That day I was sad to leave. Everyone had a sad look on their face, even if they had tried to send me off with a smile, I knew deep down they were sad. Even I tried to smile, but my smile was a sad one as well. Peter tried to tackle and drag me back, saying he'd never let me go. It took both Ace and Elliot to hold him back. It made me, and almost everyone else, laugh. True it may have been a sad departure, but I'll always remember them.


The pitter patter of the rain could be heard all over Wonderland on that day, especially as the foreigner girl looked out the window of the Clock Tower for the last time.

"It really looks like it's raining hard. Will you be okay? We can always postpone it until it becomes sunny," asked a concerned Julius.

She breathed in. "Nah, it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. Besides, I want to make it soon. I don't know if I could take anymore of a certain little bunny," she said, laughing.

His concerned look worsened. "Are you sure that there is nothing I can do? Don't you regret not doing something?"

"Regret? Well …. I guess it would be that I never made you that perfect cup of coffee." She walked over to the man and brushed dust off his jacket. "Julius, make sure you don't over work yourself too much. And make sure Ace doesn't take advantage of you and drag you on an adventure. Go outside regularly and get some sunlight. Speaking of coffee," she glanced a worried a worried look at the kitchen, "we're almost out. You'll have to run to the store to buy some. Oh! Ace said that–"

"STOP!" he yelled, grabbing the girl's shoulders. "You're leaving today, so there's no reason to freak out!" he scolded. "Honestly, between you and Ace, I feel like I'm raising two kids."

"Ah...I'm sorry. I...I didn't realize I was freaking out. Um...bags, bags." She ran off in search of a bag to put the small amount of things she had accumulated in her stay here. To her, this situation almost felt unreal. She had always said, if she had the chance, she would leave, but she wanted to stay. It was like some invisible string was keeping her tied here. She looked up into the sky thew the window. "I'll be sad to go."


"Alice! I'll never let you leave me! You'll never leave! I'm soooory, Alice! This must be because I've not been playing enough attention to you! Now, fly into my chest and announce your love for me, my dear Alice!"

Ace laughed and everyone shook their heads at the man. Vivaldi mumbled something about beheading him too. She, herself, herself, couldn't help but to laugh also.

"Ace, Elliot, hold him back," ordered Julius, seeing as the guards were having trouble retraining him back. "Alice said she wanted to go home, so there's nothing we can do. But, we can at least keep Peter off of her."

"Huh? Why do I have to do it with him?"

"Elliot, go help him. Send the lady off nicely," he said, not making eye contact at all with the man.

"Alright, Sir Peter, let's step back!" He drew his sword, as his smile grew. Elliot hurriedly ran behind the man, grabbing him by the arms, restraining his movements. Ace walked beside him, placing his sword on his neck, restricting his movements even more.

The foreigner smiled at the two. She really would miss everyone here …