I'm hot.

There are no other words to describe me. Some people might say I'm cocky or overly confident for just coming out and saying it, but I know I'm the hottest girl in Forks High School… ok, one of the hottest girls.

I'm about five- seven, hour glass figure, size C breasts and an ass to die for. My hair comes about down to my waist, it's brown with just a hint of red in it when the sun hits it just right. And my eyes, let's just say you can get lost in the depth of my brown eyes.

My only competition in the beauty department is one of my best friends, Rosalie Hale. Rose is about two inches taller than me, a cup size bigger than me, her hair naturally blonde and wavy, and the blue of her eyes is awe inspiring.

You might think that we would naturally be enemies, because we are each other's competition, but instantly we just clicked. I guess it's because we both had to deal with the burden of being beautiful all of our lives, the looks, the jealousy, the unwanted attention and harassment. It's just nice to have someone who can relate.

My other best friend is Alice Brandon. Now don't get me wrong, Alice is freaking beautiful, just in her own way. Alice is a short little something, about four foot ten and comes almost up to my shoulder. She has cropped and spiky hair, a petite frame, and the most magnificent complexion a girl would ask for.

We make up the "It" group at Forks High. Everyone wants to look like us, be like us, or be our friends. We're not stuck up or anything, it's just most of the time we're so caught up in our own little world, that we rarely pay attention to the things around us. The only thing that can penetrate our little bubble is our equally hot and confident boyfriends.

Edward is the high school's star quarterback. Emmett is his older, yet adopted, brother. Growing up in the same house or not, they couldn't be more different. Emmett is huge, the first time I saw him after I moved to Forks I was terrified. But after I got to know him, it became fairly obvious that he couldn't even hurt a fly, with his adorable dimples and his short curly hair. Edward is not as tall as Emmett nor as muscular but he's perfect. His body is magnificent; his hair an unmanageable disarray of copper and his eyes the most amazing shade of green. And Jasper is just Jasper. He's tall, muscular, blonde hair, blue eyes, and has the sweetest personality ever.

So as me and my girls are sitting in the hell hole that is the Forks High cafeteria on Friday, we don't even notice as our guys come and sit with us until Emmett's booming voice almost gives us a triple heart attack.

"So Jazz is coming over this weekend to stay with me and Edward. You girls don't mind that we'll all be there on your little bi-weekly girl's night?" Alice is Edward and Emmett's mother, Esme's, god daughter. Alice's mother passed away a few years ago from cancer, and one of her last wishes was to have her best friend raise her daughter. So now Alice lives in a house with Edward and Emmett.

As the three of us exchange a pointed look, Alice replies "Why does it have to be this weekend? You know we do this every two weeks, why can't you guys wait until next weekend?"

"Well mom and dad will be out of town this weekend for dads medical conference, and we don't understand why you girls have to have your little night every two weeks, or why you always have to have the house to yourselves when you do. But we're not gonna change our plans just because you girls have some major secret to keep" says Edward with a smirk.

Ok, so I know he was just joking, but my heart skipped a little when I thought about what would happen if he just so happened to find out that there actually is a major a secret, and I started to sweat just a little thinking about the reaction he might have, or all of the boys for that matter.

For about four months now me and my two best friends have be fucking. It's not that our boyfriends can't do the job right, but this is fun and new, with just a hint of danger.

Playing it off I said "There is no huge secret, it's just easier to be ourselves and do whatever we want to, without having to worry about an audience."

"Audience?" Emmet said, quirking up his eyebrow "Oh the things that run through my mind when you mention the three of you and an audience." He didn't even see Rosalie's hand as it shot out to smack him really hard on the back of the head.

"OW! I was just kidding"

"Well don't."

"Fine," and he stuck out his bottom lip into the most adorable pout, I knew she wouldn't be able to stay mad at him for too long. So I wasn't surprised when she kissed his lips tentatively while rubbing the spot she'd hit him in just a few minutes ago.

Later on when me, Rose, and Ali were walking to Ali's Porsche we discussed what we were going to do.

