Sam looked up to his big brother he always had and always would, sure there family wasn't like others and it was true they had no mother, and after the fire that had taken her life they had no permanent address and he never would the only time he did was when he was at Stanford but then that had been short lived.

The main focus of his life was his brig brother, not his father who at every point he would argue against and find a reason to hate him for reason he didn't know but still it helped him cope with how they lived. Not staying in a place to long, always on the road never stopping to long to make friends, to make a new life to have a solid home. All he knew was motels the only thing he ever trusted and believed in was his big brother Dean.

Dean, he is all he ever wanted to be. Sure he aint that smart but he's good looking, he's funny, charming, dads always happy with him, well most of the time, which is much more than he is with Sam. When dads away Dean lets him stay up late, he lets him watch certain things on TV, he talks to him like an adult, he trusts him with secrets. Pretty much he is everything he ever wanted to be.

Even all these years later it's still the same. He might not show it like Dean but he still has nothing but unconditiontal love for his brother, sometimes he finds himself jealous of him, he doesn't mean to it just happens. Which was the case tonight, they were meant to be doing some research on the local history but Dean had ended up checking out the local bar, well more importantly a certain bar maid by the name of Delta, she was quite hot.

It was never him they always fell for Dean, his charm add his looks equals a win win situation, it was a good thing he never took any of them on dates as surely his eating habits would send them running for the hills. If not then his epilepsy might.

As long as Sam had known his brother he had been epileptic. When their mother had been alive they had made sure he was never alone and that he was always with someone who knew what to do in case of the worst case scenario. But since she had died that had gone to, John couldn't sit in every night and make sure that Dean was ok or check that the person looking in on his kids knew what to do. Instead he had given Dean the strict instructions that if he didn't feel right he should go lie down in bed and wait for him. Well this hadn't worked out that well as John had found out.

Pulling the Impala into he motel car park his stomach dropped, the whole place was awash with flashing blue lights, he hope that Dean was asleep so that the lights wouldn't set him off, so far the Doctors had him on a drugs regime that was working and he didn't want anything to mess with it. However as he pulled further in and headed to the parking spot outside his room he noticed that an ambulance had taken the spot.

He heard Mary's voice loud in his head, you don't leave him alone. Promise me John. Sorry Mary. He didn't double check his parking just slammed on and rushed out towards the open door of their motel room. Sammy was stood just outside in his PJ's crying. He couldn't focus on him right now it was Dean he needed to see, pushing past Sam he ran into the room and was confronted by a scene of mayhem.

Dean was lying in the recovery position on the floor. There was blood on the carpet and on his head. Johns eyes immediately betrayed him and let tears run down his face. The two paramedic working on his son looked up, one then went back to work the other spoke. His voice was almost harsh but calming at the same time.

' You must be Dad. Look it aint as bad as it looks, Dean must have cut his head on the table and its caused a bit of a mess is all. Your other son Sam was the one who rung us. Look there both gonna be ok but we need to get Dean to hospital ASAP. Were gonna load him up now. Do you want to come with us or are you going to follow.'

Johns mouth had gone bone dry. All he wanted to do was pick his baby boy up and cuddle him and tell him everything was going to be alright. Finally he said he would follow. He watched helplessly as they loaded Dean into the back of the ambulance and drove off into the night.

Turning to Sam he picked him up and put him the passenger seat, he was angry but worried at the same time. It must have been bad for Sam to ring an ambulance he knew not to ring unless the seizure lasted longer than 5 minutes or that if Dean had another seizure straight after the first. The only other reason was that if Dean was injured and had not woke up.

Sam was crying in the passenger seat.

'He's gonna be ok. What happened Sammy.'

In between tears and breaths John managed to make out the story of what had happened. Sam had woke up and because Dean was not in the bed next to him he had wondered into the living area of the motel room. He had found Dean face down on the floor having a seizure and there had been blood. Sam had panicked and rang an ambulance. Although every part of John wanted to shout at him how could he when he had told him that if he thinks Dean is injured to ring them, and to Sam the blood had been enough. He patted his thigh with his free hand and offered his youngest a smile.

'He's gonna be ok.'

All these years later and them four words still rang through Sams head. Although sometimes he wasn't sure, he still liked the fact that every now and then and when he needed it, he could hear his father's voice, not like he would admit that to anyone least of all Dean.

He was sat on the bed when he heard the room door go, looking at his watch he rolled his eyes, Sometimes he felt like the older disapproving brother, when in fact he was the younger disapproving brother. Dean was meant to be helping with the research on local haunting. Only problem was Dean was Dean and he had found himself with many spirits just not the ones they hunted but most defiantly the ones he drank. Not to mention the appealing Delta.

Sam watched in almost disbelief as a rather inebriated Dean managed to shut the door and then slid down it. Catching Sams eye he smiled and giggled to himself before trying to get back up, only to find that gravity wasn't his best friend at this precise moment in time.

