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Dear Glinda

Elphaba hugged her knees to her chest as she sat in the dank cave. She could only be thankful that she was not alone through this.

Fiyero had gathered some fallen branches from the forest and dropped them on the floor of the cave. "I found you some firewood, but you should probably be the one to light it."

She gave a forced smile. After the spell she'd cast to save him, there would be a lot of things he wouldn't be doing anymore, and lighting fires was first on the list. Elphaba didn't mind much, though. She did have a better control over her powers, so she only had to focus and face her palms toward the pile of twigs in order for a fire to spring from their lifelessness.

"Thanks, Elphaba."

She only nodded in response. It had been over a week since they fled from the public view of Oz, but she still couldn't shake her best friend from her mind. How could she, after everything they'd gone through? Memories raced through her mind – no matter how good, no matter how wicked, they were all heartfelt ones that she could recall all too easily, that she could relive again and again.

One of the flying monkeys that had grown very close with Elphaba had insisted on following them when they fled Oz. He sat perched on his legs behind her as she stared blankly at the cave wall. She heard him emit a high-pitched squeak then felt the wind on her back as he flapped his wings – he was giving her an idea.

Elphaba found a bit of paper in the small bag she'd packed and pulled out a pencil. He could get it to her; it was her only hope.

Dear Glinda,

I don't exactly know how to start this letter as there is so much to tell you. First of all, Fiyero and I are alive, though we are not well. We have been living in a state that barely qualifies as living, but at least we have each other.

I miss you terribly. I wanted nothing more than to come after you the night that atrocious little witch doused me in water, but lucky Fiyero was there – he would not let me risk it. We successfully hid until the scene had been cleared and left as soon as we could muster up the strength. We could not tell you for threat of having others realize I had not died. I am dearly sorry and wish I could have told you sooner.

I wish I could have told you. I cannot go back, but if ever you need me, I know where to find you.

You are my best friend and I will never forget you, Glinda.

Sincerely, Elphaba

She had no idea how long he'd been peering over her shoulder, but it must have been long enough to read the letter in its entirety.

"You know you can't send this to her."

"I know."

Fiyero rubbed his itchy hands along her back and snatched the slip of paper from her grasp. "It's beautiful, though."

She sighed, blowing a wisp of her black, stringy hair out of her face. "I wish I could tell her."

He knew how she must feel, but it was the only way both of them could survive. Fiyero tossed the letter into their flame and nodded softly. "Don't think about it; I'm sure she's thinking of you, too."