"Well we could always postpone, and just do it on our next girl's weekend"

"Are you kidding? I'm so sexually frustrated I can't wait another week, let alone two!" I said, my voice going up a few notches.

"Well if we do this we'll just have to extra quiet. My parents won't be there of course, but you know the boys are probably gonna try and be nosey." Alice said.

"Well we'll just have to make sure they are thoroughly distracted before we start" suggested Rose.

"Great. Sounds good to me" I said, feeling appeased, as we all got into the car.

We stopped by my house and then Rose's house so we could pick up everything we would need for the weekend. When we pulled into Ali's driveways we all hopped out and went straight to her room. We had been there for at least an hour when we heard the front door slam and voices floating up the stairs.

We sat and continued talking and gossiping for at least another hour before Alice stood up to go and check and see what the boys were doing. While she was down stairs me and Rose were talking about our plans for tonight.

"I can't wait, I wouldn't doubt the second one of you touches me I'm gonna come undone" I said with a laugh.

"Well then let's not keep you waiting" Rose said as she started moving across the bed.

Her lips touched mines then, and I couldn't stop myself from moaning. Her hands ran down my torso, where she fingered the hem of my shirt, silently requesting permission to take it off. I lifted my arms as an answer and she quickly lifted it over my head, our lips only loosing contact for the briefest second.

She palmed my breast through the lace material of my bra, and ran her hands down my sides until she reached my hips where she pulled my sex towards her. Her hands left a fiery trail on my upper body, and left me panting. I had just undone the button on her jeans and was about to pull down her zipper when we heard footsteps coming up the steps. We both froze and held our breath.

When the door swung open and Alice stepped into the room we both let out our breaths simultaneously.

"You started without me" she said with the most adorable pout on her face.

"Well don't just stand there, come on and join" Rose said.

As Alice took off her shirt and pants and made her way across the room, I finished taking Rose's pants off and I started placing soft kisses in a trail down her body. I had just unhooked her bra when I felt Alice's hand running up my body. I started sucking on her nipple ferociously. I whimpered around her nipple as Alice palmed my breast and then forced her hand under the wire of my bra to twist my nipple.

Rose was writhing underneath me and my panties where drenched. She shifted her position so that she could give Alice some pleasure. I heard her sharp intake of breath, and the sound of Rose's growl as she put her hand down Alice's underwear. She started sucking on my right breast to muffle the sounds of her cries as Rose finger-fucked her relentlessly. She came sucking so hard on my breast that I nearly came myself, the pain of it all turning quickly into pleasure.

She released my breast from between her lips, as she caught her breath. She started kissing down my body so I knew what was coming next. I gripped Rose's hips and flipped her into the right position so I could taste her. I knew we were trying to be quiet, and if I was about to have Alice's talented tongue between my legs, I needed to have something in my mouth, and what better than the delicious pussy of Rosalie Hale.

As soon as Alice's tongue ran up my sloppy slit I plunged into the delectable smelling cunt in front of me. Alice slipped her tongue into me as I circled Rose's clit. I sucked on her swollen nub, and Alice shoved two fingers inside of me. It was becoming too much, too fast. Being finger and tongue fucked while having the most delicious cunt in my mouth had me on the edge. Alice curled her fingers inside of me hitting my G-spot, and she started moving her hand in an up and down motion, hitting that spot over and over. I know what happens when someone does that, and I felt it building inside of me. I don't think she realized what she was doing to me, and I was trying to warn her to stop, but Rosalie had my head in a death grip. She held my head so tight to her pussy, grinding her sex on my tongue over and over. I was trying to talk around her pussy but the vibrations of my voice just made her grind faster and harder.

I knew I was about to squirt all over Alice's face, and it was going to be wet and hard. I have only squirted once before and it was the most intense orgasm of my life. I had screamed that time, so I'm pretty sure I would scream this time, but I knew I couldn't. So as the orgasm started washing over me I clamped down hard on Rose's clit and sucked for dear life, if I focused all of my attention on her pussy I wouldn't scream.

