Here we go. Another installment of A Girl's Night, no plot just smut :P

The Next Day….

I woke up feeling deliciously sore. My muscles ached, my tits are sore, my mouth was dry, and my girly bits felt thoroughly fucked. I cracked my eyes open, only to be blinded by the sun filtering through the blinds. I look around, taking in my surroundings and I realize that I'm in Edward's room; I must have passed out and slept through the rest of the night after Edward was through with me.

I sit up slowly, stretching my arms above my head, and make my way to Edward's in-suite bathroom to shower. While standing under the stream of hot water, I think about the events that transpired yesterday.

I fucked Emmett. And I liked it. A LOT. Well that's four down and one to go. Jasper here I come.


It wasn't until a few weeks later that I got the chance to have my way with Jasper. School had just let out and Edward had just pulled off with Rose and Alice, to head to Port Angeles to pick up a birthday present for Jasper. I was in the back of Em's Jeep, with him and Jazz in the front, and we were on the way to my house for me to pack an overnight bag for tonight.

For Jazz's birthday we were all staying at Edward and Em's house, while their parents went to Seattle for one of Dr. Cullen's many medical conferences, to have a movie night and play games and drink a little.

After packing my bag and leaving a note for Charlie telling him that I was staying the night with Alice, the three of us were on our way to their house. We pulled up just as Dr. and Mrs. Cullen were walking out of the door with their bags for the weekend.

"Now you kids make sure you behave yourselves, no funny business. I don't need to have Mrs. Hampton next door check on you, do I?"

"Mom," Emmett whined "We are perfectly capable of surviving on our own, and I promise we'll be on our best behavior." Not if I can help it, I think to myself. He gives her his best dimpled smile and leans in to give her a hug and a peck on the cheek. He picks up her bag and puts it in the trunk while she slides into the passenger seat of Dr. Cullen's Mercedes murmuring about "that damn Cullen smile".

After the adults pull off I trudge upstairs to Alice's room to change out of my jeans and blouse into my more comfortable shorts and a tank top. I pull on my sexy little blue shorts and just as I pull off my blouse I hear a throat clear behind me. I turn around and see Jasper and Emmett both staring at me.

I stand there in my lace midnight blue bra and quirk an eyebrow. "Is there something I can help you guys with? I don't think Edward or your girlfriends would appreciate you standing there ogling me."

"You do realize Rose is probably sucking Edward's cock right now, while he's eating Alice's pussy?" Jasper says.

"Huh, I didn't think of that."

Jasper walks up to me slowly, his gait almost predatory. He runs his fingers across my collar bones, barely grazing the skin, as he walks around to stand behind me. He presses my back to his front and gathers my hair to drape across my shoulder. He leans in to press his lips to my neck, and applies a light suction.

My eyes drift closed and I mewl as my breath gradually starts speeding up.

Oh my gosh! This is finally happening, yes! My eyes snap open as I hear the click of a door closing. I see Emmett walking up to where Jasper and I are standing, sporting that smirk that looks so similar to his brothers.

I feel Jasper's hands travel up my side, his thumbs tracing the outline of my breasts. Emmett reaches out and traces the elastic band of my shorts before he starts to lower them from my hips. After my shorts are pooled around my ankles he just stands there to admire my matching lace underwear set.

"Naughty little Bella, you always look so innocent in your clothes, but once you take them off it's a completely different story," Emmett says, his eyes smoldering.

"How about we lay you down darlin' so we can have our way with you." Jasper says, giving me a sexy as hell smirk, I swear I would think he, Em, and Edward were all related if I didn't know any better.

They walk me over to the bed and lay me down. Jasper leans down to place a chaste kiss on my lips while he reaches behind me to unhook the clasp of my bra. While he frees my breasts from their prison, Emmett eases my underwear down my legs, and in just a few seconds I'm laying naked on the bed.

