In my defense, I can't argue with my bunnies. They want me to write what they want and since they've been dead for almost a month I'm trying to encourage them.

I just saw the movie "Tangled" and my bunnies pondered on a subject that I noticed while watching the movie. An odd way to launch myself into this fandom, but ah well.

Mild spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie and set some time before it. Leave reviews on your way out!

Rapunzel absolutely loves her hair.

It's so long and luxurious and soft and shiny and…oh, she could go on for hours and list off so many adjectives about the long stream of gold that trails after her wherever she walks. It's not for display alone, either, and that's yet another thing she loves; a blanket, a pillow, a rope, a hammock, a whip, and a paintbrush (well, it was before Mother panicked and bought her brushes to paint with, but honestly, she never saw the reason for all the fuss. It washed out in the end, right?) are just a few of the utilities that her hair has served for her before.

It doesn't hurt that it can heal injuries and glows with a soft and warm light when she sings, either.

Right now, though, Rapunzel can't think of any of these positive qualities and instead can only think of the drawbacks: it's almost seventy feet long, it's always getting dragged in the dust and the dirt, it gets caught on protruding objects and between the cracks of the floor, and it's heavy on her poor shoulders. Not to mention it's the reason she's forced to stay up here in this tower all alone while Mother goes out into the world.

At this point, however, she would love nothing better than to grab a pair of shears and simply cut it all off.

Why? Because when she woke up this morning there was this stupid knot that's got half her hair rolled into a giant ball and she's been trying to fix it all morning and her stupid brush is stuck in it and Mother won't be back for hours to help her comb the large, knotted mass of hair out and it actually hurts and…and…ARGH!

Insult is added to injury because Pascal won't stop laughing at her.