I felt the juices starting to squirt out of me, all over Alice, startling her. My whole body tensed and I squirted so far and hard, I'm pretty sure I got the floor wet. I heard screaming, but I knew it wasn't me, that was the whole point of filling my mouth with Rose. That's when I realized it was Rose screaming. She was coming HARD all over my face. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the headboard holding on as if she would fall into another universe if she let go. I'm pretty sure I just gave her the most intense orgasm of her life.

As I came down and stopped sucking on Rose's clit so she could come down too, I heard I very distinct "OH FUCK!"

That's when me, Rose, and Alice all turned or heads to see all of our boyfriends standing in her doorway with raging hard-ons. I know I should have been shocked, or scared, maybe even a little embarrassed, but all I could see is stars. My body was limp and I was breathing hard and I just didn't have it in me to care. But then I felt my body being lifted over, who I could only assume was Edward's shoulder.

I heard him growling and I figured he was furious, then he threw me down on his bed and I saw the look in his eyes. Pure anger mixed with lust. I don't know why but I'm pretty sure I got ten times wetter. He stuck his hand between my legs and groaned at the feeling of how sloppy wet I was. As he was pulling his hand back up towards my torso, he grazed my clit, and I nearly came again,a shudder passing through me as my back arched off the bed.

He started sucking on my neck, and palming my breasts whispering things in my ears, all of which were just turning me on more and more.

"I can't believe you fucked my Alice and Rose, as punishment I'm going to fuck you until you scream my name over and over again and beg me to stop."

As he said that he thrust his fingers inside of me, curled them, and started rubbing my clit frantically. I was already so sensitive from my previous orgasms that I came again squirting all over his bed and screaming his name. I was breathing hard and I couldn't slow it down. That was my second orgasm in nearly ten minutes and by the look in his eyes I could tell he was far from done.

He kissed his way down my body and starting sucking on my inner thigh. I don't know how or why but I came again, I think it had something to do with the erogenous zones we discussed one day in sex-ed. He kissed up my inner thigh and kissed the outer lips of my pussy, I thought maybe he was rethinking this whole "punishment" thing because he just lay there for a while. When I started to relax he plunged his tongue in my wet heat. He started tongue fucking my pussy and then licked his way up to my clit. I figured he had waited a few minutes to let me calm down, because if he'd done that a few minutes ago I would have came the minute his tongue touched my swollen nub.

He licked and sucked and sucked and licked and by the time he was done I had came two more times. What does that make it now five? Wow, five orgasms, four of them at the hand (and tongue) of my boyfriend who I have been sexually neglecting for the past four months. Don't get me wrong I love having multiple orgasms, but my pussy is getting extremely sensitive.

I lay in a daze for a minute. I assume there is nothing short of a humongous wet spot on his sheets from the amount of juices I felt seeping out of my body. I lolled my head to the side trying to gauge if he was anywhere near being done. Somewhere in my post orgasmic haze, he had removed his pants and shirt. His dick was so hard it could have hammered a nail, and it was straining against his boxers begging to be set free. I know that must be painful, and he must be ready for his own release by now.

As if he could read my thoughts, he got on the bed and kneeled between my legs. I know what's coming, but before I could ask him for a few more minutes he thrust into me viciously. He was thrusting so hard I knew I was going to have bruises on my inner thighs tomorrow. After about his third thrust I was convulsing around him, screaming and begging him for mercy. I know I am going to have I difficult time walking tomorrow…if I can walk at all. If I made it out of this with any feeling between my legs I would never have sex with Rose and Alice again.

If I listen closely I can her Alice down the hall screaming at Jasper telling him she was too sensitive and she couldn't take anymore. In the room next to Edward's I hear the head board banging against the wall as Emmett is growling at Rose "I can go forever baby so you might as well suck it up." I feel the worse for Rose because I know Emmett has an insatiable sexual appetite and I know she is in for a long night of punishment.

