This chapter has a lot of Dylan and Kenji and some Will. This is because next chapter it will be more about Mark,Christian and Will. Also this dosent have too much detail (I suck at it) so I apologize in advance.

" you said you knew me before." Christian mumbled,he and Impmon had started walking towards the same forest Mark was in, Christian wanted to be scared but he felt as if he knew the digimon.

Impmon grinned, "Don't you remember the great battle in the sky?" he asked smiling creepily.

Christian thought for a second, "No I dont, this is all a bit sudden I don't even know what a digimon is." Christian explained.

"The great battle in the sky Justimon vs Karatenmon. You where there I looked different because I was in my ultimate form, don't worry though all of this stuff will be explained once we meet up with the others in the forest of light."

Christian sighed, "This forest dosent look to bright to me,it looks kind of dark." Christian mumbled.

"About that theirs this evil lady that calls herself Queen Kat." Impmon explained.

Christian looked up at the sky, "Im sorry Impmon, but I just dont remember...For some reason though I feel as though we have met before." Christian said,as the imp like creature continued to smile eerily.

Impmon grinned, "It doesn't matter like I said everything will be explained later." Impmon said.

"Stupid Will and I thought he was my friend, never make that mistake again." Dylan mumbled, as he walked forward towards a beutiful waterfall.

Water was crashing down over a small cave,the water probably wasnt drinkable, but it was clear and fresh looking in the small river. The cave was small and full of moss and other plants and didnt look very safe.

Dylan smiled, "Wow look at this waterfall its so cool." Dylan said, stepping forward into the river despite haveing unsuituble clothes.

"Now what did our teacher say about how you should never stand directly under a waterfall? Or maybe she said it was fine to stand directly underneath one." Dylan thought, as he walked forward nearing the waterfall.

"Whatever she said Im sure it didnt mean much." Dylan said, stupidly walking forward where he was just inches away from it.

"Guess its time to find out." Dylan said, walking forward into the waterfall,there was a short yelp, but the sound was drowned out by the crashing of the waterfall.

Dylan suddenly ran out of the waterfall and into the not so hidden cave. His clothes where drenched and his hair was a mess. He sighed in relief that the horrible, cold experiance was finaly over.

"I guess thats what she meant." Dylan said, trying to dry his clothes.

Dylan looked around the small bright cave and noticed an egg, it had a sharp blade in the center it was red. Dylan looked around for a second before walking up to the egg.

He sighed, "On 3 Im going to try to lift it 1...2...3!" Dylan shouted, as he lifted the egg with little effort,he fell backwards due to the weight of the egg which was strange because of the effort it took to lift.

"What the hell?" Dylan asked, as a red burst of light escaped the hole where the egg had been placed,a humanoid lizard like creature that was blue and had a V on it forehead rised up with the light, but the creature slowly drifted down as its pinkish eyes began to open up.

Dylan stepped back a few steps as the creature stood up,he wasnt scared it was just strange. The lizard like creature stepped closer and closer to Dylan until they finnaly stood next to eachother.

Dylan furrowed his brows, "What the hell is this thing?" he asked himself.

The creature frowned, "Hey im not a thing im Veemon!" it shouted.

Dylan blinked a few times, "Right." he mumbled.

Veemon grinned, "You must be Dylan,right?" he asked.

Dylan stared in shock, "Yeah how did you know my name?" Dylan asked.

Veemon grinned, "Where partners arent I supposed to know your name?" he asked.

"What?" Dylan shouted.

"Lighten up you probably dont remember the incident anyway." Veemon joked.

"Wait a second are you a digimon?" Dylan asked couriously.

Veemon chuckled, "Yeah how did you know?" he asked.

Dylan thought for a second, "I dont know I just guessed." Dylan said, furrowing his brows.

Veemon smiled, "I never knew you where this serious, I thought you where cool and funny like me." Veemon joked.

Dylan frowned, "I usually am, but I want to find my way home and I need to be serious,um...Eeemon was it?" Dylan explained.

Veemon frowned, "Actually its Veemon." Veemon mumbled.

Suddenly a huge triceretops like creature smashed into the cave knocking Veemon into Dylans arms. It was black and white and had a look of rage in its eyes.

"What do we do?" Dylan asked slightly frightened.

"Run!" Veemon shouted as, he held onto Dylans arm as he rushed out of the cave,the triceretops creature close behind.

Dylan ran across the river panting a bit, "What is that thing?" he asked.

Veemon useing his arms for everything they where worth replied, "Monochromon it has a powerful charge attack."

