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Just perfect! Haruhi had just announced herself to the devil's daughter. Well more of the ex god's daughter aka her sister but that's beside the point. Just one more stress for me to deal with it seems. Takashi rested his hand on my shoulder and gave me a smile. It was almost as if he could sense my tenseness.

"Don't worry; it's good that she's doing this. At least Sasaka will meet her sister instead of being weird by looking for her though knowing Haruhi; she'd be more flattered than creeped out." Takashi said examining the two talk casually. Suddenly there was the sound of a vibration coming from Takashi and he pulled out his cellphone. At first I saw a bit of shock in his face before it turned into a grin.

"Taka what is it?" My sister asked him. Takashi looked at her before looking back at me. That look in his eyes…it reminded me of Saito's…actually it reminded me even more of Haruhi's when she's ready to go off on an adventure. Maybe it was a family trait.

"Oh nothing, Tsuruya, Kunikida, and Taniguchi decided to go visit Saito today. I bet this is all Tsu-chan's fault." Takashi said. Wait what? Why would Tsuruya want to visit Saito? Do they have some sort of secret relationship or something? Maybe they were childhood friends or something. "Ah I see looks like Saito is going to have to be more honest with his feelings when he wakes up." My sister pointed out. I was still confused and she looked at me as if I was crazy.

"Oh Kyon won't remember, we had to block that event from his mind but let me just.." Takashi touched my forehead. "…unblock that for you. Now don't you remember the day Saito saved Tsu?" Takashi asked. Suddenly the memory of that day came flooding right back to me. At first I wanted to scream because part of my memory was being blocked but I knew it was for a good reason. Then the answer came to me.

"Ah I see…never thought Tsuruya would fall for a guy like that…and now that I remember everything, thank you Takashi, I knew you did it because you were ordered to." I said trying to be as honest as possible.

"Yeah and now you remember just how dangerous Sasaka is, be very wary Kyon, sure she may be one of my sisters but she's a volcano waiting to explode." Takashi said. Be wary? It's not like I'm going to try and make conversation with her or anything. On that note Haruhi called me over and reluctantly I went over there. She introduced me to Sasaka much to my displeasure. Though the female Saito did not hide her colors, she mocked and insulted me in a subtle way. What really caught me off guard was the fact that she's coaching Haruhi for the music festival coming up. Not only that, she even said that each member of the SOS-Brigade should sing a song. I already knew that Haruhi would agree to this and she did. I'd make my way back to the other two with a grim look on my face.

"Did you see a ghost or something Kyon?" My sister asked me curiously until she read it in my eyes that this was all Haruhi's fault.

"So then what did my two sisters go to agree on now?" Takashi asked. I bet he knew the answer already and was just waiting for me to say it.

"Sasaka suggested to Haruhi that each member of the SOS sing a song for the festival and you and I are doing a duet." I said looking at my sister.

"What?" Both Takashi and Kyonko said simultaneously. The fact that Takashi was shocked meant that not even he knew of this. I only nodded not saying a single word keenly looking at the two love birds.

"I see, Haruhi was going to do a duet with Saito and since he isn't exactly waking up until then…she wants to make sure that at least one gets done and since you two are siblings...she wanted to fill that 'family' void it seems." Takashi said after analyzing the situation.

"That makes a lot of sense actually but what will we sing?" Kyonko asked looking at Takashi who could do nothing more than grin.

"Heh, well I have a song in mind but I need my guitar which is at home." Takashi said with a cat like grin. He began humming a tune that I picked up on.

"Hare….Hare….Yukai? I remember when Haruhi first wrote that…heck even came up with a dance that she made us do but we never got to perform thankfully. " I said.

"Well then you two are about to have your own version of that song." Takashi said. I sighed realizing that he did not have a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Shouldn't we at least visit the hospital first?" Kyonko asked.

