My Angel

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Rosalie's POV


While I was hunting, I found a beautiful young man being mauled by a big grizzly bear. He was perfect; he had dark curly hair which highlighted his beautiful pale face and dimples formed on his cheeks every time he grimaced – it of...Vera's... baby boy - as the bear scratched him, blood gushed from his wounds, I immediately held my breath as I watched him lose his battle against the bear. Then the bear scratched him across the face and I heard him shout in agony; without thinking I ran to the bear and pulled it off the man and quickly killed it. Still not breathing I picked up the man and took him to Carlisle to change him into a vampire. I know I won't able to do it without killing him myself, so taking him to Carlisle was my only choice. Carlisle bit him and we carried him home and laid him on a spare bed. I had to thank Carlisle so much, if it wasn't for his self control and compassion none of would be here. Although I despised being a vampire, I have to admit, it had some good points to it.

End of Flashback


Today is the third day of his transformation, yesterday night he stopped screaming and so we figured the pain may have faded and so he probably will wake up soon. All four of us; Carlisle, Esme, Edward and I watched him carefully waiting for him to awake.

"Edward, do you any have idea what his name might be." Carlisle asked

After a few seconds Edward answered, "I am not very sure, I think it's...Emmett. He hasn't thought about his name very much."

Emmett that's a beautiful name, I instantly fell in love with that name, it sounds so nice.

"He will be awake any minute now, he can hear us speaking and, yes, now I am very sure that his name is Emmett...Emmett McCarty." Edward told us.

I reached out and took Emmett's hand in mine and rubbed soothing circles on the back of his big palm. His skin was now cold and hard as mine. I slowely brought his hand up to my lips and lightly kissed it.

After several minutes Emmett's beautiful, bright red eyes shot open.

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