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"Good evening Lady Gwen, for what purpose do you honour us with your presence?" James asked satirically.

"Don't be a kiss ass, foreigner." Gwen retorted, regarding the group with tired frustrated eyes. "I trust you've all done an honest days work?"

They all groaned, Curt loader than the others. Gwen couldn't help but laugh inside to herself at how they looked. Zac covered in blood, Jaime covered in food, James still nursing an injured thumb, and Curt missing his shirt.

"The look suits you. Nice shirt." She added, nodding to Curt. He threw his hands up and rolled his eyes but said nothing.

Even though the sight of them made her laugh her face was still serious. The group of friends sat in an awkward silence under her gaze. It seemed that she was contemplating something.

"Gwen, what's on your mind?" Jaime asked her, after another moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Have you made arrangements for the night?" She asked them.

The four friends looked around at each other with worried looks before James started to laugh. "No." They all said in unison.

"Good. I've made plans for you to stay in the barracks, on one condition. Come daylight you are to train with Lt. O'Neil and Thackeray. We won't be escorting you to Lions Arch if you don't know how to defend yourself. I can already tell you this is going to be a dangerous task and I wont have my men put in danger for YOUR sake. Am I understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." Jaime, Zac, and Curt said in sync. James pondered a moment, stroking his chin. The others looked at him with concern.

"Uh oh, I know that look. What are you thinking, James?" Zac asked.

James regarded Gwen with a serious look. "I accept your condition, under my own condition. I want to be a Mesmer."

"You have no right to add your own conditions." Gwen snapped. "Though not unreasonable. I'll consider it. Clean up and get to the barracks for some sleep. Good night."

Gwen walked away and out of the mess hall area, back toward the Hall of Monument. They four friends sat in silence and watched as the guard posted there opened the door, saluting as she disappeared into the big empty chamber on the other side. They breathed a sigh of relief, knowing Gwen, it could have been worse. Curt nervously chuckled, breaking the uneasy silence. Everyone looked at him.

"Your right, she is kinda scary." He laughed.


The four friends stood in a small lush green area on the side of The Eye waiting for Lt. O'neil and Thackary. Still in their dirty cloths from the day before, they shifted uncomfortably where they stood from the cold. It was around 6 in the morning when a scout on his way on patrol was sent to wake them up by Gwen and the Sun…couldn't even be seen yet shining behind the mountains that towered above them in every direction. They thanked god there was no wind.

"I've got combat training, I don't see why I have to be out here." Curt smart mouthed.

"Quit your bitchin." Jaime said, hugging herself against the cold.

James snuck up behind Curt with a grin on his face that spread ear to ear. With one fluid motion, he stepped his right foot in between Curt's legs, brought his right arm around his neck, and pivoted, keeping his feet planted, spinning Curt to the ground.

"So you can hear me coming up to kick your ass. Like a Boss." James laughed.

"Surprise butt secks ninja." Zac half yelled, laughing with James.

"You son-of-a-" Curt said angrily picking himself off the ground. Roaring loudly, he rushed at James, tackling him against the stone wall. Caught off guard, James was still laughing when he hit the wall and it wasn't until Curt threw him to the ground to pummel him that he realized what was happening.

"Rape!" James shouted as Curt was advancing and this caused him to stop a second, enough time for James to scramble backwards on his feet for Curt to blitz him to the ground again.

"Curt, stop sexually harassing James!" Jaime laughed before James yelled 'rape' again.

"I see you've already gotten started without us." Lt. O'Neil's voice sounded behind them.

James and Curt stopped wrestling on the ground to look up at the two Lieutenants. James took advantage of the situation and kicked Curt away, rolling backwards to his feet.

"I've got combat training" James said mockingly, "my ass, that should've been an easy fight for you.". He was careful to keep an eye on Curt as he joined the rest of the conglomerate once more. O'Neil and Thackeray laughed with them as Curt dusted himself off.

"Lt. Thackeray has already been briefed by Gwen on your situation, he and I will be training with you today to help prepare you for the journey to Lions Arch. This is Jaime, James, Zac, and Curt." He told Thackeray, gesturing to each in turn as he said their names.

"Well," Lt. Thackeray said rubbing his gloved hands together. "Since you gentleman seem to be warmed up, how about we commence with your training. We will split you up in groups of two. The ones called Zac and James will spar with me. The other two with O'Neil."

