Harry was pretty sure that this is not what Molly had meant when she sent Harry, Ron and Hermione out into Muggle London to buy Harry some new clothes. But, if Harry was footing the bill for a whole new wardrobe for himself, it was going to consist of what he wanted to wear.

The clothing that the Dursleys had kept providing was sadly out of shape and far too large for Harry to wear. He had never been allowed to wear anything but what the Dursleys gave him. Now, it was going to be different. He was seventeen and had defeated Voldemort, so his life was just beginning. He had one more year at Hogwarts and wanted this year to be one to remember, considering that he would rather forget the rest.

Hermione had actually giggled when he had told them what he wanted to do. Ron's eyes went wide, then he had given Harry a huge toothy grin. "Wicked!" That had been all the encouragement he had needed.

The first place that he had gone was to a jeweler's, to get his ear pierced. He had wanted that for so long, ever since he'd first seen Bill Weasley's earring. The jeweler who pierced his ear tried to talk him into getting his eyebrow done, but Harry vetoed that...he thought the earring, a simple black onyx stud, was enough of a statement. He did, however, buy a small silver hoop earring, so that he could change into that when his piercing had healed.

After the piercing, he had dragged them all over Camden Market, looking for just the right clothes. He had seen, and studied, pictures of Muggle bands wearing quasi-military clothes. That was the look he was going for. He wanted to look radically different than how he had been allowed to look before.

He went into a large eyeglass chain store that promised new glasses in under an hour. He picked out a pair of frames that accented his narrow face and square jaw. They were silver and rectangular and made his eyes stand out. The advertisement said that they were unbreakable. He would put that claim to the test during quidditch practice and games.

He found the perfect jacket in a small shop, specializing in something called 'Emo'. Black with a silver military type grid on the front, it had a small stand-up collar and large silver buttons down the sides of the chest. It showed off his body in a way that he would never have been able to pull off before, but then again, he had filled out over the last year, finally. It clung to his shoulders and chest, stopping just above his narrow hips. He bought three of them, each black and silver, with different military styling on them. He then got a dozen plain black t-shirts and several pairs of tight denims in black and several in other colours, called 'skinny jeans' by the heavily made up young man behind the counter. He also bought some plain blue denims, to wear when he didn't feel like dressing, and more t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts to go with them.

He bought two pairs of black leather boots, also in a military style, but not the clunky, heavy type used in the military now. These boots looked like they were from another time, maybe from about 200 years ago. They fitted his feet and calves perfectly, following the lines of his legs, and had silver buckles all the way up the outside of the boots. Since he needed them, he also bought several pairs of plain black trainers. As they were leaving the store, a pair of sneakers caught Ron's eye. They were American basketball sneakers called Converse. They were high topped and were black. Harry bought three pairs of these for himself and two pairs for Ron, against his objections.

He went to a hair salon and got a haircut. He had the really nice stylist show him how to make the most of his naturally messy hair. She sold him several types of hair gel and hair spray, along with shampoo. Hermione had asked her where to go next, so that Harry could complete the look. She thought about it, then sent them two doors up from the salon. She told them that the shop was patronized by a lot of 'Emo' clientele.

As soon as Harry walked through the doors, a slim, effeminate man started gushing about how he could make him look like 'a million pounds'. This part of the transformation involved about an hour of instruction, for himself and Hermione, on how to properly apply eye liner and other forms of Muggle makeup. Ron just watched and shook his head, trying not to laugh. Harry left the shop, initially feeling very self-conscious and several hundred pounds lighter in his money bag, but, as he noticed the admiring looks he was receiving from both women and men, he decided that he liked it.

The trio then went to Harrods. He told them to pick out something for themselves, whatever they wanted. Ron's jaw dropped. "Harry, this place is expensive!" Harry looked at Ron and grinned. "So what? You two are my family and I want to buy my family something. So...go find something! I'll wait here." Ron didn't know it, but Harry had enough gold, in several Gringotts' vaults, to pay off the national debt of Great Britain, the United States and several other large countries. They were his family and he just wanted to make them happy.

Ron came back, about forty five minutes later, to where Harry sat, drinking a cup of coffee. He had a leather bomber jacket and three pairs of black denims that would accentuate his legs and bum very nicely. Harry smiled. "Anything else?" Ron blushed and asked if he could get his mum and dad something from the grocery that Harrods had.

Harry waved him off, waiting for Hermione. She came back with a smaller version of the same bomber jacket Ron had picked out, furthering Harry's belief that they were two halves of the same soul. She also had several bra and knickers sets that he knew Ron was going to love. Harry asked her the same question. "Anything else?" She stammered for a minute and then took off for the shoe department. He hoped she bought some shamelessly high heels to go with the knickers, for Ron to enjoy.

Harry was enjoying himself immensely. He had never done anything like this and thought that it should be a yearly outing for them. He loved making other people happy and these two people meant the world to him.

Harry had an agenda for this year. He had a reason for wanting to change the way he looked. Ron had told him that both Charlie and Bill were going to be teaching at Hogwarts this year. Bill as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Charlie as the Care of Magical Creatures instructor since Hagrid had retired to France with Olympe. They had both dropped hints to him over the last year, that they might be interested in him. Bill's divorce from Fleur had become final only two months ago. Charlie, however, was the one that Harry was most interested in. He was the one who had started Harry on this transformation.