"Jeez, you're bare, Alice always leaves a little. I always wondered what it would be like to taste a bare pussy," Jasper says as he caresses the top of my mound before running his finger through my moist slit. His mention of his girlfriend should probably kill the moment, but it just reminds me that we're both taken and this is only for fun. Plus, it doesn't hurt to think about the fact that his girlfriend is probably getting head from my boyfriend as we speak.

Jasper climbs onto the bed and kisses his way down my body, stopping to pay special attention to my breasts. He licks and suckles and nips until I'm writhing in earnest. By the time he finally makes his way to the promise land I feel as though I may burst as soon as he puts his mouth on me.

He spreads my lips and blows lightly on my clit, making me jerk in surprise. He chuckles before he takes a long slow lick of my pussy, causing me to moan louder than porn star.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Em, I think you need to shove something in that pretty little mouth of hers so she can keep quiet." He says, smirking up at his friend.

"It would be my pleasure." Em says, looking down at me and giving me his dimpled smile, "Open up Bells."

At some point while Jasper had me distracted with his mouth, Emmett had removed all his clothes. I ease my mouth open, and he slowly pushes his cock inside my mouth. He lightly taps my cheeks to get me to open wider, and once I do he slowly starts thrusting into my mouth. I tongue the underside of his cock and then circle the head when he eases back out. I reach up and use my hands to knead his balls.

I'm lost in Emmett's cock, trying to make sure I'm doing it right, when Jasper gets back to work. He tongues my clit and eases two fingers inside of me. I moan around Em's cock as he starts to finger fuck me forcefully.

It doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm building; it's so strong I feel like it's likely to break me in two. All is lost when he bites my clit; my mouth opens in a silent scream, and I feel my pussy convulse spastically and my juices flow in copious amounts. I'm surprised Jasper isn't drowning.

He's still licking, so I have to pull my hands away from Emmett and push his head away from me. I'm panting and I have a light sheen of sweat covering my body. I know they're nowhere near done with me yet, the many sexcapades I've participated in with my friends lets me know that this one orgasm isn't enough for them.

I feel Jasper shift up on his knees and he picks my legs up and puts them over his shoulders, one on each side. "Hold on tight darlin' this is gonna be fast and hard." With that he plunges himself inside of me. His thrusts are quick and deep, and with everyone one his pelvis slams against my clit, which is still swollen from his earlier ministrations.

I feel like I'm loosin' it but I don't want to let go just yet. I close my eyes and get lost in the sensations while I try to hold off my orgasm. Emmett is standing over my head stroking his cock looking at me with lust filled eyes. He leans down and takes one of my nipples into his mouth while he palms my other breast with the hand that he's not using to stroke himself.

He moves his mouth to my ear and whispers, "I would love to shove my cock in that tight ass of yours but the thought of my dick being anywhere close to cowboy's makes me a little skittish. So when he's done with you I'm gonna pound that pussy so hard you won't be able to walk."

He's words send me over the edge. My stomach tightens, my back arches of the bed, and I moan wantonly while my pussy spasms and I squirt around Jaspers' cock. He continues to pound into me, and I'm trying to work my pussy muscles harder to get him off so I can catch a break, but it's like he's got endless stamina. I'm so sensitive and it takes no time for me to fall over the edge again. It's less intense this time, and I can tell he's close. I reach down to tug his balls and that sends him over the edge. He comes, I didn't even realize he had put on a condom before entered me, but it's obvious now that I can't feel his release inside of me.

He lowers my shaking legs to the bed and pulls out of me. I'm panting and exhausted so I let my head loll to the side and my eyes drift close.

I must've dozed for a split second because the next thing I know I'm being jolted out of my slumber by a sharp sting to my pussy. I look down to see Em looking up at me from between my legs with an evil smirk on his face. That motherfucker slapped my pussy!

"Now, now beautiful Bella, we can't have you dozin' off seeing as I haven't had my turn yet." Em says. He starts stroking my still sensitive pussy, running his forefinger around my entrance, then dragging it up to and around my hardening little nub, and then down to my back entrance. "I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass with my finger, while I pound your sweet pussy. That ok with you Bells?"

