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Smiling, prompt Psychology.

Fuji took his time observing the other boy in the waiting area of the hospital's psych ward. He really shouldn't be surprised that Yukimura was there. Not after the game he had with Echizen. It was understandable that with so much pressure on a fifteen year old boy would eventually catch up to him and it had not been pretty seeing him break like that. Fuji admitted he'd been scared of the other boy, the way he had spoken to Echizen. It was so full of contempt, his voice, his demeanour, everything. And then there had been the rage that blew up with the realization that it wasn't going to be just another easy win that a twelve year old boy could actually win against the Child of God.

"Fuji-kun," Yukimura spoke in his soft voice that was deceivingly gentle. Deceivingly, when you had seen him play. "How long do you intend to stare at me?" Yukimura looked up and smiled. Fuji returned the smile with his own.

"Until I figure you out," Fuji answered.

"That could take some time," Yukimura answered.

"I don't mind spending it looking at you," Fuji opened his eyes and gave the boy a brighter smile.