"Majolene" Jou-sama said to her maid one night "Please go into the palace cellar and fetch me a jar of herbs, please."

"Yes, my queen!" Majolene called as she ran down the hallway and down the winding stairs and into the basement. It was dark and dusty down there. All around her laid boxes filled with strange antiques and old furniture. Majolene walked through and eventually came to a shelf. She grabbed the jar of herbs and went back upstairs.

But before she went up the stairs, she noticed something hidden behind a wall of rusty crates. She pushed them aside and discovered an old mirror. It was full-length and there were ancient symbols and mesmerising patterns carved into the wood.

"My, such a dusty mirror!" she scoffed "I better get this thing dusted!"

She took out her duster and reached for the glass. But right as the very tip touched the mirror, the glass instantly started to glow a sinister green color. Majolene lost her balance and fell in! She dropped the jar and it shattered all over the floor. Just as she fell into the mirror, it stopped glowing and the room grew silent.