D'script.: Castiel talks to one of his brothers.

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"Gabriel, you ran away from home-"

"Yeah, because those fucking morons are killing each other off. Everyone's fighting without Dad, and Heaven's going to Hell in that stupid, prophetic hand basket."

"They are still our brothers," Castiel protested, "You shouldn't speak of them that way."

"Castiel," Gabriel said, putting an arm around his brother, "Listen to me. You're my favourite, honestly. I'd hate to see anything happen to you. But you're naïve, you have no idea of what they're capable of. You're so young, bro. Look, just don't go back-"

"It's my home!" Castiel said indignantly, before adding quietly, "It used to be yours, too."

Gabriel shook his head; "Heaven was never a home to me. Or you; look at you and the Winchesters. They are like brothers to you, aren't they?"

Castiel looked down, a little ashamed to be talking about this with his own brother. He was wordless because he didn't dare speak the truth. Admitting that Dean and Sam were the brothers he never had would be sacrilege.

"Cas, it's okay. You've finally found something worth keeping. Like how I've found my freedom…"

"You've been exiled, Gabriel," Castiel muttered, "I'm about to be too. But I'm still fighting for my home, my brothers. Maybe you just don't care."

Gabriel had Castiel by the throat, "Listen to me, little brother. I do fucking care. There's nothing I can do without getting myself killed. It rips me apart to see my brothers killing each other over something Dad himself couldn't decide. Heaven is chaos, Castiel. You'll do well to stay away from there."

"I can't."

"Then you're just like them." He said with contempt before turning his head and adding, "I heard about what you did to Uriel-"

"He wanted to destroy humanity, Gabriel! They are our brothers as much as the angels are. They are our Father's creation too."

Gabriel smiled, "I'm not asking you to justify your relationship with the Winchesters, or even humans in general. It's good to see you're not driven by power like the rest of them, even if it does make you an outcast for choosing something that the angels want to extinguish. Castiel, I just don't want to see you dead."

Castiel nodded, "I don't want to see you dead either, Gabe."

"I have to know, though. What draws you to them, the humans?"

Castiel was momentarily confused. He didn't quite understand the pull that they had over him, the Winchesters especially.

"They feel more strongly than we do. Their lives are finite and they try to make the best of what they can while they're here. Dean and Sam have gone through so much, yet they still wake up everyday and continue to fight. Gabriel, this was the miracle that Dad was talking about. They are invincible, they are immortal and they know more than we ever will."

Gabriel raised a brow, "You seem very attached to your human charges."

Castiel bowed his head in dishonour before looking up with his eyes blazing, finally unashamed of his connection with the Winchesters, "Yes. They are so dysfunctional, so corrupt, so lost, so alone, so afraid. They are alive, Gabriel. Please take no offence, but they are more my brothers than the angels ever will be."

Gabriel smiled, "That's why you're my favourite, Cas."

Castiel beamed at his older brother, "Be safe, Gabriel. And don't get yourself killed."

"Same goes for you," he said with a wink, "If anyone asks, you never saw me."

"Of course." Castiel nodded, giving his word to protect his brother.

"And good luck with the humans," Gabriel added before vanishing in a flutter of wings.

Castiel glanced down at the truck stop restaurant that Sam and Dean was currently eating breakfast in and trying to devise a plan to come after him. He looked back toward the pearly gates and lifted his chin slightly. His lips curled in a faint smile. He would certainly need luck if he were to get out of this and continue his venture with those hunters.

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