I've always loved you

There she was, a beautiful girl who was absolutely beautiful in every way. To her dazzling emerald green eyes to her beautiful pink quills. She's the love of my life and her name is Amy Rose. I'm deeply in love with her because of her amazing personality. She's not even the slightest bit selfish and would rather see all her friends happy while she suffers herself. She's very stubborn (just like me) and can be a bit spiteful, not to mention hot headed. But those are just some of the reasons she's Amy Rose. Sometimes I wish I could tell her how I feel, but I simply can't. I mean, I already know she's in love with me but still. I'm too scared. There have been many times in my life that she's almost died. And it's all because she's my friend. Imagine what will happen if all my enemies knew I was in love with her. Especially Eggman. He'd kill her in a heart beat while I watch helplessly. I couldn't bare the guilt of that. And if she EVER died, I couldn't eve live with myself. Especially knowing she died because of me. For being my best friend, for loving me. So for now I just wait, letting my heart skip 3 beats EVERYTIME I see her. And hopefully I'll be able to tell her….. one day

Well that's my first fic! Plzzz critique! But not 2 hard though :D