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Mysterious Ways

Chapter 32 aka The Comic-Con Adventures of Elf Girl and Ranger Boy

"I just don't know about this, Teddy darling," Bella said to me as she chewed nervously on her fingernail.

"It'll be fine, Buttercup. Mom and Dad will take good care of the kids," I assured her, but even I had to admit I was nervous to be apart from our children this long for the first time.

"Do you think Mom will remember that Luke likes his chocolate milk every morning and that Joy likes to be sung to sleep and that Sam cries if he doesn't have his favorite blanket? Or about how Joy doesn't like oatmeal and Sam doesn't like-"

"Angel wife. Mom and Dad know all of that. It'll be fine."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Let's look at this as a second honeymoon and try to enjoy ourselves. We'll call several times a day to check on the kids. It'll be fine," I said reassuringly, leaning over in my airplane seat to give her a kiss.

She nodded and gripped my hand. "I'll miss our babies, but I'm not gonna lie, I'll enjoy time for just you and me. We don't get that very often, Teddy."

"I know, and I miss you," I said with a sigh.

"Miss me? You see me every day, darling. You're seeing me right now," she said with a giggle.

"I meant I miss just me and you. We need to plan more date nights or weekends and concentrate on just our marriage sometimes."

She shot me a surprised look. "You're right. We'll do that from now on. I love you."

"I love you more. I'm so excited for Comic-Con that I'm almost sick to my stomach," I admitted, and that won me a grin.

"And I didn't even tell you the biggest surprise I have for you," she said with a knowing smirk.

I just gazed at her with wide eyes. "Does it involve you and leather?" I asked hopefully with a thumping heart.

She just held my eyes for a moment and then shook her head. "Uh, well, it doesn't, but me, you, and leather can certainly be arranged. This is better."

"That is not possible," I declared.

She laughed and gave me a quick kiss.

"So, let's go over our schedule. Wednesday night is preview night where we're going to snatch up some exclusives. I've got my eye on that helicarrier from the Avengers. Then-"

"That's what I had my eye on!" I said with a laugh.

"Huh. We'll see who ends up with it," she said with narrowed eyes and a playful smile.

I giggled and leaned over and gave her a kiss. "My Buttercup can have anything she wants. I love you more than Marvel special edition toys."

"Hmm. That's big love there. And I love you more than all my Harry Potter collectibles combined," she declared.

"Wow. You really do love me," I said with a silly grin.

"Oh yes, Teddy darling. Forever," she said with a soft smile and took my hand, slipping her fingers between mine.

"Bella," I said in awe as I gazed at her beloved face.

We just sat there gazing into each other's eyes for a time, resting in our love for each other until Bella sighed.

"Hmm, now, where was I? Oh, yes, Thursday is our dress up day and tour of the exhibits."


She shook her head at me and graced me with an amused grin. Her tolerance for my nerdiness never ceased to amaze me.

"Friday we're in Hall H for the Game of Thrones panel and possibly some other smaller panels for TV shows. Saturday is the big day that we're in Hall H for the Warner Brother's line-up, the last movie of that being The Hobbit."

I was bouncing in my seat by then from excitement.

She giggled and shook her head. "A little excited for that, aren't we, Edwardlicious?"

"Oh, yeah. Peter Jackson will be there!" I said, almost unable to contain my giddiness. I nearly stood up and did the peanut butter jelly dance which most likely would have gotten me arrested by the sky marshal. Best just to confine myself to jumpy seat claps.

Bella was giggling hysterically at me, but her eyes were full of love, so it was all good.

"And…you get to meet him," Bella said and just sat there watching my face.

I stopped bobbing up and down, and my mouth fell slowly open as those words finally sunk in. "Wha-what?" I whispered out.

"You get to meet Peter Jackson, darling."

I just gaped at her, speaking impossible in that moment.

"See, I set it up as a surprise gift for you. That make-up friend of Alice's that does our Halloween make-up every year, Andrea- remember her? Well, she knows Peter. She's working on the Hobbit film. She'll be at Comic-Con, and she offered to introduce us."

I felt love, such overwhelming intense love flow through me, and then I nearly exploded from joy.

"Isabella Marie Cullen, my sweet angel wife, I love you!" I said with much passion and pulled her to me for a tight hug.

She gripped me back and sighed into my neck. "I knew you'd love that, darling, and I'd do anything on this earth to make you happy."

I pulled back and gently held her face in my hands. "You make me happy. All the rest is just icing on my Bella cake."

