Just one warning, mentions of past miscarriage during the slightly angsty conversation between Lucius and Severus.


Severus spent a quiet day with Harry, after they had finished their talk, showing him around the house, and garden, allowing him to get used to Severus' presence, and generally trying to get him to feel as relaxed here as he possibly could, given the environment that Harry had been pulled from. The list of dark curses he wanted to use against the Dursleys was starting to grow exponentially, and if he didn't think that even Lucius would have trouble keeping him out of Azkaban for doing it, he would have already gone there and used every single one of them.

Harry had been stunned, and almost terrifyingly grateful, to be given not only a second meal, a simple tuna sandwich at lunchtime, but a third too, at tea time; he had been amazed that the water in the shower came in any temperature other than frigidly cold, and had asked in the tiniest, most secretive of whispers if that was a magic thing too; but the hardest to get past by far was what had happened when it came time to put him to bed, he had gone to settle down for the night in the small, empty walk in wardrobe, it had taken Severus fifteen minutes to convince him that the whole room, including the bed, was for him, and the wardrobe was for the clothes he was going to get him, not for him to sleep in. Whenever Harry had mentioned being locked in his cupboard, he had assumed it was a sickeningly draconian punishment, not that it had been his room, where he was imprisoned every moment he wasn't slaving for them.

He was sitting in his chair in the library now, an untouched glass of fire-whisky on the table in front of him, fuming as he stared into the flames. He couldn't believe that Albus had promised him that Harry would be safe where he had put him, and then left him in hell for three years. He hoped for the old man's sake that he hadn't done it deliberately, that he hadn't lied to him about Harry's situation, that he had somehow missed something in the reports that were being given to him, because if it transpired that Dumbledore had known the kind of life Harry was living, then not even the threat of Azkaban would stop him from killing the headmaster. The floo sprang to life, and he looked over, one hand on his wand, but it was only Lucius.

"Managed to slip your shackles so early?" he asked idly.

"They didn't need slipping, my shackles, both sets, have gone to Geneva with the widow Zabini."

"Widow, again?"

"Again. How did things go today?" he asked, picking up Severus' glass and sipping from it as he seated himself on the table, so as not to have the entire width of the fireplace between them.

"I want to kill people Luc, I want to make people suffer for what they did to him. He was told his parents died worthless drunks, he was kept in a cupboard, like a broom or mop, he was scared out of his mind of the word magic, thought that it was evil, sinful, to say it, believe in it. How could anyone do that to a child Lucius?"

"I don't know Severus, I really don't, even the worst of the Dark Lord's followers never tortured a child thus. I brought some clothes that Draco has outgrown, they will be a little large on him, but nowhere near as outlandishly so as the rags they gave him," he told him, putting a leather satchel on the floor by his feet.

"Thank you, I was thinking I would have to transfigure him something to wear to take him out shopping for clothes."

"Anything from Dumbledore?"

"Not yet, he may not be aware that Harry isn't in Surry any more yet, they apparently could keep him locked in his cupboard for days on end when they were punishing him for something, so the watchers may not think anything of him not appearing for a day or two."

"We can hope. With a little luck, the WCS will have managed to come and speak to Harry before he notices and starts looking for him, so that we'll also have their report for the files, not that we'll let him take Harry anyway, but the more roadblocks we can put up, the better."

"Would you not rather I just killed the old fool?"

"Hmm, would I rather have my lover in Azkaban for killing the venerated leader of the light? Much as I think my former master might prefer that option, I prefer my lover free," he smirked, sneering on the word master.

"True, I suppose. I doubt there would be conjugal visits for those awaiting the Kiss."

"They're not encouraged, no," Lucius agreed with faint humor.

"I'm sorry I never told you," Severus sighed, all traces of humor dropping from his tone as he looked away from Lucius' penetrating quicksilver gaze.

"It doesn't matter, besides, there's something I never told you, too," Lucius snorted softly.


"Draco isn't mine, I've suspected for most of his life, and known for over a year that he isn't mine," he sighed.

"What? How? He's the spitting image of you, and his coloring is definitely from the Malfoy line."

