I saw her on the swing set one summer eve, sad, alone so I came by to sit beside her. It wasn't too long ago my enemy went back to the other world of "Gods" but I stood behind because of her. I didn't want her to be alone.

We met at high school where I was desperate to go back home to Asgard until she came into my love interest life. She was beautiful with her pink hair and red eyes. But still she is really weird but in a good way. I had a crush on her then.

And when the time we studied together she always think of fun things to do in which it made me happy inside. With her boggle eye glasses she wore made her look silly, I nearly want to smile and chuckle at the site but she is still the one I dream of every night.

And when that day she went to the zoo and I was partaken in the job as the mascot, when she was asking me to wear the outfit, I was lost in her eyes in which it causes me to blush. I was falling more in love.

When we had that cook off she was helping me and my other enemy out, I still think she was really sweet helping us out knowing her silly ways but I still grown to love her. I really want to hold her and whisper sweet words.

And that summer night when we were at the lodge, she even made my heart jump with joy when she sat next to me, oh how I want to hold her close and tell her how much I love her. I was yearning for her love. She looked good in her kimono.

I love every minute when I spend it with her. Even though I knew her heart must be belong to someone else. I still love her and want to make her mine.

That day when her love interest was leaving to Asgard, she was very sad and I stood there supporting her and made promise to stay behind to be with her. Oh kami how I wish I could tell her how I feel.

Now is my chance on the swing right next to hers.


To tell her how much I feel.

"Yes, Narugami?"

How much I need her in my life.

"I love you"

Just one reply from you that's all I need.

She gasp then looks up at him "I love you too"