She giggled as she took my hand and tucked her head under my chin. "No one better than you, Teddy dear. No one," she said happily as I held her against me, and we settled in for a good long snuggle for the remainder of the flight.



Bella looked at me in surprise. "No?"

"No way, Buttercup. I do not share my goddess wife's boobies. Please put on a bra," I begged her.

"Uh, sure, darling." She did some sort of spinning thing trying to unhook the top of her dress, me just watching the Princess Bella Leia carousel and wanting desperately to hop on and take a ride. She finally flung her arms down in frustration. "It was so easy to zip, darn it, but now I can't reach the zipper. Undo me?" she asked.

I nodded and slid my eyes down her body clothed in a Princess Leia body clinging white dress. To say my wife looked hot was an understatement. And braless with her nipples protruding and nearly visible through her white dress...I was already more than half-way hard just looking at them. Yeah, braless was not happening. Those were for me and me only, and I didn't want to be beating up half the nerds at Comic-Con perving over my smokin' hot wife.

She turned her back to me, and I slowly unzipped the top of her dress, unable to resist placing a kiss right on middle of her back. She reached behind her and grabbed my hand, giving it a squeeze, and then she stepped away from me, shrugging the dress off her shoulders and down her arms. She then just dropped it to her waist, the silver belt holding it in place, and nonchalantly walked around our hotel room half naked in search of a bra.

I just stood there like some sort of zombie watching her. Too much. Bella half naked, Bella boobies, Bella dressed as Princess Leia…that was sensory overload and far, far, far too much for this poor man.

Without thinking, I was over to her, my hand on her breast and my mouth glued to hers.

"Edward, Comic-Con…"

It was over when she called me Edward. I already had her lying on the bed, my hand up her dress touching her between her legs. She moaned and wiggled under me and spread her legs wide. Oh, I loved this woman.

She suddenly gripped the vest to my Han Solo costume and yanked me to her roughly. "Fuck me hard, my smuggler. Fuck me good. Show me what a cocky, rebel like yourself can do to a princess."

I nearly came all in my pants at that.

"Fuck, Bella. Sexy time talk? Your dirty mouth, my goddess, so hot. I must have you!" I rasped out and reached down and wrenched my pants open and pulled myself free. I shoved up her dress, and I was soon plunging home in the warm, wet embrace of my love, my perfect wife, my princess. My mouth devoured her breasts as I madly pumped my hips against her.

Bella was yelling wonderful, filthy things as she dug her fingers into my skin, and that in the end was my undoing. My orgasm suddenly was upon me, I unable to hold back under the overwhelming onslaught of making love to the deadly combination of Princess Leia and my dirty girl. I shouted out something- I didn't know what- as I came and then fell against her chest in exhaustion from the power of that orgasm.

Mindful not to crush her with my weight, I rested my head on her shoulder, trying to find my sanity again. Once I sort of did, I tossed my glasses aside, slid down her body and pushed back her legs, opening her wide for me. She needed hers, like I had just got mine. I licked and sucked her, as my fingers worked in and out of her, not caring that my semen was leaking out of her. I found that just to be hotter, if possible. She finally came with a scream and awesome rippling shudders down her body. That was a good one. I felt really proud of myself.

I found my glasses again, sliding them back on so I could see her face and then looked up from between her legs, meeting her eyes with a grin.

"Do we really have to leave the room today?" she asked me, her breathing still uneven and her face all flushed. She looked so, so beautiful right that moment.

"Uh, we don't have to, but I was going to buy you an obscene amount of stuff today."

"We're only sitting in on one panel for sure tomorrow. We could just look at exhibits tomorrow. Today we could"

I pretended to ponder this, but I'd already had the same idea.

"Well, we could. Nope, your man has decided, we will." I shot her an eager, lusty grin, and she answered me with a giggle.

"Come here, Edwardlicious." She held out her arms for me, an invitation I could never resist.

"Already there, Buttercup."

I quickly climbed back up the bed and lay down beside her, pulling her over against me. "Now, it seems I'm holding captive a beautiful princess. Whatever shall I do with her to keep her amused as I wait for the ransom money to be delivered?"

She giggled and then climbed on top of me, straddling my chest. "Hmm. Well. Now, there's an interesting question. Need some ideas, Han?"

I slowly slid my hands up her thighs, shoving her dress up out of the way. I then glided my hands over her hips to her waist and on up where my hands found their homes, clasping and fondling her amazing breasts.

