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Emmett's POV

Chapter four – Family

When we reached the house, Rosalie and I walked up the porch, our hands still entwined. Rosalie knocked on the door gently and it was opened a beautiful lady with a heart shaped face and caramel hair. "Hello Rosalie and Welcome Emmett." She said with a warm, delightful smile.

I just smiled back, for I didn't know her name yet. Next Carlisle came into view, I have already met Carlisle; he and Rosalie were the ones who explained to me about everything. He smiled warmly as well, "Hello Emmett."

"Hello Carlisle." I smiled back.

"This is Esme, my wife." Carlisle said his arm around her waist.

"Hello Esme, you have a beautiful home." I said admiring the big, beautiful house.

"Thank you Emmett." She said happily.

As we walked further into the house, I spotted a boy, who looked like about 17 years old and he had tangled bronze hair. He was just getting up from a grand piano, and turned towards Rosalie and me. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw Rosalie grimace as he slowely approached us. "Hello Emmett, I'm Edward."

"Hello Edward... so you must be the mind reader."

"Yes, that's me." Edward said with a bit of humour in his voice.

"I wish I could read minds." I said, wishing I could read Rosalie's mind.

"Trust me, it gets annoying." He said with an annoyed expression.

We all laughed and Rosalie dragged me away, for a tour around the rest of the house.

She showed me everyone's room and our room. On the way she told me about Carlisle's history and how this family came to be. I have to say Carlisle is a really nice person and I became more respectful towards him.

We spent couple of hours in mine and Rosalie's room, just chatting and...Romance.

Later we decided to come down, so I could know and spend more time with the other members of the family.

When we came down everyone was doing their own thing busily; Edward was in his room listening to music, Carlisle was in his study reading a thick book and Esme was busy cleaning the already spotless house.

This family needs a makeover; we need to spend more with each other, because I refuse to spend the rest of eternity bored to death.

So I called all of them down and told them, "Well, everyone I am sorry if interrupted anyone from anything important. But I have an announcement to make. Don't you think we should all spend more time with each other and do more things as a family?"

Everyone smiled and nodded in agreement, so I continued, "I have some ideas of things we can do together, we can watch a movie together, or we can play games or go on a family hunt together. If anyone has any suggestions you are welcome to say them."

"How about we go on a vacation together?" Esme suggested.

"Actually, I bought a beautiful big house in Forks, Washington not long ago, and I was planning to move there soon, because I have been working here in the hospital for too long and we don't want anyone to recognise Emmett. We could move there tomorrow. I heard that Forks is constantly raining and there is a huge forest abundant in wild life. We could go on a family hunting trip there, if you all agree with me." Carlisle said, smiling at us.

We all nodded excitedly, "That sounds like a great idea." Edward said. We all agreed and went to our rooms to pack for the upcoming events.

I was very excited, Forks sound like an awesome place. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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