I'm pretty sure the question is rhetorical, because I don't even get the chance to try and formulate an answer before his thumb is slowly easing into my tight hole. "Ugh" is the only sound that comes out of my mouth.

He flips me over so that I'm on all fours, never removing his thumb. "I like you like this, Bells, exhausted and at my mercy." He says before he slams into me. His stokes were strong and deep though not fast, almost as if he's working up to a grand finale…which I guess he sort of is.

I never thought I was one for rough sex, but as I kneel here I think about how I love when Edward throws me around like a rag doll and holds me down while he fucks me until I beg him to stop. I don't think there's anything wrong with me though, everybody needs a healthy dose of kink.

I'm brought out of my musings by a sharp slap to my ass. I feel Em's strokes speed up as his thumbs keeps moving slowly in and out of me. The intensity of the orgasm building inside of me is seriously scary. My body is quivering, my arms are seriously about to give out and I feel the sweat dripping down the side of my face.

Em's grunts are getting louder and I feel his cock enlarge just as his body tenses. "Come with me Baby B," he says as he uses his free hand to reach around and harshly pinch my clit. White lights explode behind my eyelids, my whole body convulses, I can feel my juices squirting down my legs and soaking Alice's duvet (I'd have to apologize for that later), and I faintly register a loud scream echoing throughout the room…oh wait that's me. As soon as I felt Emmett pull out of me my body collapsed in a heap on the bed, my body still convulsing with random tremors.



I'm startled awake by Edward's loud and angry voice permeating the room. I sit up and look around the room in confusion. "Huh? What? What's going on?"

"What the hell do you mean what's going on? I walk up here to put Alice's shopping bags in her room to find you passed out, practically comatose, and naked on her bed, and you have the nerve to ask me what's going on! I've been up here trying to wake you up for ten minutes, I thought you were just sleep at first, obviously I was wrong. Are you ok, did they hurt you?"

"Edward calm the fuck down, I was just in a very deep sleep. They didn't hurt me, in fact it was completely the opposite, they fucked me so hard that I passed out. I don't even know how long….." my sentence trails off as I see the look Edward is giving me. "What? What's wrong?"

"Bella, Bella, Bella," he says in a reproachful tone, "it wasn't even a month ago when I had to teach you this lesson, and I'm going to enjoy pounding it into you again. Eventually you'll remember it without me having to remind you."

"What are you talking about Edward?"

"Bella, baby, when I walked into Emmett's room the first time y'all had sex, do you remember how angry I was?" He waited for me to nod before he continued. "And do you remember what I told you after I carried you to my room, about fucking our friends?"

The light bulb went off in my head and I rushed to defend myself. "But I didn't sneak around. It just happened so fast, I didn't have the chance to talk to you about it first."

He looked at me thoughtfully. "Ok love, but for how long before this happened did you know that you wanted to fuck Jasper?" He asked quirking an eyebrow at me.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! He's gonna kill me. If I tell him the truth he's gonna "punish" me again, but if I lie, he'll see right through me and then punish me twice as bad. I don't think my body can take anymore right now. Maybe I can stall…

I look up at him from under my eyelashes. "How was shopping? I missed you so much while you were away." He just stood there and looked at me with his quirked eyebrow. Well I guess stalling is out of the question. "Ok, I knew right after I fucked Emmett." I saw his eyes darken and rushed to clarify. "But I was gonna talk to you about it before I let it happen. They just sprung it on me today and I didn't get the chance!"

I could basically see the wheels turning in his head about how he was going to make me pay for this.

"Ok, Edward I'll let you 'teach me a lesson,' but can you at least wait until tonight after everyone has went to bed. That way we can enjoy Jasper's birthday celebration and give my body some time to recuperate."

"Well the whole part about your body recuperating I'm not too worried about. If I were to strike while the iron is hot, the lesson would likely stick more, but I don't want to ruin Jasper's celebration so we'll wait….and then you're all mine love. All mine."

That's it for this installment. Next time will be the punishment most likely *grins evilly*. There's no telling when that'll be, I don't anyone getting there hopes up.

Until next time…