"Uh, I'm good. I have lots of ideas and, um, I can be pretty creative when it comes to you. Now, the question is, are you going to be a good girl, a good prisoner, or a bad girl and make me have to punish you?"

"Oh, I'm never good," she declared with gleam in her eyes.

"Don't I know it," I replied with a grin. "Lucky me," I said as I pulled her beautiful face down to mine for a kiss, and we started all over again, slower this time and no less passionate, but certainly a little more creative.


"He's so handsome!" Bella said and sighed dreamily.

I glanced at the Game of Thrones panel and frowned. Her little obsessive love for the character of Robb Stark had her gazing at Richard Madden with stars in her eyes.

"I wonder if I could meet him. I'm sad Peter Dinklage isn't here. I love how he plays Tyrion."

"I don't think you'll be able to meet him," I said hastily and, well, hopefully.

"Darn," she said and finally turned and gave me her attention. "Jealous, darling?" Her little knowing grin said it all.

"Yeah. Maybe," I said and scuffed my big feet together as I shoved my glasses back up my nose.

She reached over and tucked a long clump of hair behind my ear and then placed a chaste kiss on my cheek.

"My heart, and every other last thing of mine, belongs solely to you, my Edwardlicious. You know that. Or do I need to prove that again tonight in our hotel room?" she whispered in my ear.

I knew that, but I was no fool. I nodded my head and played the shy, insecure boy with her.

"I'm sooo on to you, my dear husband," she said with a laugh. "But I gotta tell ya, winter isn't the only thing that'll be coming later."

I shot her a shocked, but highly amused open-mouthed look, and then we both broke out in hysterical laughter, earning us looks and comments from people around us. I didn't care. She was perfect. My Buttercup was a dirty, dirty girl and perfect.

We finally calmed down, taking each other's hand and turning our attention back to the panel. After it was over, we walked around and looked and spent way too much money. We were in total nerd heaven.

"Don't let me forget to write down that exchange of ours in my diary. Well, I'll leave out the dirty me part," Bella said with a giggle.

"Okay, I won't forget, Buttercup. By the way, dirty you is a great love of mine," I said with a silly grin.

"Ha! I noticed. Did I ever tell you the name for this blog entry for Comic-Con I'm working on?"

"Hmm, nope."

"It's not very original, but I like it. The Comic-Con Adventures of Elf Girl and Ranger Boy. You like it? I can change it if it's too silly."

"I think it's great. Keep the name."

"Okay, I will. This will be such an awesome series of blog updates," Bella said happily.

Bella had discovered blogging, and it had become a great love of hers. Her blog was full of amusing stories about our family life, our crazy in-laws, recipes of her amazing cooking, or just random musings from her mind. It was a true pleasure to read, and I was very proud of her. She had a gift for writing, especially humor, and she had given me yet another reason to be in awe of her. There literally was nothing my wife couldn't do and do well.

I looked around at all the stuff for sale, but I had already bought so much when Bella and I attended the preview night on Wednesday. I grinned widely remembering how we'd got our hands on some sweet special edition action figures.

I thought back to that night, how Bella had grabbed my hand and we made a beeline for the Hasbro booth, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Marvel Universe S.H.E.I.L.D super helicarrier model that was featured in The Avengers. Well, Bella was the one to get it. She'd taken on several big guys to get her hands on one of those. One look from her, and her looks when she meant business could be scary, and they backed off. She really wasn't a woman to mess with. I'd managed to get one of the Star Wars special edition vintage carbonite chamber collectors pack as well. I was very pleased with our successes, to say the least.

On top of that, we had just bought tons of stuff, for us and the kids. We were going to have to ship most of it back home. There was way too much to put on the plane, and I trusted UPS more than I did our airline to get the stuff to our house in one piece.

Bella was on her phone again calling Mom again to check on the kids. She was doing pretty well. That's only her third call today, and it's just noon. She was becoming more relaxed about being apart from the kids.

After Mom she called Alice to check on her other baby Cedric.

"Well, everything okay?" I asked her as she hung up with Alice.

"Yep. The kids are having lunch and then it's playtime before naps." She sighed, and I could hear the wistfulness in that sigh. She hated to be away from our kids.

"We'll be home in two days, Buttercup." She turned to me with a faint smile.

"I know. It's just hard being away from my babies. All my babies."

I took her hand and pulled her against me. "I miss them, too, but I've loved this time with you."