"Well, either she spread her legs for my father, an image which quite frankly makes me cringe, or she slept with someone else and used a blood adoption potion. I can tell for sure he isn't mine, although admitting exactly how I know would likely be suicide," Lucius said wryly.

"He's human?" Severus whispered.

"Thoroughly, which means his father was human. If there had been any creature blood at all in the father, then even the cheapest blood adoption potion would have allowed through some of the non human aspects of my blood. Six months ago, I even took a sample of his blood to the Enclave, in France, to be sure it wasn't just a delay in the creature blood showing through, he tested human."

"I'm sorry," Severus told him genuinely.

"I'm not, I would never have been able to get her pregnant anyway," Lucius shrugged.


"They strong armed me into getting a proper medical when I was there, my semen showed completely sterile. They told me I must have been pregnant at some point, even if I never knew it, and that set my body permanently into carrier mode, long enough ago that there was no hint I had ever been viably fertile from a human point of view."

"Oh Salazar," Severus breathed, closing his eyes against one of the worst memories of his life.

He would never forget that day, the most brutal Slytherin/Gryffindor Quidditch match he had ever had the misfortune to see, watching Lucius slammed 'accidentally' into one of the goalposts by Black. He would never forget waiting for him outside the locker rooms, and seeing him pale, sickly looking, would never forget Lucius collapsing on the way back to the common room, and would most definitely never forget holding him, comforting him as best he could, in an abandoned classroom, while Lucius suffered through the painful cramps of miscarrying the baby they hadn't even known he was carrying. They had barely been sixteen, he could have only been three or four weeks pregnant at the most, but it didn't make the pain any easier to bear, and they were too terrified to tell the school medi-witch what had happened, afraid of word of Lucius' non-human blood getting out, something not even his own father knew about. The best they had been able to do was get him painkillers, citing his Quidditch injuries.

"We were bloody lucky back then you know," Severus said softly, opening his eyes again to look at Lucius in the flickering light of the fire.

"I know," Lucius nodded, he had flicked through some of the pregnancy books Narcissa had taken great pleasure in leaving lying around when she was pregnant with Draco, he knew that he could potentially have gotten very, very sick, maybe even died, from not getting proper medical care after he lost the baby.

"What are you going to do about Draco?" Severus asked.

"I'm not sure yet. The Enclave gave me a clean bill of health, other than being technically infertile, so potentially you and I could give young Harry siblings, and our child, children, would be true Malfoy heirs, I could even name Harry as my successor, as you are my chosen partner, and Harry is your son," he shrugged.

"You can't really think Narcissa would sit back and let you do that?"

"Well, not willingly, no. I let it be known to her today that I knew Draco wasn't mine, she must have a clue that I know of her other infidelities too, I could make life very difficult for her, if it ever came to it. She has breached the marriage contract, repeatedly."

"As have you," Severus pointed out.

"No, I haven't, you must remember the kind of man my father was Severus, there's no way he would word a contract in such a way that the Malfoy heir or Lord couldn't go and sleep with anyone and everyone he chose. I doubt he would have intended the protection to mean I could continue my relationship with you for so long, but that's his look out, not mine."

Severus snorted softly at that, Abraxas had been an asshole, and aside from selling his son into servitude to the Dark Lord, he had been determined that he would break up the relationship between Lucius and Snape if it killed him. Fortunately for them the man had caught Dragon Pox and died before his attempts to split them apart had gotten too out of hand, but he had come close once or twice.

"Well, be careful, a cornered cat has sharp claws," Severus warned.

"So do I," Lucius pointed out flatly, draining the glass and rising.

"I should go, I could do with catching up on some sleep," he sighed.

"Stay," Severus said softly, catching his wrist.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Lucius asked, glancing upwards in the direction of the room where Harry should be sleeping.

"I don't know, but I want you with me, please stay Luc," he stood up, using his hold on Lucius' wrist to pull him closer so that he could kiss him.

"Stay," Severus murmured again, and Lucius groaned softly and deepened the kiss.


