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It was bound to happen to one of them sooner or later. They had been out in the cold and snow much too often, they had not been eating properly and had going without a hot bath or real sleep for longer than Scarlett would ever like to admit. But as another wave of nausea passed over her, she wondered just how much longer she could keep quiet about how she was feeling. She pushed an errant strand of fiery red hair out of her face. Thankfully as far as she knew only herself and Roadblock, who was driving the coyote, were awake. Her eyes drifted to her comrades snoozing lightly in their chairs. Duke and Tunnel Rat anyway. Scarlett was aware Snake Eyes was on the floor in a meditative pose at the back of the vehicle…but he was most likely asleep. She rubbed her eyes, wanting sleep as well but it was cold…too cold for her liking. She sniffed and held back a cough.

Her emerald eyes drifted back to the scenery passing by the windows. It had been a pretty sad Christmas for them…New Years too. At least their families would be safe but with the MP's watching their loved ones, she and the rest of the team could never go home and see them again. Not till they cleared their names. It was a fine mess she had caused them all. She sighed as the dark landscape rolled and shaped itself to the light of the headlights. It was almost…hypnotic.

"Scarlett. Scarlett. Yo! Red! Rise and shine, your day to make breakfast." Duke called from the front of the coyote. When had he gotten up? For that matter when has she fallen asleep? And in her mind cold food from a can would never count as breakfast.

"Coffee too, we got a little instant left." Tunnel Rat added turning to her. He narrowed his eyes as he saw her oddly flushed face and gave her a quick look up and down. "You okay there Red?"

Scarlett rubbed her eyes again, god why was it so had to focus this morning. Her mind felt so dreamy, like she was still sleeping. "Yeah….just didn't sleep well." She stood quickly and immediately regretted it as her vision began to darken and go spotty, her knees felt weak. Her body tilted forward off balance as she grabbed for the headrest of the chair in front of her.

"Whoa Scarlett. Seriously I think something is wrong." Tunnel Rat said "But hey what do I know, just the field medic here." Scarlett tried to force a smile as her vision returned. Sarcasm was Tunnel Rat's way of dealing with things, he was worried….he was also loud.

"What's going on back there?" Duke called from the front seat.

"Scarlett almost went down like a new born lamb." Roadblock explained. She frowned.

"I would prefer not to be compared to a farm animals Roadblock, besides I'm fine." To prove a point she stood up straight and tall as she looked towards her comrades. Even Duke had turned to look at her since they were at a stop light.

"Okay I believe you, but I don't think Snake Eyes does." Duke smirked a bit turning his attention back to the road. Scarlett felt her eyes go wide, how could she have forgotten about Snake? She turned but he was no longer meditating in the back of the coyote. He was right next to her and with the quickest of movements his glove covered hand flashed out and pressed against her forehead. Scarlett found herself to shocked to pull away. It lasted only a moment before he broke the touch. Holding up his hand he wagged a finger no-no at her. He then turned to Tunnel Rat.

"Let me guess, she has a fever?" He asked. Snake Eyes nodded in the affirmative. She opened her mouth to protest but Snake Eyes returned his gaze to her and she sighed giving in.

"Guys…" She said addressing them all. " I don't feel well."

And it only went downhill from there.

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