposed.

The limousine stopped once again in front of him, and another man stepped out, shorter than the first, with long, raven-black hair tied up in a simple ponytail as the man thanked the driver and closed the limousine door shut. He turned to the mansion, and expressing a small cry of delight, strode cheerfully back to get a better look at it.

"Oh! So big! And to think I'll be staying here for a long time, I hope!"

Arthur had to smile at his enthusiasm. He seemed very youthful, cheerful and yet still reserved, as he continued to smile at the mansion before seemingly remembering that he had something to do.

"Aiyaah! I have to greet my host, aru!"

The Briton had to stifle a laugh as the man stumbled around, trying to locate where he was. In a show of amusement he raised his hand, actually chuckling a bit when the other man had finally noticed and made straight for him.

"Sorry, sorry, I got a bit distracted by the scenery here." The dark haired man ducked his head sheepishly, his hand going up to lightly scratch the back of his neck, looking somewhat embarrassed. "Wang Yao is my name aru, and I hope that we'll get to know each other better."

Now Arthur really started to laugh, making Yao look more flustered, his cheeks slowly turning into a shade of dark red as he apologized profusely.

"No, no, I apologize, I'm being horribly rude." Arthur can't quite contain his chuckles yet. "I shouldn't be laughing. Watching you is… amusing, so to speak, but I'm happy that you found the mansion beautiful. I'm Arthur, by the way." He smiled genuinely, trying to make the other man feel more comfortable around him.

"Aiyaah, so embarrassing, aru…" Soft, brown eyes peeked at him and instantly Arthur was breathless, noticing for the first time the man's almost effeminate features, his long black hair, his white porcelain skin, and the not-so-angular contours of his face. The tuxedo he was wearing, Arthur noticed, had an Oriental flare into it, the collar high up and the buttons fastened on the side.

"Your name is… Wang? You're Chinese?" Arthur stifled another laugh threatening to bubble out of him. He really should stop right now, since it wasn't… Wang's fault that he was named that way. "Ah, yes aru, I'm Chinese." Yao smiled at him for the first time, a small quirk of the thin lips that Arthur found… very adorable. "I forgot that names are reversed in this side on the world." The Chinese man had explained, still looking mortified, but was now relaxing, nonetheless. "You can call me Yao."

"Yao it is, then." Arthur found him an extremely amiable companion, feeling somewhat guilty for letting his mind stew around in the gutter for too long. "I look forward to knowing you more."

"So do I, aru." The Chinese answered sincerely and entered the mansion next, leaving Arthur to the twenty-three suitors still left.

Well, that wasn't so bad, he thought, now more excited to see the rest.

Arthur is such a nice person, aru! I might have made a bad first impression though, since I didn't greet him immediately. But he seemed so gentlemanly aru, and he apologized when it should be me who's supposed to be apologizing.

I like Arthur already aru. I hope that we can connect more during my stay here.

Another limousine entered the mansion grounds, silver this time instead of black. Arthur, now more confident, waited patiently for the next person, finding the first two easy enough to introduce himself to. They were very pleasant to talk to, and had some very attractive qualities that Arthur didn't know he liked. The people on the show must've researched his preferences thoroughly.

The silver colored car eventually stopped, the door unceremoniously opened as a shock of silver white hair appeared, together with blood red eyes and with a big shit-eating grin as the other man crowed loudly:

"Never look for another man, for the most Awesome is here to stick around!"

Arthur froze, wondering if he had really heard–

"Heh, this place is as awesome as me! Isn't that right, little guy?" A faint chirp answered in reply and Arthur had to stop himself from gaping in shock as yes, he did hear that loud and perfectly clear.

Oh dear god, Arthur thought, watching silently in horror as the other man stopped praising himself and made towards him, a deceptively sly grin on his pale face as the silver-haired man finally stood in front of him. Please tell him it wasn't one of those–

"So you're the guy we're supposed to be fighting for?" Bright magenta eyes trained on him, so intense and soul-searching that Arthur looked away, a slight blush on his cheeks, feeling that the man was seeing through him completely.

"I'd rather not you… say it that crudely." Arthur answered somewhat lamely. "But… by all technicalities, yes, that would be correct. I am Arthur Kirkland." He introduced himself stiffly.

