Sam pulled up at the kerb and looked up at the house, to be fair it looked like most of the houses on this street just a little unloved. But if his research had proven right it would mean that no one had spent more than a couple of nights there. Mind you most of the places that people would class as haunted wouldn't be. Over his time on the job it always came as a surprise when the house was a stereotypical looking haunted house, and the occasion they had visited them had been few and far between. He checked the road making sure no one was coming and got out going to the trunk. Looking over his shoulder, it felt odd without Dean been next to him pulling his things out the back and then heading off together. Still Dean was safe and asleep, it wouldn't take him long to get this job done. Checking one more time just in case he took out the pump action and a book of salt shells and quickly stored them in the front of his jacket, closing the trunk as quietly as possible he walked up the path.

The garden at some time in its life had been loved and also it had been tended lately as well, it wasn't over grown or full of weeds just a bit unruly, it was almost as if the owner had gone away on holiday. He had to give the house something it did have a presence about it, it was quite thick that straight away he understood why people would try and avoid it. Overall the place had a distinct air of depression and it was consuming. Taking a deep breath he tried the door, it opened.

Inside was much the same as outside it looked as though the owner had simple gone away. Although the last full time owner of the property had been Elizabeth it seemed as though even the would be thieves and looters weren't stupid enough to touch the place or the things that had been left inside. Hopefully he would be able to find whatever it was that was keeping her here and send her off.

God this would have been quicker if he had hot wired a car but no, that wasn't going to happen any time soon. He had driven in the past on dirt roads in the middle of no where with his dad beside him in the passenger seat. But he had never driven on the roads, well bar the one time he had thought it would be a great idean to take the Imapala for a spin in the middle of the night. He had thought that both Sam and hid dad were asleep, they were both up waiting for him when he got back. the lecture he ahd received that night had stayed with him ever since.

John had sat him at the table, Sam was already sitting his head down, dam even back then he was good at avoiding eye contact at certain times.

' Juts what in the hell do you think your playing at, well answer me. No. Nothing to say on the matter. Where do you want me start Dean, with how stupid youve been. After all I have done to keep you safe and you go and do something this stupid. What would your mother think. I know you want to drive but that aint gonna be happening until the meds are working right until then your rideing shotgun buddy. Do you have any idea of what could have happened if you had had a seizure at the wheel, well do you. You could have killed someone, you could have killed yourself and all for what. This stupid need to prove something. Just what is it your trying to prove.'

'I just wanted to drive her dad, on my own.' Hopeing this would be the end of it Dean had glanced at Sam, whose head had risen somewhat but still his eyes looked down. Dean could feel how awkward he felt. Sam had been driving what two years now and his older brother was getting laid into for taking the car for a quick spin. To be truthfull the consequences of what could have happened had rushed threw his head but he had taken odds that most people would be ion bed and there wouldn't be many cars out at this time. God all he wanted was to feel what it was like to driver her alone.

'Dean I understand that and when the meds are working it will be the first thing we do. But until then you aint driving anywhere got it.' Dean nodded his head and felt shame and anger rush threw him.

Just the sign he was looking for he turned onto Ceader and began to jog. He had never been able to gain his licence, sure he had fake ones printed out and they were good quality they would pretty much fool most of the authoritys. But he wasn't prepared to take the risk of what if. He had made it pretty much half way up before he slowed for a minuete then picked up his speed again. finally he reached the end of the street. The last house on the left, it looked just like any other house on the street. In fact he had exactly the same thourgths on the places as Sam had. The imapala was parked neatly at the kerb, checking over his shoulder he made his way up the path. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and although he would never admit this to anyone he could feel the slight hint of apprehension rising in him. Taking a deep breath he pushed on the front door.

It opened easily, he was rather thankfull for that the last thing he wanted to waste time doing know was picking the lock to an old house.

'Sammy?' his voice carried through the house, a strangled cry responeded but he couldn't quite figure were it was coming from, till he heard it again and charged the stairs. There was a small landing and three shut doors. He kicked at the first one and the crys got louder. The room was empty.

The next room was far from empty, the door gave way to his kick quite easily, as it opened he saw Sam pinned to the far wall next the window surrounded by a, he couldn't quite believe his eyes, it was most defiantly a shadow. He could tell from the outline that it was a woman, thee way the shadow flared out at the waist was what gave her away.

'Hey there do you two need a minuete.' He couldn't quite tell if she turned to look at him but Sam seemed to slide a bit down the wall, so she had defiantly let go of her grip on him. A short wave of relieaf rushed through Dean as the shadow drew nearer to him. She didn't rush in fact it appered she was takeing her time. He quickly glanced threw her and saw Sam lieing on the floor coughing and wheezing.

A coldness griped him around his throat, it seemed to be tightening aswell as the coldness rushed threw his body. Breathing became harder from both the pressure and the cold. All he could see in front of him was a black mass. He could feel his breaths becoming shorter and more rushed as her grip tightend. Kicking out did nothing, how could it but still he tried. The black mass seemed almost to be looking him the eye or at least that was the idea he was getting. He tried to focus but it was becoming harder and harder. Then nothing.

Sam felt his stomach drop as he saw Sean slide down the wall his eyes exposing only the whites. The showdown hung over him, almost hovering. A dull pain exploded down his back as he rushed to get up.

'Hey.' He couldn't be sure but he was pretty certain that the attention of the shadow was now firmly on him, he couldn't tell if it had turned but it was defiantly moving towards him. Crouching down he found the shot gun he had dropped. The shadow was almost upon him by the time he stood back up.

It towered over him, almost looking down on him, he cocked the gun and shot. For a few seconds it seemed to do nothing and Sam could feel his heart racing, then with an almighty shriek the shadow ripped in half and vanished. He steadied his breathing and ran his hand through his hair pushing it back.

He knelt down beside Dean and checked he was breathing, there was a bruise starting to form on his neck but at the moment this wasn't a major concern the main thing was Dean was breathing and they could get the hell out of here.

Dragging Dean up, god he needed to lay of the double cheese burgers he semi carried him out of the house, lay him down on the back seat. Got in the front and drove off.

He was moving he was sure of that but couldn't figure out how, opening his eyes he found himself in the back of the Impala. Slowly he sat himself up and rubbed at his neck, his throat was sore and so was his head.

'Sammy?' god his voice was croaky.

'Dean, jus lie down well be back at the motel in a few. Get some rest.' He couldn't decipher whether Sam was annoyed or concentrating. Deciding it was probably best to not wind him up this time Dean sat back and closed his eyes.

'Dean, you ok were back come on.'

The room looked the same as before, mind you rooms like this never changed apart from when the cleaner had been in. But they always left the do not disturb sign on the door. He walked over to his bed and lay down on it, closing his eyes.

He felt the mattress go down at the left corner that could only mean one thing, Sam had perched himself on it and was probably going to spend the entire night there. dean opened his eyes, god it must have been a rough one Sam looked exhausted.

'Sammy, get some sleep.'