"Clearly,why dont you do something?" Dylan asked.

"Because you didnt say digivolve yet." Veemon replied.

Dylan looked at Veemon in shock, "How do I do that?" he asked,Monochromon getting closer behind.

Veemon thought for a second, "You see that device thats in the pocket of your pants take it and say Digi armor ener...gize." Veemon shouted.

"Okay,please work." Dylan prayed, "Digi armor ener...gize!" he shouted.

"Veemon armor digivolve too...Flamedramon the Fire of Courage!"

Veemon now looked diffrent, he was taller, his body was covered in shiny red and yellow armor. He had huge claws and a blade on his head. Fire was radiating from his body as Dylan stared in awe.

"Veemon..." was all Dylan could say.

Flamedramon smiled as Monochromon began heading their way.

"Fire Rocket!" Flamedramon shouted,his whole body was engulfed in flames as he launched himself at the Monochromon.

"Argh! Horn strike!" Monochromon yelled.

Flamedramon grinned, "Oh,no you dont! Flame Fist!" Flamedramon shouted, shooting fireballs as the Monochromon charged.

"Arrgh!" Monochromon shouted before collapsing onto the floor.

Flamedramon noticed Dylan hadnt said a word, "So?"

"That was awesome!" Dylan shouted.

"Lets just get out of here before grumpy wakes up." Flamedramon mumbled.

"Maybe I should go left.." Will thought,he was standing in front of two crossroads pondering on which way he should take.

Will frowned, "What if I'm wrong?" he asked himself.

"I guess it wouldnt hurt to take left." Will said, choosing the left side, he walked through a dirt path wondering if he would ever find a way home.

Will sighed, "I know I will get home but the question is when." he mumbled.

"Don't worry you will get home soon!" a voice shouted, Will quickly turned to his right only to see a small dinosaur like creature sitting in a tree,it was yellow and had sharp teeth and green eyes.

Will frightened, backed into a tree.

The creature laughed, "I'm Agumon your partner." Agumon said.

Will looked up at the creature his eyes wide, "What do you mean partner?" Will shouted.

Agumon jumped out of the tree, and landed in front of Will spraying some dirt on his clothes, "I'm a digimon,we are creatures that live in this world very few of us have partners so consider yourself lucky." Agumon explained.

Will was speechless, "Its nice to meet you Agumon." Will mumbled, shakeing the agumons sharps claws.

"Your Will right?" Agumon asked.

"Yup. I think I have met you before all I remember was a dinosaur like creature leaping into my arms it was full of scars and bruises and then for some reason it turned into a weird egg." Will explained.

Agumon grinned, "You remembered!" Agumon said, leaping into Wills arms and giving him a hug.

Will frowned, "I thought it was a dream, but I'm sorry I just only remember that." Will mumbled, as Agumon held on tighter.

A small tear made its way down Agumons face, "Never leave me again Will." he whispered.

Will stared in shock he was frightened, but felt as if he knew the digimon. He hugged him back as the Agumon continued to cry on Wills shoulder.

Agumon smiled, "Okay I think you should let go now." Agumon said, as Will released Agumon.

"So what now?" Will asked.

Agumon chuckled, "Lets move forward I know a shortcut where we can meet up with the others quickly." Agumon said,Will nodded and the two continued down the dirt path.

"Please no more kisses I know im the most hottest guy in school but stop." Kenji mumbled in his sleep, in actuallity a purple furry monster with a red marking on his head was licking Kenji.

"Hmph." the monster sighed,this startled Kenji as he woke up from his sleep.

"What the hell?" he shouted, the monster whimpered and moved back a few feet.

Kenji relizing he wasnt in the same world, got up and walked over to the monster, "Im sorry buddy I was just scared thats all." Kenji mumbled.

The monster smiled and licked Kenjis cheek, "What are you and where am I?" Kenji asked.

The monster pointed to the strange orange device in Kenjis hand, Kenji sighed and pressed one of the buttons, the screen of the device read Dorumon.

"Is that what youre called,Dorumon?"

Dorumon nodded, "Wait a second I know the others must have been here those are Marks shoe prints! They left me all alone here!" Kenji shouted,the Dorumon covered his ears.

" do you know which way is home?" Kenji asked.

Dorumon shook his head no, "Dont you know how to talk?" Kenji asked,Dorumon shook his head again.

"Well if Im going to make any progress I might as well teach him how to speak." Kenji thought.

Kenji smiled, "Okay say Kenji." he said.