The other man gaped at him as soon as he heard Arthur talk, speechless… before bursting into raucous laughter.

"Oh… oh man… Mein Gott!*" The albino was trying to catch his breath, doubling over in laughter. "I can't believe it!"

Arthur felt his ears redden furiously in embarrassment, finally blurting out angrily:

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"I'm laughing because you're acting like you have a perpetual stick up your ass. What, are we in some kind of a funeral here?" The other male can't stop snorting. "Lighten up a little would you? You're going to scare all of us away, especially with your big, monstrous eyebrows."

Arthur didn't particularly like that jab about his apparently thick eyebrows. They were his charm point, and nobody insults them in front of his face!

"Well, you could just turn your unimpressive bloody arse right now and fuck the way out by yourself. I'm sure that you're quite intelligent enough for that." Arthur hadn't mean to snark and curse, especially because he's in front of a television camera, but the comment about his eyebrows stung, and he can't let it go without getting some point of retaliation.

Red eyes blink at him, pale lips slowly turning into a smirk as the man realized that he had just been cussed out. "So that stick up your ass can be removed, eh?" He suddenly chuckled, a deep, husky tenor that turned Arthur's usually logical brain into instant mush.

"The name's Gilbert Beilschimdt, from the awesome country of Prussia. Call me Gil, but I wouldn't mind if you called me Awesome instead." He winked roguishly at the reddening blond. "I think I'll stick around for a while, since the others are so unawesome and you need me to awesomize things a bit." He poked the Briton in the forehead playfully before strutting into the mansion, but not before turning back and adding as an afterthought,

"Oh, and meet my awesome chick, Gilbird. Hope you don't mind me bringing him along." The little yellow bird finally poked its little head out of the unruly silver strands and cheeping once as a short greeting. Gilbert grinned and entered the estate, leaving Arthur semi-dazed, with a single thought in his head.

But Prussia isn't a country anymore…

Heh, when I first saw him I thought he's gonna be a pushover. I hate prissy guys, and while Art there has a fucking elephant in his rear behind, I can tell that there's something more to him.

This is gonna be so much fun in the long run.

Arthur stayed completely out-of-sorts for a short while, coming back to his senses when he heard the slamming of the car door and the joyous voice of another man observing the mansion from afar.

"Ah, trés magnifique!* Such a lovely state we have here," A blond man remarked, observing the rose bushes that were planted nearby. "Ah, roses. The language of l'amour.*"

Oh, bloody hell no. Arthur tried not to cringe. As much as he was a respectable English gentleman, he really can't help but feel dread as he realized that one of his suitors was a Frenchman. While the rivalry between their two countries had already stopped in the Middle Ages, Arthur can't help but still feel something akin to dislike, as he was a full-blooded Briton all the way from the lineage of Queen Victoria herself, though Arthur liked to keep that part of his life a secret.

The blond man had already noticed him and was walking without hurry, eventually reaching him, when Arthur noticed his long, wavy hair that seemed to be spun out of gold, letting Arthur feel a stab of envy as he too, tried to grow his hair long… with unfortunately unsavoury results. His distaste for the Frenchman grew, but was visibly startled when the Frenchman had taken a hold of his hand and had brought it to his lips, producing a rose seemingly out of nowhere to give to Arthur as a gift.

"Pour le plus beau.*" The man murmured against Arthur's hand, pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles, chuckling when the Briton had snapped back into his senses and snatched his hand back, looking flustered all the while.

"L-Let go of me, you bloody frog!" Arthur did not just squeal out a reply. Most definitely not. "Don't touch me!"

"Ah, quite feisty are we, mon cher?*" The Frenchman winked back sultrily, causing Arthur to stutter and blush more. "Ah, no matter. I am Francis Bonnefoy, from the beautiful and romantic country of France." He bowed low, his blue eyes twinkling merrily (or rather perversely, if Arthur would say it himself) and added lecherously, "I will be knowing you more then, oui?"

Arthur was so ready to throw the rose back at him Tuxedo Mask style (and hopefully injure Francis' face if he was lucky) but the Frenchman had already escaped through the front door of the mansion, causing Arthur to swear at the man loudly and very crisply in his head, still aware of the cameras that surrounded him, too incensed to remember that he was supposed to introduce himself to him.

