Im Gabiterules and this is an OC story for Digimon. I have been meaning to do this so nows the right time. This story is about a boy who gets warrped one day into the digital world with other people. I decided that I need some OCs for this so if you could please give me one. I will try to update as much as possible. The rules are 1. No extremly powerful rookie Digimon there are a few 2. I will not take your OC if you dont not provide me with its stages.



Gender: (No HeShes)

Apperance: (No dyed colors I mean there living in Japan no one has dyed hair there)


Digimon: (Pick 2 choices or as many as you want in case someone else already got it or I just dont think its sutible)

Stages: (List them all just so I know)

Personality: (Are they smart, stupid,funny just put it here)

History: (No real sob stories like there parents died, being adopted is okay but not parents dieing friends moving away stuff like that)

Role: Villan,or Hero

Crest: (Not going to use it until most likely the end of the story just to know because I might use it later not a 100% sure)

Other: (Anything that dosent fit into the other categorys)

Prolouge will be finished by tomorrow or the day after that (Depends on school) anyway please submit an OC.