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"No, I don't want it!" Ryoma finally lost it and yelled at Horio when the boy kept offering the package to him. It was wrapped in pink paper, and there was a large red bow on it. Ryoma shuddered as he glanced at it again.

"Just take it!" Horio yelled back. "You're being unreasonable Echizen! I already told you, it's not from me. Sakuno-chan gave it to Tomo-chan who gave it to me to give to you. You have to take it or Tomo-chan won't go out with me!"

Ryoma wondered where Horio had gotten the strange idea that helping him get a date was something that would motivate Ryoma to do anything. "No," he said, again.

"Echizen!" two voices yelled at the same time and Ryoma turned his back on Horio to face the other yeller and saw Atobe standing before him with his tennis bag.

"You're coming with me," Atobe said and Ryoma responded with a,

"Usu," and followed Atobe as he lead them away from the school.

He ignored the whining "Echizeeen!" that came from behind him. A tennis match with Atobe was just what he needed to rid himself of the annoyance Horio had caused with his constant demands.

After ten minutes of walking, Ryoma started wondering what court Atobe was taking him to. They'd already passed two of them.

Ten more minutes of walking in silence and they arrived at the park. Maybe there was a court there that Ryoma hadn't heard of? Or they were taking a short cut through the park. That must be it.

So when Atobe stepped off the path and walked on to the grass Ryoma didn't question him and simply followed. When Atobe finally stopped under a tree Ryoma looked around, looking for a tennis court.

"Aren't you going to sit?" Atobe asked and Ryoma looked down to see Atobe sitting on a blanket that was laid on the ground, taking two bentos from a basket.

"What's this?" Ryoma asked.

"Lunch. Sit," Atobe ordered.

Ryoma sat across Atobe still looking for the absent tennis court. "But, tennis?" Ryoma asked.

"No tennis, just lunch," Atobe said and stuffed a rice ball in Ryoma's open mouth. "Close your mouth, chew and swallow," Atobe instructed, and still feeling a little confused at the absence of a tennis-court, Ryoma complied. "You should like it. The cook assured me these are the finest rice balls he has ever prepared."

"So, no tennis?" Ryoma asked and Atobe just shook his head. "You got me from school just for lunch?"

"Yes," Atobe smiled and waited for the explosion. When it didn't arrive he looked questioningly at the boy.

"You'd better have brought Ponta," Ryoma said.