Oh, mon petit Angleterre* is so adorable. Yes, I knew that he is British, judging from that horrible accent I heard while he was screaming back at me. But he has forgotten to tell me his name, but no matter, I will learn it from him soon enough.

After all, l'amour can conquer all, and hate is simply a form of love.

Arthur scowled darkly inwardly. The last two suitors were complete assholes, and he wondered if the rest would turn out that way as well. Heaven forbid that the rest of his suitors would be like Gilbert.

Or even worse, Francis.

Another limousine entered the grounds, and Arthur forcefully ejected any negative thoughts in his head, trying not to greet his next suitor in a bad mood. He didn't know why, but something about the two of them just rubbed off him the wrong way. Well, no matter. He had… twenty one more suitors to meet and greet, after all.

The door of the car swung open again, and Arthur was visibly surprised and pleased to see a shock of dark brown hair, a nice change from all the blond hair he had been seeing for the last few minutes (well, Yao was also a brunet, but he was Chinese, so he was an exception). Tanned skin was the next thing he saw, and tall figure emerged, with a body that Arthur was sure he'd seen on a magazine somewhere and… that arse. Arthur had a weakness for perfectly sculpted body parts, and that man's arse, by far, was one of the most perfectly proportioned behind he had ever seen in quite a while. W-Well, not that he was looking at those parts frequently! N-Not at all!

But Arthur can't seem to take his eyes off the man's backside as the tanned male seemingly chose that moment to flaunt it off, choosing every moment to turn around bodily to flash that delectable ass every so once in a while as he explored the garden in the front yard.

Or so Arthur thought in his head.

But finally he man had enough of looking at the garden and turned to him, and Arthur had to admit, his ass wasn't the only good-looking body part he had. His eyes sparkled with good-natured cheer, with a boyish looking face that radiated charm and goodwill. His curled, auburn hair fell around his eyes, which was in a shade of deep emerald green, with a dimple at the side showing as he lit up and grinned at the Briton.

"Hola!" The tanned man told him cheerfully, and the greeting explained a lot of things to Arthur, especially about his personality.

He was Spanish.

"Erm, hello. I'm Arthur Kirkland." Arthur felt awkward. He didn't have many experiences with cheery people, and that smile was bright enough to blind the sun itself. The Spaniard smiled brighter, if possible, and vigorously shook his hand.

"Hola amigo*! My name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, and I'm from Spain!"

"Erm… I noticed." Arthur noticed dryly, and the Spaniard looked genuinely confused by that.

"Really? Are you Spanish too? Habla usted Español?*"

"Uh, no. I'm British. And I don't know how to speak Spanish." God Save the Queen, Arthur sighed mentally, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. The man was a few sparkles short of a vampire, if you know what he meant. He crinkled his nose in slight disgust. Bloody American literature, ruining the beautiful name of classical vampire literature.

"But how did you know what I was asking?"

Oh great, now he felt like an idiot. "A-Anyway, I look forward to knowing you more." Arthur said hastily, changing the subject.

"Okay!" And with that, Antonio gave him another stunning smile and walked inside, leaving Arthur heaving a breath in slight relief.

Ah, Arthur looks so cute! But… he said that he doesn't know how to speak Spanish, but how did he understand what I was saying? It's so strange... Anyway, this experience is going to be fun, and I can't wait to meet the others!

Arthur seems like a nice guy, and I'll give him lots of tomatoes later!

But before he could regain his composure another limousine entered the driveway, and another man stepped out, a blonde this time, and Arthur was surprised on his great height and build. This person had got to be one of the tallest suitors he would have, and the thought was slightly intimidating.

And then the man turned to face him, and Arthur had taken a step back involuntarily, gulping as a shudder of fear ran down his spine.

The blond man was looking like he had killed a dozen people before coming here, and Arthur was sure that he was going to be next.

Arthur Elizabeth Kirkland, stop this thought that instant. A completely rational voice chided at him. He may look like an ex-convict, but he's not going to hurt you.

Says you!

Arthur wasn't done with arguing with himself until a deep cough interrupted his inner monologue, and had to stop himself from fleeing in fright as the man overshadowed him completely.

"U-Um, hello. I-I'm Arthur." Oh, for bollock's sake, stop stuttering! Arthur mentally slapped himself and took a deep breath. "And you might b-be?" His voice cracked. Damn.