Another orgasm pulls my mind back to my body. I start squirting around his dick this time, screaming his name, telling him I'm sorry and that it'll never happen again.

"What, am I not enough for you?" he growls through clenched teeth. "Were you so displeased with our sex life that you had to run off to my Alice and Rose? I don't know why you want me to stop anyway; I'm giving you what you want. Isn't pleasure what you want Bella?"

I can't answer him right away because I'm taken over by another orgasm. When it passes, I am basically crying trying to him telling him that I'm sorry and that he is more than enough. I tell him that it was just fun and new and dangerous and it will never happen again, just please stop.

With a few more HARD thrusts he releases inside of me. Those last thrusts sent me spirally into another orgasm and I screamed like I was being murdered before I passed out. When I woke up it was nine in the morning. The bed was empty next to me, so I just lay there thinking.

I can't believe what happened last night. We were caught. We were caught and punished, and it was the best and worst night of my life. 9 orgasms! You would think being able to have that many orgasms in a night would be a dream come true, but hell no! Especially when you're being punished, you're sensitive, and you aren't given anytime to recuperate between them.

I wonder if Alice and Rose suffered more or less than me and decide I should really go check on them. As I sit up I feel the throbbing between my legs, alerting me to the abuse it suffered. I stand up and my legs wobble, I barely catch myself on the bed before I hit the floor. I try again and this time I am able to stay standing.

I make my way to the room next to Edward's, walking like I have a horse between my legs. I open Emmett's door slowly after I checked to make sure I didn't hear any noises coming from behind it. I was a little shocked at the sight I found myself looking at. Rose was laying butt naked, spread eagle, the inside of her thighs bruising with the evidence of our collective assaults last night. I walked over to her slowly, because I couldn't move any faster, and I shook her awake. She looks at me like she's scared I'm Emmett coming to finish the job but I soothe her and tell her we should go to Ali's room so we can all talk.

We walk slowly down the hall. She seems to be having just as much trouble as, if not more than, me walking. We go to Alice's door and listen like I did at Emmett's. When we're sure the coast is clear we go in a sit on her bed, waking her up softly. Once she's awake and we are all sitting I start.

"Was it as bad for you guys as it was for me?"

"Oh my gosh I can't believe Jasper did that. He was relentless, orgasm after orgasm; he pounded into me so hard I have bruises on my inner thighs."

"So do we. I think mine's are the worst though because Emmett is stronger than Edward and Jasper put together."

"Yeah Edward was furious. He said he was just giving me what I wanted….pleasure."

"Emmett said if I didn't think he was good in the sack, why didn't I just tell him instead of running off with you guys"

"So did Jasper. I had never seen him so angry. He's never talked to me like he did last night."

"Edward too. "

"Is it wrong for me to say it was the best sex of my life though?" Rose whispered.

I laughed because I could totally agree. "No, because that's exactly how I feel, I just don't want to vocalize that to the boys, with the bruises I have between my thighs. I won't be able to walk right for days."

"True," Alice said.

Rose opened her mouth to say something, but interrupted when we heard three sets of footsteps walking up the stairs. We all tensed, and then the door burst open.

"I know you guys aren't doing what I think you're doing. Do we need a repeat of last night?" Emmett asked with a quirk of his eyebrow.

The horror was overridden by the pure lust that crossed our faces, and the boys must have not missed it.

"Oh my god they liked it!" Jasper exclaimed

Edward growled, "You were not supposed to like it, it was a punishment for betraying our trust."

I looked at him from under my eyelashes, and I saw as his breath hitched "But you fucked me so good and hard, Edward, and I loved every minute of it. You made me scream your name, and squirt all over your dick. How could I not like it?"

I heard his breathing increase and saw his dick getting hard. This was my own form of payback for the bruises between my thighs.

I licked my lips and gave the girls a pointed look telling them to join in.

"Em, you know I love it when you fuck me so hard. You almost drove the bed through the wall between yours and Edward's room. Too bad you didn't though, we could have joined them, and I might have gotten to taste some of those delicious juices that Edward made squirt out of Bella."