"Oh, me too, Teddy darling. It's been amazing. I'm so excited for tomorrow."

"Not near as much as me. How was Cedric?"

"Oh, Alice declared him feisty and grumpy, apparently in a bit of snit from missing me."

"So, basically, he's still Cedric."

Bella laughed. "Yeah. My sweet, ornery kitty. I told Alice to give him a kiss and to tell him to be a good boy."

"Oh, I'm sure Cedric will love that." Bella giggled at that. "Hey, let's go eat and then head back to the hotel room. We could swim or…watch a movie."

She shot me a side-eyed look knowing what I was about. That had been our make-out time when we were dating, and we didn't get that much anymore since most of movies we watched now were for children that we watched with the kids.

"Hmm. I think I like the movie suggestion."

I pulled her to my chest and gazed down into her brown eyes I loved so much. "Hmm. I think I do as well. Let's get some food, and then I do believe it's goddess time- I mean movie time."

She let out a throaty, sensual laugh that had a man walking by stop and stare at her with wide eyes. I cleared my throat, and he darted my eyes to mine. I shot him a look, he shrugged and with one last glance at Bella he continued on.

"Elf girl, it's dangerous here. I need to get you back to our room and keep you safe from all the bad Orcs here that would try to steal you."

"Oof, my Teddy, being all jealous and protective of me! So hot. Let's go, darling. Your elf girl has things planned for her ranger."

"Leather?" I asked hopefully.

"Now, whatever gave you that idea, Edward?" she asked with a sly look and pulled away from me, walking away with swaying hips. I watched her for a moment, for Bella's sexy walk was surely one of the better things in life. Then, I nearly tripped over my own feet catching up with her, taking her hand possessively and proudly in mine as we headed for the exit.


"Peter," this is Edward Cullen and his wife, Bella. Edward, Bella, this is, of course, Peter Jackson."

I just stood there with my mouth open, and then Bella's meltdown when she met Daniel Radcliffe was nothing compared to mine happening at this moment. A flow of word vomit erupted from my mouth that went on and on, and Peter just watched me with crossed arms and a polite and hopefully amused grin on his face.

Finally, Bella placed a hand on my arm and interrupted my babbling.

"Darling, I don't think Mr. Jackson needs to know that we dressed up as Arwen and Aragorn for Halloween three years ago or, well, any of that other stuff," she said, her voice kind, but her look firm.

"Oh. Sorry. I got a little carried away there. Uh, it was very nice to meet you, Mr. Jackson. And what I really wanted to say, is a huge thank you for bringing books I love to life with such loving care."

He thanked me for loving the movies and declared himself just a big a fanboy of Tolkien as I was. He agreed to a picture with us, signed our poster, then shook our hands and walked away. I turned and sincerely thanked Andrea. Bella gave her a hug and made her promise to come visit soon and hang out with her and Alice.

After she left, I turned to my wife, and we just stared at each other for a moment and then I went "Gah!" and Bella went "Oh, my God!" as we high-fived each other. I then took her hands, and we did some silly bouncing around in a circle dance before I pulled her to me, laughing in joy.

"That was awesome!"

"It was. He's so cool and so nice!"

"Every time I think life can't get any better, it does. Did I make a complete ass of myself?" I asked Bella, afraid of her answer.

"Hmm, no. No more than when I met Daniel Radcliffe. The Jacks is cool, and I think you just highly amused him."

"You know what, Buttercup?"

"What's that, Teddy dear?"

"I love you."

"Aww. And I love you."

"Two thousand, six hundred and thirty-three."

"Hmm. I'm off my game. Gotta be telling you I love you more. The love bank ought to be fuller than that."

I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her close, not caring if anyone was watching as I gave her a tender kiss.

"My love bank is overflowing as it is. You, our kids, our family…how much love I've been given. To ask for more would be tempting fate and just plain greedy."

She shook her head. "No, darling. We're given back what we give in full measure. Be greedy. You have every right to be."

"You know what, Buttercup?"

"What, Teddy?"

"I think you're amazing."

"Not as amazing as you, my sweet husband. Come, let's go spend an obscene amount of money."

I laughed. "We already have."

"Hmm, well, let's go spend some more and then tomorrow we head back home."

"Home. One of the best words in the world."

She nodded. "Except for maybe your name on my lips," she said softly.

I just stood there and gazed at her in wonder, so in love with her, my beautiful, perfect wife. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and slowly nodded my head.

"Yes, except for that," I replied softly.

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