Dorumon looked around nervously, "" was all he could say.

Kenji sighed, "Okay say Ken."


"There you go okay now say Kenj."

Dorumon nodded, "Ken...ken...ken...ken...Kenj." Dorumon said happily.

Kenji grinned, "Okay now say Kenji."

"!" Dorumon shouted happily.

"Great work Dorumon. Soon you will be able to say many words." Kenji said.

Dorumon grinned and licked Kenji, "Kenji." he said happily.

"Is this the digital world Chloe was talking about? I ignored her because I thought she was high or something." Kenji said,Dorumon nodded.

"So that means your a digimon." Kenji stated.

Dorumon nodded and said, "Ken-" he was interrupted though, by a huge dragon digimon with red wings, that started diving down towards Kenji and Dorumon.

Dorumon and Kenji stared in horror as it got closer, their feet practicaly glued to the ground,as the beast dived with rage in its eyes.

"Airdramon." Dorumon mumbled.

Kenji frowned, "Well lets Runmon out of here." he said, grabbing Dorumon by his tail and running across the grassy field.

Airdramon smiled, "Queen Kat will be so proud of me!" Airdramon shouted, chaseing Dorumon and Kenji.

Kenji ran for his life while he struggled to drag Dorumon with him. In the distance he could see a cave dark cave made of strange materials. His adrenaline began pumping and he was able to for a short while drag Dorumon with ease. Kenji looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Airdramon gaining on him.

"Damn this is bad should I throw Dorumon in the cave so he can get protection or should I hope for the best?" Kenji thought,he suddenly got an idea.

"Dorumon use dash metal!" Kenji said, letting go of Dorumon.

Dorumon nodded as he started dashing forward Kenji grabbed his tail and let Dorumon drag him instead. Dorumon was quicker than Kenji and swiftly ran inside the cave. Kenji sat down aainst the cave wall and sighed.

"We got about ten minutes before Airdramon gets here and destroys the place." Kenji mumbled.

Dorumon frowned and walked up to Kenji, "" he tried to say.

Kenji smiled, "Thanks little Dorumon." Kenji said,Dorumon smiled and pointed to a rock, on top of it was a strange figure it was white and gold,Kenji walked up to it.

"Great idea Dorumon we can throw this at Airdramon!" Kenji said happily,Dorumon sighed.

Kenji smirked, "Okay it looks heavy, but Im pretty strong all the ladies dig that." Kenji said, preparing himself to lift the heavy object.

"1...2...3...3...3...3...4!" Kenji said, lifting the egg with ease.

Dorumon sighed, "Its heavy, but it didnt take any effort for me to lift it." Kenji said, furrowing his brows.

Suddenly the egg started glowing bright yellow and it soon disinigrated in Kenji hands, "Damn it now we have nothing to throw at Airdramon." Kenji said, sadly as Dorumon grinned.

"Okay Mr. Smiley if your so smart what do you think we should do?" Kenji asked couriously.

Dorumon grinned as his purple and white tail moved from side to side, "Kenji digi armr enr...eyes." Dorumon said happily.

Kenji put his hand on his forehead, "You mean I say digi armor ener...gize?" Kenji asked,Dorumon nodded.

Kenji sighed and took out his orange device, "Okay digi armor ener...gize!"

"Dorumon armor digivolve too...Gargoylemon the messenger of light!"

"Damn it Monochromons been defeated." a girl said, she was sitting in a large black chair in front of many monitors, there was no light except the ones coming from the monitors of the digital world. She had dark brown hair, her eyes where cold and blue. She was wearing a blue v neck T-shirt with light blue jeans.

A dog like digimon with shaggy black fur, and silver eyes and paws looked up at her master, "Kat whats the big deal?" she asked.

Kat sighed, "These kids aren't supposed to be here there ruining my plans!" Kat shouted.

"Master are you okay?" the dog digimon asked, licking her paws.

"Sorry Wolfmon its just their getting in the way of my plans." Kat mumbled.

Wolfmon frowned, "Master maybe we should send out Birdramon and give those two kids a lesson, I don't think an Impmon and Monodramon could defeat it!" Wolfmon said, with much happiness.

Kat smiled "That will work..."

I know I poked a little fun at how they say digi armor energize. Here are the crests and the people who have them. So if you want to give me an OC their are three crests left.

Dylan: Crest of courage

Will: Crest of friendship

Christian: Crest of love

Mark: Crest of Reliability

Chloe: Crest of hope

Kenji: Crest of light

Kat: Crest of Harmony