Two down….We looked at Alice.

"Aww Jazz, you didn't like seeing my head buried between Bella's legs with her juices dripping down my chin? You interrupted me before I could taste Rose, but I bet she would have been delicious. She'd probably be even better if I had you pounding my pussy from behind…"

All three of the boys were standing there dicks hard as rocks, eyes lidded with lust. And then me, Alice and Rose looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"You actually think we would fuck in front of you with the beatings you all gave our pussies last night? You guys will be lucky if you get any in the next month, taking into account how sore our pussies are."

"We'll have to see about that," Emmett said stalking forward.

I heard Rose's audible gulp, as she looked in his eyes and saw that he was not kidding. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to the floor, taking her pants and underwear off at the same time. He thrusts his head in between her legs and all me and Alice could do was watch in horror, because we were getting turned on. Rose was writhing, trying to get away, but Emmett was strong and he held her hips to the ground as she screamed out in orgasm.

I was so lost in the scene taking place before my eyes, I didn't see Edward walk forward, until he was standing in front of me pushing me down on the bed. He grabbed me and forced me toward Alice saying "You made Rose scream last night, I want to see you work that magic on that sweet little pussy of Alice''s." As long as he wasn't going to abuse my cunt I would willingly oblige.

I dove my tongue in between her hot, wet folds and started licking like my life depended on it. Which if I thought about it, it did, because if he started fucking my cunt I would die from the overstimulation.

I sucked down on Alice's clit, trying to be gentle, as she came on my face.

"It's not fair you got to squirt so much last night Bella. I'm sure Alice wants to squirt to. Make her squirt!" He said as he stuck my pussy hard. I nearly came all over his hand.

To take the attention off me, I thrust my fingers into Alice's pussy, finger fucking her violently. She screamed in protest to the onslaught, but I kept going pumping my finger in and out, and up and down, hitting her G-Spot every time. I felt her inner walls clench and I knew she was trying to fight it off. I climbed up her body, never ceasing my ministrations, to whisper in her ear.

"Let it go Alice. The quicker you squirt, the quicker it's over." My body was over hers, both knees to the side of her left leg, right hand next to her head, left hand buried between her legs getting covered in her juices.

What happened next happened so fast I was in shock. As Alice started to squirt out her release, Jasper knocked my hand away, knelt in between her legs and thrust his manhood deep inside of her, causing her to scream out as a second orgasm over took her.

I was too lost in what was happening before my eyes, that I didn't feel the bed sink as Edward got on it behind me. The next thing I knew I felt his massive cock enter me deep and hard. I came at once, my arms giving out under me. That was a bad mistake though, because then he grabbed my arms pulling them behind me like the reins of a horse. He used my arms to pulled me back to match each of his thrusts, it didn't take long for me to come again and then he released into me.

I collapsed on the bed and I heard Alice whimpering as the skin of her and Jasper's body continued to slap together, and Rose's screams as Emmett pounded into her obstinately. I hadn't been paying attention to the scene taking place on the floor, but I was sure that was the third time I had heard Rose scream. When I lazily lifted my head to see what was happening, I saw Rose's heels digging into Em's ass as her nails drew blood, she was scratching his back so hard.

As I heard Emmett grunt in his release I heard Jasper grunt and Alice scream one last time as he released into her and then everybody collapsed. The only sound that could be heard was ragged breathing

After about fifteen minutes I had enough strength to talk, "I can't believe we just did that."

"That was the most intense sex of my life, second to last night of course," Rosalie said.

"Well next time you women decide you want to have sex again, and then tease us about it remember how sore your deliciously soaking pussies are right now," Jasper said.

"We most definitely will….but maybe we should stop our bi-weekly girls night….and make it a bi-weekly couples night," Alice said quietly.

We all raised are heads to look at her quietly, as the atmosphere in the room shifted and we all silently locked eyes with one another, we knew that our friendship was about to change indefinitely.