Great this is just what Sam needed tonight a drunk Dean to contend with, and what was worse then Dean being drunk was Dean being drunk and finding everything that Sam did highly amusing. He watched Dean make a few more attempts at getting up, each time failing before he ventured over and helped him get up.

'You gotta lay off the bacon cheeses jerk.' Sam said as he finally managed to pull Dean to a somewhat unstable standing position.

'Take it easy Francis.' This seemed to be highly amusing to Dean, who was in a major laughing fit much to the slight annoyance of his little brother. Who for some reason was guiding him to his bed. He felt himself sit down, he scooted up the bed so he was in a sitting position but his head was rested on the wall behind him.

Sam was stood over him shaking his head. Great he thought how to kill my mood that face. That face Sam always pulled when he didn't approve of Deans antics. Oh well he thought might as well get the lecture out of the way now. Sam had defiantly took the lecture stance, his hands paced firmly on his hips a stern look upon his face.

'Dean what the hell do you think your playing at?'

'Well I thought I was doing research. I checked out the bar.' He stiffelled a giggle.

'Not just the bar but its contents and the barmaids.'

'What can I say perk of the job.' That was it he couldn't hold it in any longer he broke into fits of laughter.

'Well I'm glad you did, you see while you were researching or whatever you call it. I happened to have a little visit from the ghost we've been hunting. Taking it you didn't notice the bruise on my head, god what am I saying how man of me can you see at the moment?'

'Well theres you and then theres you, possibly another you.'

Figuring there was no point continuing this as Dean was in rather drunken state Sam gave up and sat on his bed. Dean was still laughing as Sam closed his eyes, then a noise he hadn't heard in while jolted him awake. That noise that made all the hairs on the back of his neck stand on edge, making his stomach drop and him utter up a pray that, please god let him be ok.

Instinct took over and before he actually registered what he was doing, Sam found himself turning a rigid Dean on his side and counting, it wasn't long before Dean's body was jerking uncontrollably as the seizure took over.

Sam hovered over him watching, feeling like he often did extremely helpless. He knew there was pretty much nothing he could do bar make sure Dean was alright and there was nothing around him he could hurt himself on. The seizure was calming, Dean finally became still. Sam perched at the top end of the bed and stroked Dean's hair, talking calmly to him. He let his eyes check Dean over thankfully he hadn't wet himself this time. Last time that had happened Dean hadn't spoke to him for three days.

He sat there at the top of the bed just waiting for Dean to make a movement or groan just do something. After 15 minutes Sam noticed Deans left hand moving towards his face.


'Hey Dean its ok, you're ok you just had a seizure. Take it easy.'

'M'kay.' With that silence followed as dean fell asleep and Sam spent the rest of the night perched at the top of the bed watching him.

At some point he must have fallen asleep as daylight was now streaming in through the windows. His body was aching he guessed this probably had something to do with the way in which he must have slept. His eyes found Dean who was still asleep just slightly turned, he must have moved in his sleep.

Stretching Sam got up and headed back to his bed. Figuring that the research was going to have to wait and so was the hunt; they were now officially on a day, if not a few days off. As he sat down he placed his head back so that it was leaning against the wall, much the same as Dean had done the following night. He closed his eyes and let his thought engulf him.

Dean slowly opened his eyes, god his jaw ached, and his tongue, come to think of it pretty much all of him was aching. He felt the dull throbbing in his head, shit this was a hangover and a half. He hadn't had that many, well he didn't think he had had that many. The only time he felt like this was usually after a. No it was nothing more than a hangover. He straightened out and turned onto his back, he turned his head so that it was facing Sams bed.

Sam was stretched out full length, his eyes shut. He looked so peaceful. Dean smiled to himself and then winced in pain as his mouth exploded, to be more precise his tongue and left cheek.

'Sam wakey wake!.'

He watched as Sam jumped awake and searched the room with his eyes before they came to Dean. Seeing that Dean was awake he put his head back on the pillow.

'How you feeling?'

'Not to hot Sammy, got myself one hell of a hangover.'

Oh no something wasn't right, Sam had sat up and turned to face him, Dean didn't like this, this was never a good sign, plus he had his regular Sam bitch face on. Shit he was in trouble, how much had he drunk, even worse what had he done when he got back, come to think of it he couldn't remember leaving the bar.

' Dean you had a seizure last night.'

The realisation washed right over Deans face. That hurt Sam he could see his brother now trying to piece together last night's events, which both of them knew was impossible Dean never remembered his seizures or much about the time leading up to them or after them. Sam watched as Dean looked up at the ceiling lost in his thoughts. Sam knew better then to interrupt him he had done that once and it hadn't ended nicely.

Rather than pushing the matter Sam got up and headed over to the table, grabbed Deans pills out of his bag and a bottle of water from his own bag then passed them over. Dean brought his eyes to Sams, pulled a face and sat up, he took both the water and pills off Sam and took two pills together with a swig of the water.

' Right so whats the plan monkey man.'

Sam rolled his eyes even after a night like that Dean was still a hunter.

'Well the plan is for you to rest up and I'll go get us some lunch.'