Charlie had mentioned, in passing, that Harry would have looked great in the military uniforms from the early 1800s. He had noticed that Harry was starting to finally fill out and grow into his shoulders. Harry had looked up those uniforms in the library at Number 12 Grimmauld Place and had been shocked. Charlie wanted him to look like that? The uniforms consisted of tight breeches, knee high boots and a tight uniform jacket. This had started Harry thinking. He had seen a number of pictures of Muggle bands wearing stuff like that, but mostly in black. If he could find clothes like that, then he would definitely wear them. The fact that Ron's brothers were interested in him had had a liberating effect on his personality. It had seemed a god send, then, when Molly had made the suggestion of replacing his wardrobe.

When both Ron and Hermione came back, he left them, drinking tea and enjoying a sweet, while he went to find underwear and a coat for himself. He, again, wanted something different in regards to the shorts. Not the normal Y-fronts or boxers. The man in the department led him to a selection of American style boxer-briefs. Made of the same material as his Y-fronts, they were like skin tight boxers. He bought quite a few pairs of them, so that he could get rid of the shorts he had. He also bought several pairs of black socks and several pairs of black trouser socks, to wear under the boots.

The coat was easy to find. He wanted a black leather trench coat. He had wanted one for a long time, and now that he could, he was going to buy one. He found one that had soft, buttery feeling leather. He tried it on. The man in that department came over to ask if he needed any help. The lust in the older man's eyes was enough to do two things. One, it convinced him to buy the coat and, two, it made him want to get out of that area as quickly as he could.

He met up with Ron and Hermione again and he paid for their purchases. They made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron and then went into Diagon Alley. They paused for a few minutes to shrink down their purchases, so that they had room to carry their 7th year books and supplies. Harry needed new robes, so they went to Madame Maulkin's shop first. He found the perfect robes to go with his new clothes. They were regulation black with three large silver clasps up the front and two silver toggle closures at the neck...perfect for the military jackets he had bought earlier. He bought three of these. He also got two new pairs of black uniform pants, a couple new white shirts and three new Gryffindor ties. He also bought Ron two new sets of robes as Ron had shot up a few inches in the last year and his shoulders had gotten more broad. He tried to talk Hermione into letting him buy her some new robes, but she refused. She hadn't grown any, so her old robes still fit.

They stopped at Gringotts, so that Harry could refill his money bag again. The goblins looked at him oddly. It wasn't often that they saw customers withdrawing money twice in one day.

They picked up their books, parchment and quills and shrunk them down, too. Harry wanted to get a new owl. Hedwig had died during the war, and he wanted to be able to write to Remus and Sirius. He bought a beautiful black and white owl that was somewhat smaller than Hedwig had been, but still looked hardy enough to deliver letters and packages. He named the owl Archimedes; the intelligent black eyes looked back at him and Archimedes hooted softly in acceptance.


They made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron and flooed to the Burrow. Molly took one look at Harry and screamed.

"That is NOT what I meant when I sent you to buy new clothing, young man!"

"I know, but these are the clothes that I wanted, so I bought them. What's the point of buying new clothing if I don't like what I'm buying?" Molly couldn't really argue that point, so she gave up. She gave him a good once-over and stopped at the earring.

"That is ALSO not something I would have wanted you to do...or the makeup." She paused. "But, for some reason, Harry, it looks good on you." She kissed his cheek. Harry had filled out quite a bit over the last year and no longer looked like a starving waif. He was still much smaller than Ron, but the look he was going for fit well with his new physique. Years of quidditch and the last year of fighting had given him a lean, muscular build with broad shoulders, narrow hips and very muscular legs.

Fred and George, visiting for the day, had heard their mother's scream and came into the kitchen. Their jaws dropped when they saw Harry. Harry was surprised when George's eyes started roving over his body, taking in the new clothes. He had an almost hungry look on his face. Harry leaned over to Ron. "You didn't tell me about George."

Ron looked at his brother and shook his head. "Didn't know about George. Guess we can add him to the list with Bill and Charlie, eh?" He looked at Harry, smiling. "So, which one of them did you do this for?"

Harry flushed lightly. "You'll know as soon as he sees me." George's reaction unnerved Harry slightly. George was not the Weasley brother that he wanted to attract. Not that George was unattractive, he just wasn't...Charlie.

The trio went upstairs to pack away their purchases. They were leaving for Hogwarts in two days, so they wanted to make sure everything was ready. Before he went back downstairs, Harry gathered his old clothing in a pile and charmed it to float behind him.

"Molly? Where can I get rid of this stuff? I don't even think a charity would take it." She looked at the large pile of clothing and had Harry follow her outside.

"The rubbish pile is over there, dear. Just put that on the pile to the left. We'll burn them later tonight and have a party to celebrate." She smiled, eyes twinkling, reminding him of the twins. They walked back inside the Burrow.

Ginny was sitting at the table talking to Hermione. She stopped speaking mid-sentence when she saw Harry. She turned an interesting shade of light green. Hermione turned to see what she was looking at, and smirked at Harry. He knew that meant he had been the subject of their conversation. Ginny looked at him up and down. "I guess this means you really aren't interested in me, doesn't it?"

Harry hated to hurt Ginny. He sighed and sat down next to her. "Ginny...I'm sorry. I've told you several times that it wouldn't work between us...I told you why. I don't know why this upsets you now."

She blushed and ducked her head. "I guess that I just didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to think that you would actually like boys."

"Men, Ginny, I prefer men. That doesn't mean that we can't be friends."

Her eyes lit up. "Does that mean we can go trolling together?"

Harry recoiled in disgust. "Um...no, it doesn't. First thing, I won't go trolling and second, you're underage. Your Mum would kill me."

"You had better believe I would! Besides, both of you are too good to go out roaming through pubs looking for men! Merlin only knows what would happen to either one of you!" Molly's stern voice and angry face would have been enough to put Harry off of it, even if he would do something like that. He already knew who he wanted, he just hoped that his choice wanted him as much.