"Of course, right after school. Sasaka will be with Haruhi so we'll be ready in case someone were to appear." Takashi said. The bell rang and we all settled back into class. Throughout the day I've heard how kind the new girl is and how she was already amassing a fan base. I'll be honest here, Sasaka is actually quite attractive with her long flowing silver hair and those energetic brown eyes. She was pretty well shaped like Haruhi but the older sister had the bigger bust. Eventually as the day progressed I found that it was relatively quiet. Sousuke wasn't here and Kaname was out as well. "Official MITHRIL" business was what Jin had told me during P.E. seemed rather irritated by the fact that the guy I had knocked out a week ago knew nothing. I guess that's what happens when your just a human pawn being used in a supernatural game of chess. I sometimes wonder if maybe I'm a pawn myself but with my memories now all clear, I know that the Tamaki trio are pawns to their council. That is of course until Haruhi is ready to take on the responsibility of being God. Even then, she has to find out her abilities and that is if the council thinks she's ready. Eventually after school was over we'd all walk to the hospital since it wasn't too far from school. Takashi walked up front with my sister, the two walked with their arms interlocked. Haruhi was behind them with Sasaka, the two talking up a storm. Haruhi looked happy actually, I think it was because she knew that Sasaka gave off the same vibe as Saito plus we were going to go see him.

I was walking with Nagato, Asahina-san, and Koizumi. We were a good distance from Haruhi so we could talk without her hearing.

"So far the closed spaces have been stable." Koizumi said with some form of satisfaction in his voice.

"Well I haven't done much to keep her calm." I replied.

"Well with the trio around, you really don't have to do much for now." Nagato chimed in. I'm still a bit taken a back by her new personality but it fits her.

"I guess so but it's odd that they've changed her in such a short time." I said just staring at Haruhi laughing. It made me grin a bit just to see her like that.

"Well families can do that, just imagine when she sees her mother or father." Koizumi said.

"I suppose but even with my memories back, I still am not aware of who their parents are." I said giving each member a curious look. No-one had an answer for that or they were not a liberty to tell me. Either way I guessed it wasn't important now. As we reached the hospital, Takashi stopped everyone.

"Okay please remember that he is in a coma and keep this all short. If we stay here for too long I just know that one of you will be feeling down and we all know Saito wouldn't want that." We all know that? Are you sure? Taka I think a reality check is needed. Sure Sai is a nice guy and all but his actions don't give off that sentiment.

"Understood we won't take long but should Aya-nee be here?" Haruhi asked.

"Yeah she said she wanted to be here but certain circumstances stopped that." Takashi explained. In actuality that really meant she was off doing things that are classified. Once we entered the hospital, Takashi bypassed the front desk with a card and we were on our way to the fourth floor. There we were greeted by Taniguchi. He lead us towards Tsuruya who was with Kunikida at Saito's bed side.

"Tsu-chan!" Haruhi yelled

"Haru-nyan!" Tsuruya called back. I could see her get up quickly and hug Haruhi tightly. Those two seemed to really miss each other. Too bad it wasn't under better circumstances that they were meeting. The reunion was really all bittersweet. The two caught up on two months worth of things and from what Kunikida was telling me, not much as happened in North High, apparently it's been boring since the departure of the SOS brigade, something that did not shock me. We stayed there in the hospital for an hour, Haruhi and the others kept talking to Saito and Sasaka seemed distant. I'm not all that sure just how strained their relationship is but she didn't seem happy. She even noticed me staring and gave me a glare. Eventually Takashi rounded us all up and we were going to head back home. I had to use the bathroom so Sasaka was generous enough to wait for me as the others went on. About 3 minutes later we both left the hospital not too far from the others who were walking slowly.

"So why the scowl?" I asked looking at the silver haired girl.

"Those were Saito's emotions, he hates to see everyone like this. He isn't all that bad Kyon. He only acts that way because I held strong influence over his personality. The council when they agreed to my Dad's solution of sealing me inside of him seemingly forgot to mention that Saito would lose part of his individuality even though he was sarcastic asshole to begin with, I just made it worse than that." She said with a bit of shame in her voice.

"As much sense as that makes, I personally think that if the council is as evil as you say they are then perhaps if Saito fought back against your influence and you'd cease to exist." I theorized. Instantly both I and Sasaka stopped in our tracks when I heard a voice that made me have a lot of fear.

"How observant, you know for a human, you aren't as dumb as you look." The voice said.

"Artemis..." Sasaka muttered. I knew that name well. It was the woman who tried to kidnap Haruhi the first time. She even managed to seriously injure Takashi. Everything seemed to be going bad!

"Sasaka...I pray your as good as your siblings in protection." I said.