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Snake Eyes moved as stealthy as he could with his injuries. To anyone untrained his movement would look no different than before but if he ran into Storm Shadow now it would be the end of him. He moved slowly keeping in the vents and away from the androids and Bioviper dogs. He had to find his friends and medicine for Scarlett. The latter part was easy. He found the holding room for a variety of medical supplies. After turning off the floor alarms with a throwing star he carefully made his selection. Thankfully Tunnel Rat had written down the name of the antibiotic serum needed. Grabbing a few vials and a clean needle he tucked everything away tight and secure. A sound, footsteps from the hall drew his attention and as quickly as the morning mist he reentered the air vents, disappearing. He was just in time to see a pair of feet got by, a patrol of human soldiers no doubt.

These were the first humans he had seen since they entered the lab and more than likely they had been called in due to the trespassing of the team. Perhaps his friends were alive after all? Snake Eyes followed silently…listening.

"You sure it's not an alarm malfunction from the bad weather? I had to dig through 4 feet of snow to get here." Soldier 1 asked his partner.

"Nah computer indicated a class 1 intruder. Androids reported they captured someone on the lower levels." Solider 2 replied.

"Ooh a class 1 that means they were armed. Any orders on what to do with the intruder yet?" The first man asked.

"Not yet but if it's more of those protesting hippies like last time we'll just shoot them up with LSD so they won't have any idea what was real or not inside here. Ha ha ha."

"Sounds nice, hope one of them is a girl. We could have a little drug induced fun. Maybe see those Bio dogs in action. Ha ha ha."

"Yeah, good thing we have the access cards that lets us by everything. Otherwise we'd be the ones getting torn up."

"Yeah good thing…so you catch the game last night."

As there chatter turned to non vital information Snake Eyes suddenly found himself fighting the urge to get rid of these poor excuses for human beings. But he controlled himself, he would take care of things. After he found out were Duke and Road block were being held.

Back at the farm house…

"What's taking you guys so long?" Tunnel Rat said pacing back and forth in front of Scarlett. She was still unconscious and unaware of his worrying. Her face was flushed brightly and her breathing labored. He was running out of options. He had already ripped the moth eaten window drapes into strips of cloth he could use but…could he really bring himself to do this? I mean the water…she would die without water, he figured even the ninja would have forgiven him for that. Or at least understood he did it to help her. She whimpered in pain again and he touched her forehead. It nearly burned his hand.

Okay…that settled it. With one final check that his friends were not coming up the drive Tunnel Rat slowly began to undress Scarlett. There was no way he could carry her body upstairs for an ice bath to bring down her temperature so he was stuck doing the next best thing he could think of. As gently as he could he undid her shirt and moved it off. Her chest was red as well and her stomach and arms. She needed him to do this. Of course he couldn't help but notice her bra. He was a guy after all. It was white and had a zipper in the front for easy removal and he was sure it was specially padded to protect from a stray shot. "Geez take a picture why don't you." Tunnel Rat chastised himself.

Grabbing the strips of fabric Tunnel Rat went and filled each of them with snow, five little bundles filled with snow in total. Returning to Scarlett's side he began to place the bundles strategically against her bare skin. He could almost feel her sigh with relief. "There you go Red that should feel a lot better." He said covering her with the blanket once more. "Let's just hope your ninja doesn't dice me up for undressing you."

Honestly he was worried. Yes Scarlett was a team mate, yes there were a family but his medic training had only been on other male soldiers. He would never let Scarlett or anyone else on the team suffer but…this whole situation was awkward and reminding him all to clearly that she was indeed a female team member.

Back at the holding cells…

"How long has it been Duke?" Road block asked worry laced in his voice.

"Almost five hours."

"Do you think Scarlett is alright?"

Duke shrugged. "Scarlett's tough and Tunnel Rat won't let anything bad happen to her. We just have to hope that Snake Eyes come through."

Road block nodded and opened his mouth to speak when the sound of a door opening and shuffling foot step drew their attention.

"Alright you're trespassing on…Oh My God it's you! The Joes! Get on the radio to the… Ugh!" Down the first solider went like a ton of bricks. His friend following soon after.

"Snake Eyes? Please tell me you go what we came for." Duke questioned as the ninja used an access card from the fallen guards to open the cell door.

The ninja nodded and the trio hurried out towards the coyote. With the access cards passing the androids and bio dogs was the easy part. Getting back through the snow not so much and took longer than anyone would want. Each minute ticked by like an eternity.

Eight hours…

In total eight hours had pasted since the team had last seen Scarlett. As the coyote pulled up to the dilapidated building they fully expected Tunnel Rat to come rushing out. Only he didn't, instead the place was just as creepy and quiet as the first time they had seen it.

"Not good, inside now!" Duke ordered.

They burst into the door startling Tunnel Rat from the light sleep he had fallen into on the floor next to Scarlett. "Well it's about time!" Tunnel Rat snapped a bit trying to hit his embarrassment that he had fallen asleep, "Please tell me you got the serum?"

Snake Eyes quickly produced the glass vial and needle. Taking them Tunnel Rat filled the needle and pulled back the blanket exposing Scarlett. Duke blushed and turned away. Road Block did the same. As Tunnel Rat picked up Scarlett's arm looking for the vein he felt a large hand on his shoulder. Turning slightly he looked up into the covered face of the ninja; he opened his mouth in an attempt to explain why Scarlett was half dressed. "I…she…I needed to..." But the ninja only patted his shoulder twice and moved away for him to give Scarlett the shot.

As he recovered Scarlett's body, he sat back and the others came over. Ignoring the fact they had seen more of Scarlett then intended.

"Is she…?" Duke asked

"We'll know really soon." Tunnel Rat said softly. They waited a few minutes until…

"Cough cough…what died in my mouth? Cough." Scarlett asked, her voice cracking from disuse.

"Scarlett you're awake!" Duke called as she sat up. The blanket fell from her body exposing her chest and stomach again and before she could even notice Snake Eyes came up behind her and draped the blanket over her securely. She leaned back into Snake Eyes for a moment helping her to his silent strength.

"How long have I been asleep?" She asked rubbing at her throat. Scarlett was slightly confused by the smiling faces of her friends. Hadn't she just gone to bed a little while ago?

"Too long Red, you'll be weak for awhile but you'll be okay now." Tunnel Rat added. Scarlett nodded.

"Guys what happened?" She asked and as Snake Eyes built up the fire again, Duke told her the story of everything that had happened since she had fallen asleep. When he was done she smiled slightly allowing her "family" to see a bit of weakness.

"Thanks guys." Was all Scarlett could say as she quickly wiped a single tear away.

As long as they were all together they would be okay. They would take down COBRA. Everything was going to be fine.

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