Sorry for the late update, have been a bit busy lately. By the way I'll be writing three new McFLY fan fics and a Kingdom Hearts fan fic soon, so keep your eyes peeled! The story is based off the anime called Maid Sama, it's really good but I wanted to change it a bit so I made it into a Dougie fic. I hope you enjoy! I do not own McFLY.

Chapter 7 (Alexis's P.O.V.)

I didn't get much sleep last night. It wasn't because I was almost raped, but because of what Dougie said made me feel…warm. I actually felt like I could trust men again.

"Alexis?" I looked up from my lunch to Erica and Vanna.

"Are you okay?" Erica asked with a worried look.

"Oh, sorry! Yes, I'm fine; I just remembered I…have to go check the library books!" I quickly gathered my lunch and left my friends in the lunch room.

I didn't really need to check the books, but I didn't want Erica and Vanna to know what I was thinking. Plus, if I did tell them, then I would be telling them about my part time job. And that's too embarrassing to talk about, especially when you're the student body president, still fighting for woman's' rights in this school!

"Oof!" I suddenly fell down on my butt after running into an object and looked up.

There was a tall blonde headed boy with chocolate brown eyes looking down at me. I never seen him before but he was also wearing the boys' school uniform of my school.

"Oh sorry Ms. Howell." He said as he took y left hand and helped me off the floor. "I should have watched where I was going!" He released my hand.

"Uh…do I know you?" He then realized he didn't introduce himself yet.

"Oh, sorry about that!" He stuck out his right hand for me to shake. "I'm Thomas Fletcher, but you can call me Tom."

"OH," I shook his hand and smiled. "It's nice to meet you Tom, but please call me Alexis."

"Oh thank you, it'd be an honor to call the president by her first name!"

"Uh…no problem?" He then put his right hand over his chest.

"As a new exchange student of this school, will you please lend me your power of success to me?"

What is up with this kid?

I then found myself smiling and laughed. "I'd love to." Tom's face lit up with a smile.

"Thank you so much! Can we start now?" I nodded and led him to the library where I would help him study his new school materials.

For the past few days during school, I have helped Tom with school. After each paper he received and 'A', he'd bring it to me and show me. He was like a little brother to me, but he was actually older.


"Hm?" I responded to Tom as we walked to the exit of school.

"What do you do after school?" I thought for a moment.

"I usually go to my part time job." His face lit up again.

"Besides being the student body president, get straight A's, you're also able to balance a work schedule to? You're amazing!" I was a bit startled by his outburst; I could practically see stars in his eyes.

"Eh…, it's not that hard…" I began to say.

"Yes it is! That's why I came to you for help!" He took my hands in his. "Please, let me come with you to see your part time job!" My eyes widened.

"Uh sorry…no can do! Got to go!" I said pulling my hands from his and leaving the school.

When I got to the subway station, I thought I was safe.

"ALEXIS!" I froze hearing the sound of Tom's voice calling my name. I turned around to see him running towards me.

How did he find me?

Just as he was about two feet away from me, three bodies slid between Tom and me. I looked up and noticed it was Joel, Ian, and Dennis.

"Quit following Alexis!" Joel ordered in his bad boy tone.

Now's my chance to escape!

I turned on my heel and ran towards the subways.

"Wait Alexis, we'll come with you!" Joel suddenly called, changing his attention from Tom to me.

Joel, Ian, and Dennis were now following me, along with Tom.

"Stop following me!" I wanted to scream but I didn't get a chance. Just before the doors to the nearest subway closed on my face, a pair of hands pulled me in and the doors closed before the boys could get on.

I spun around to find Dougie with his signature smirk plastered on his face.


"So I guess this will be the third time I saved you?" I instantly glared at him.

The whole ride to work Dougie stayed quiet. I felt like he was going to scold me and was just waiting until we got off. Of course, I knew all too well.

"Why don't you just tell Tom about your job?" He finally asked as we both walked to Maid Latte.

"Because, he looks up to me. I don't want him to change his mind after he finds out about my job." I answered before walking into Maid Latte.

"You act as if he's you boyfriend." I scoffed.

"He's not the guy who I like." I spat out and soon realized what I said. I couldn't believe I just said that! "I mean-" I spun around to look at Dougie. Instead of his smirk he wore, a small smile was in its place.

"So who do you like?" He asked kindly. I could feel my cheeks heat up.


"Alexis, we need help!" Betsy called from the dining room.

"COMING BETSY!" I immediately yelled back and ran to the lockers to change, leaving Dougie speechless and stuck in place.