"B'rwald Ox'nst'erna." The other blonde grunted back, and Arthur found himself trying to decipher the man's words.

"Berwald, then?" Arthur hazarded a guess, and the other nodded, looking down at him through square-framed glasses, making him look sterner than ever.

"'m s'rry. My Engl'sh isn't v'ry good." Berwald tried to enunciate the best he could, and thankfully, Arthur understood, trying not to be scared away by the man's intense look.

"Oh, that's quite all right." Arthur assured him as best he could. "It's understandable, at any rate."

Berwald's expression visibly darkened, and Arthur wasn't able to stop the small squeak of fright that escaped his throat.

"A-At any rate, I-I'm looking forward to knowing you more." He nodded nervously, and Berwald took one last look at him before entering the front door.

… He's not the wife that I'm really looking for, but he's… interesting. Hm.

I want to get to know him more.

Arthur exhaled a big breath when that was over. Honestly, were they trying to give him a heart attack? But you really can't be deceived by appearances at first.

Or, at least, Arthur hoped so.

His thoughts were broken once more by having another limousine come through the gates, but Arthur was ready this time, composed enough to face whatever expression his next suitor would have, come hell or high water.

The hair he saw this time was a rich dark brown, and an elegant looking man stepped out, a bit of a refresh of Arthur, who had seen everything and found some of it completely unpleasant (*coughFranciscough*). He was about to smile and raised his hand for a greeting, when, for some strange reason, the man didn't do into the threshold, as he was supposed to do.

The brunet looked left and right at first, before completely going off the other direction, towards the front lawn. Arthur, being brought up like the gentleman he was, immediately went to pick up the lost-looking man, who was around the rose bushes. The cameras followed the Briton's every move, eventually catching the scene of the blond holding the brunet man's hand as he reached him.

"Excuse me, but are you all right?"

"Ah, excuse me…" The brunet man was wearing glasses, his eyes a vivid shade of violet that Arthur found fascinating. "I'm terribly sorry, it seems like I've lost the way to the main house where I'm supposed to meet someone."

Lost the way to the main house? There was already a carpet to lead the way where he was standing, and he was just a few feet away from where the limousine dropped their passengers off, so was it possible that this man didn't see him?

"I see." Confusing thoughts aside, Arthur led the man back to the front of the mansion, unaware of the lenses that followed their footsteps. "I'm Arthur Kirkland. And you are?"

"Roderich Edelstein, from Vienna, Austria." There was a faint hue of pink on the Austrian's cheeks. "This is quite mortifying, Arthur, for you to see me like this. I apologize. My sense of direction is rather lacking."

"No, it's quite all right." The Briton assured him, already back where they were supposed to meet. "At least I know now to never leave you alone when we're together." He smiled slightly, and was relieved when Roderich managed a small smile as well.

"I'm charmed. It will be a great pleasure to know you more, Arthur." The Austrian nodded brushed off Arthur's offer of leading him inside the door, leaving Arthur alone outside again.

A lesser man would've laughed at that display of momentary foolishness, but Arthur proved himself to be quite the gentleman. I'm very much grateful.

Perhaps we could find something more in common as time passes.

Arthur felt exhausted. He had just met a third of his suitors and it already drained all of his energy. They really were all different, and Arthur wondered how he was able to put up with it in the long run.

Oh dear. I've met just seven of them and I already feel overwhelmed. While there were some, I admit, I had felt an immediate attraction to, there were also others that I disliked the moment I first saw them. Is this normal? They were all handsome, I have to say, and I really can't believe that all of them would be competing for my hand. It's rather… flattering, but at the same time, more nerve-wracking.

I do hope that I don't royally screw this up, for a lack of better term.

*Translations are taken from Google Translate, so feel free to correct anything that's wrong, since we all know that Google Translate has some crappy translations.

Ja, voor me eveneens. (Dutch) - Yes, for me as well.
Mein Gott! (German) - My god!
trés magnifique!, l'amour, Pour le plus beau ., mon cher, mon petit Angleterre (French) - How magnificent, love, For the most beautiful., my dear, my little England
Hola amigo!, Habla usted Español? (Spanish) - hello friend!, Do you speak Spanish?

And since this chapter is cut into three parts, the surprise will be after all the suitors are introduced, so please stay tuned to the next chapter!

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