Harry sat on the edge of his bed, stroking the covers lightly every now and then, still awed that he actually had a bed, a whole room, all to himself. He wasn't sure what he should do now though, he had been told not to cook breakfast, his room was already tidy, and he hadn't had any lessons yet to study. He heard the other door across the hall open, and thinking that Severus might be up, he hopped off the bed and trotted over to the door, smiling at the dark haired man.

"Good morning Harry, you're up early. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you sir," Harry nodded.

"You can call me Severus, remember, Harry."

Harry nodded, still not certain about the idea of calling the man by his first name.

"My friend Lucius was here last night, he brought some clothes for you that were too small now for his son, until we have a chance to go shopping. They will be a touch big for you, but that's nothing we can't deal with. Why don't you go and wash, and I'll fetch the bag."

"Will I get to meet his son, si…Severus?"

"Possibly, at some point, he's away with his mother for the rest of the summer."

"Oh, that's sad," Harry frowned slightly, Severus said nothing, he didn't think Harry would understand if he gave in to his first instinct to comment that Lucius had been glad to see the back of them.

Once he had got Harry dressed in the designer label jeans and shirt that looked like they had never been worn, and shrunk them down to fit properly, much to Harry's delight – he could never remember having clothes that fit before – he took him downstairs to make breakfast, and raised an eyebrow at the house-elf puttering around his kitchen.

"Hello?" he asked uncertainly, putting a reassuring hand on Harry's shoulder as the boy hid behind him in fright, he knew it was one of Lucius' elves, he just didn't know what it was doing here, the blond hadn't mentioned anything about sending one when he had left at dawn to get into his office in the Ministry.

"Sits down please sirs, breakfasts is almost ready. Lord Malfoy sends Mipsy to keeps Master Harry company ifs Master Severus has to leaves suddenly. Mipsy is also to tells Lord Malfoy ifs Master Severus has to leaves."

Severus nodded, silently thanking Lucius for thinking about having Harry kept safe should Albus summon him in the next day or two. He sat with Harry at the table, and looked at the wide eyed boy.

"It's all right Harry, Mipsy won't hurt you."

"But what…who…"

"Mipsy is a house-elf, a lot of magical families, especially the older families with very big houses, have house elves to look after their families, and homes. They take care of duties like cooking and cleaning, some are very good gardeners, and others are even nannies to the children."

"Like me, with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked, and Severus mentally winced, he should have seen that one coming.

"No, not like you," Severus sighed, wondering how to field this one.

"But I did cooking, and cleaning, and the garden…"

"House elves is having special magics to be helping us with our tasks Master Harry, House elves be liking taking care of the wizards," Mipsy told him, snapping her fingers, instantly the food she had made was on the plates in front of them, and the pans were washing themselves.

"Wizards is only being able to do one spell at a time, and little wizards like yous not being able to do whole spells at alls, easier and quicker for us to do it, and unless we is bads, we has home with our wizards always."

"Bad?" Harry asked.

"House elves and Wizards has rules, biggest rule is House elves is not betraying our Masters, we hears things and sees things that sometimes it coulds be very bads for our Masters to tells other peoples."

"Oh, um, thank you, Mipsy," Harry said hesitantly.

"Master Harry is goods little Master," Mipsy chirped, snapping her fingers again to return the now washed pans to their cupboards and vanishing off heaven only knows where.

"Do you have any other concerns or questions, Harry?" Severus asked as they started eating.

"No, um yes, um…who is Lord Malfoy, and why would he send Mipsy here?" Harry asked in confusion.

Severus gave him a puzzled look, and then realized that Harry had still not properly been introduced to Lucius, something they were going to have to rectify pretty soon, and that he had never used any name other than Lucius to refer to him.

"Lucius, Lord Malfoy is Lucius, and he sent Mipsy here in case the man I work for finds out you're not in Surry any more, and sends for me to help look for you, I wouldn't be able to take you with me, not until Lucius and I can get the custody of you secured, so Mipsy will watch over you if that happens."

"Ok," Harry said slowly, and Severus knew there would be more questions at some point about why the man he worked for would be looking for Harry, and why Severus wouldn't tell the man he worked for that he had Harry, but hopefully those questions wouldn't come before they had the answers, whatever the answers might be.