It was noon now and the sun was high in the sky, giving with little warmth it could to those fighting out on the frozen lake. The Lieutenants and the four friends moved out onto the frozen lake that surrounded The Eye for better room. Curt and Lt. O'Neil grappled each other some distance away as Jaime stood back to watch. In another area away from them, Zac and James both tried to rush Thackeray, who dodged to the side easily. They could hear the sound of the guards laughter as they both hit the ice hard.

"Come on now. You showed a lot more spirit than this against your friend earlier." Thackeray smiled, placing his hands on his sides. "What's holding you back?"

"He sorta had it comin'" James replied, dusting the snow off him as he took up a defensive stance.

"Yeah he did. He's kinda a smart ass. And take joy in knowing Curt is still getting his ass kicked." Zac said pointing in the direction of the others, turning in time to see Curt throw himself to the ground as O'Neil sidestepped his attack. They heard Jaime say something but couldn't make out what it was that she said. Zac rushed Thackeray again to no avail as James took a swing as Thackeray was off balance and managed to connect as Zac rejoined the two. Thackeray waived off the blow and sent James to the ground by tripping him.

"Worse offense ever," James said, eating snow.

"And to think we aren't even fighting back" Thackeray jeered as the two came at him again.

"That's it." Zac stated, scooping up a handful of snow from off the frozen lake side, balled it, and threw.

-back with the others-

"How is this supposed to be training?" Jaime asked as Curt fell to the ice. He let out a squeak from the coldness of the ice touching his bare skin.

"Your sloppy in your attack and your defense is practically non existent. This is to teach you JUST how bad at fighting you are." O'Neil said strongly.

"Rushing your enemy isn't the smartest offense. Your greatest offense is a good defense."

"Like football." Jaime said to herself, giggling.

Curt picked himself up with a grunt, his chest red from the ice.

"Nice shirt." O'Neil pointed.

"Why aren't you fighting?" Curt said angrily at Jaime.

She shrugged. "Cause I'm learning plenty watching your ass get kicked. Yeah that Navy training is REALLY showing. Total bad ass." She mocked.

"Why don't you try waiting? Your too impatient to attack."

"She is right. Your constantly rushing. In a real fight you have to wait, keep your guard up an wait for an opening." O'Neil agreed.

Curt stepped around to behind Lt. O'Neil where he didn't think he'd see him in time to dodge him. Jaime shook her head, knowing what Curt was about to do. Curt rushed at O'Neil, throwing all his weight forward as he swung his right arm, trying to cloths line O'Neil from behind. His arm never connected as O'Neil spun and side stepped his attack keeping his right leg outstretched, tripping Curt and sending him to the ground again.

"You are trying to make an opening and doing so is leave you completely open, dumb ass." Jaime retorted.

"Like you know!" Curt shouted.

"Like I said before, I was a kid when I went through this kind of training with my dad in the SCA. Keep your guard up, wait, then attack."

Just then a snowball hit her in the side of the head. Curt and O'Neil paused a moment to take in what had just happened and the surprised and angered look that then crept onto her face.

"You were saying." Curt said before bursting into laughter followed by O'Neil. Jaime turned to see Zac, James, and Lt. Thackeray laughing as well.

"Sorry…" Zac said meekly.

"Nice shot. But if that's how you wanna play." She said darkly, scooping up some snow and forming a ball of her own, throwing it back at Zac, missing only to catch Thackeray square in the face. Everyone stopped laughing.

"Oh, you've done it now." Thackeray said, throwing his own snowball at Curt and hit him in the shoulder.

At that point they were no longer sparing and instead their training turning into an all out snow ball fight. They threw snowballs all at each other, dodging, diving, dipping, and ducking trying to avoid being hit. The cold coming off the frozen lake was bad enough, especially with Curt lacking a shirt, and nobody wanted to get hit. Even Lt. O'Neil and Lt. Thackeray joined in the fight. After about an hour or so they all started to get tired and were losing their breath, the cold finally catching up to them. Thackeray motioned for everyone to stop and come closer. The group of friends, out of breath, dragged their feet over to him, their breath making wisps of vapour in the cold air as they tried to catch their breath.

"I think this has been an interesting teaching experience." He said to them, also out of breath. "Lets go back inside to warm up for a bit from the cold. Change into some new attire and get something to eat. Be back in an hour and then our real training will begin."

"Insert ass kicking intermission here." James said jokingly in between breaths.

"I swear to god James, I'll kick your ass if you don't shut up." Curt snipped.

"Yeah like you did earlier." Zac said laughing. Everyone else joined in the laughter as they walked up to The Eye.

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