Three nights had passed since Ming-Xiao, the great high priestess of Chinatown had been defeated by a lowly Kindred rat. Her death had been terrible.

Ming-Xiao had sensed that the kindred had come to kill her and take the sarcophagus key, proving that he was still a puppet of LaCroix and a lost cause.

She had previously thought that the Cainites believed it held one of their mythological forefathers. But she had learnt that the Camarilla did not believe in the myth of Caine either, and seeing that LaCroix was the leader of Camarilla, it obvious that the sarcophagus contained something other than one of their fictions forefathers.

Ming concluded that the sarcophagus contained a form of weapon or a power probably one that LaCroix would against the Kuei-Jin. The myth of Caine was being used as a smoke screen by LaCroix to make his fellow kindred fear the sarcophagus thus allowing him obtain the power for himself.

The Kindred had entered her sanctuary, the sanctuary that she had often used as a place of escape and meditation a place very personal to her.

After a heated exchange between the two it became inevitable that the only way this was to be solved was violence. The kindred was not going to back down on his own will and she was not going to hand over the key with a fight.

As he advanced on her Ming-Xiao used the discipline demon shintai harnessing the P'o side of her nature, her figure shifting and changing into her hideous and bloodcurdling demon shintai form. She wasn't taking any chances; she was going to make sure that the kindred died.

She grabbed the kindred with one of her tentacles and threw him against a wall. Then as he got up she spat acid at him. He barely dodged the corrosive liquid and she then grabbed the Cainite again and slammed him against another wall repeatedly. But then the kindred drew out a Katana and cut Ming's tentacle off.

Pain swept through Ming-Xiao as the tentacle separated from her body and landed on the ground. This wouldn't stop her; she created a copy of herself that resembled a child of her demon form. But the kindred ran and killed it striking a deadly blow with the sword before it could mature and become a perfect copy of her.

The kindred then pulled a flamethrower out of his backpack and said "Eat this, you bitch!"

Before she had time to react the Kindred pulled the trigger of the flamethrower and shot a cone of crimson fire at her. Ming-Xiao was set ablaze as she screamed with pain and fury.

She tried to turn back to her human form so she could at least have some chance of escape but with no success. The Kindred did not stop his assault continuing to walk toward her firing the flamethrower until Ming's form was completely ablaze.

The priestess desperately tried to drive the kindred away, trying to stop his cruel assault. But the he was too fast and the form she had taken was far too slow.

The Kindred eventually ran out of fuel and started shooting Ming-Xiao with a large sub-machine gun.

More pain ripped through her already burning body as the bullets pierced her skin.

Despite her pain she continued to fight the kindred invader spitting acid at him and trying to crush him with her tentacles. But as the kindred kept filling her body with bullets and the fire consumed her body she realized she could not fight any longer.

The pain was becoming too great. She no longer had the energy to keep her hulking form upright. She became heavy, as if a ton of bricks were crushing down on her body. "NO" her mind desperately roared "I CANNOT DIE LIKE THIS".

But soon the only the thing that consumed her mind was pain, terrible burning pain; she could feel herself dying. Then she started to fall, thrashing her tentacles desperately at mid air howling and sobbing more like a dying beast then the elegant priestess she had once been.

Ming-Xiao felt her form plop uselessly on the ground landing face forward on her slimy abdomen. The pain still burned inside of her. She tried to move her massive form and crawl towards the kindred as a one last ditch attempt. But the pain was too great, then the world began to fade from her vision and the pain finally stopped.

At first she thought that she had met final death. But then she looked around and saw that she could still make out the place of death, her sanctuary.

There Ming-Xiao saw her corpse. The form of the once proud and graceful priestess lay pathetically in the middle of her sanctuary still in her demon form. Ming-Xiao had not died; instead she had entered the dreaded state known as the little death.

While the little death was not nearly as feared as final death, it was still greatly feared in the Kuei-Jin community. In this state a Kuei-Jin's dually natured spirit is forced to hover around their fallen corpse until they can gain enough energy to re-enter it. But until then a Kuei-Jin would usually be beset by nightmarish visions and memories from their past.

The wretched kindred who had ruined her then walked up to her corpse and in a mocking tone said "You're no higher being, 'great' priestess". The kindred then pressed a feet down on Ming's corpse, "I think you would look better in a seafood restaurant then a temple" the kindred said again mockingly. The kindred then took the key that Ming-Xiao had tried to protect and left Ming's sanctuary by the main portal.

Just as Ming-Xiao had expected, she was plagued by terrible nightmares.

Ming was floating above her body trying to bring life back to it when a bright flash of light obscured her vision. When the light cleared she found that she was no longer in her sanctuary but she was in a large Chinese garden surrounded by high walls. She was holding some lily leaves in her hand and she then realized that she was a child and this was a memory of her childhood. She looked to her right noticing she was with her old friend, Chen Lu.