Title: Huis clos

Author: Haldol

Translator: Shannon

Fan-Fic Of: Criminal Minds

Theme(s): Angst, Crime, Drama,

Rating: M

Warnings: Abuse, M/M, Rape

Note: I translated it to the best of my ability so you might or may mot get confused. If you do I'm very sorry!


Entry point: rewriting of episode 2 x 15 ("Revelations", released in the USA in February 2007), where Reid is kidnap, beating and stoned by Tobias Hankel (brilliantly play by the very surprising James Van Der Beek). Remember how Reid, filmed and viewed on screen by the FBI team manages to get a Hotch-encoded message. And if Tobias Hankel had not used video camera? Therefore what if Reid had could not be saved? What would have happened if he had remained in the hands of his executioner multiple personalities?

Theme: Camera dark, perverse and violent, which moved gradually between Tobias and Reid, a disturbing and ambiguous intimacy.

Warning & author's note: history is in the vein of the 2 x 15. And as in the episode, it will issue physical and moral violence, but also consumption of narcotics. However, this "camera" will go much further than the scénaristes… Necessarily. It's breaking Spencer Reid… break with slowness and delight. The revocation will be long and painful; and the "camera" will therefore to quite many chapitres… Attention! FIC very sombre… I insist. The story could disturb such…

P.S. on "Dilaudid" Tobias Hankel actually uses in episode 2 x 15 (at least in the original French version, I have not checked): hydromorphone is a potent analgesic marketed under the name of "dilaudid" (including France). This chemical narcotic acts on the brain to increase pain tolerance. It is sometimes used by addicts as replacement of heroin and opium. But it leads to a very strong dependence, both psychological physics.

o o o o o

Chapter 1: Prologue

The first time…

The first time that Tobias had injected Dilaudid, Reid had begged him not to: "No, not… is it te plait…. I don't need it! ». He didn't not want drugs, especially dilaudid! …even if it was meant to relieve the pain.

"Trust me…" had whispered Tobias.

The sweet voice of his jailer was almost reassured him. Then Reid was left to do. He had ceased to squirm, excitement and fight.

Sitting on a Chair in the midst of this dark cabin of wood, his hands cuffed, Reid had left his abductor impose the Withers, and then make it suffer the bite. And he felt glide. He then momentarily forgot the pain of shots that Tobias had given to him, when the personality of his father, Charles, took possession of him.

Reid, never knew when Tobias going on the door of this dark and dirty, collapses if he was going to be himself, either take the personality of his workaholic father, or the enigmatic Raphaël, one through which Tobias killed.

Tobias became Charles, violent and illuminated, father when the name of God that raining blows; and Reid had the impression that the pain was going to kill him.

The second time…

The second time that Tobias was come up with the syringe, Reid had nothing said. The breath short gasping, he had both feared and expected the bite. Tobias had somehow asked permission to inject a new dose.

"Tell me does it feel better...?"

Spencer had not denied, not. He could not deny. He could not resist. The liquid in the syringe… relieved the pain.

Reid was numb.

And this silence was worth all the permissions of the world. Tobias, with this comprehensive look had planted the needle offered Reid and blue vein.

The shoot was instantaneous. Reid 'felt'. Far from suffering. Away from this terrifying cabin in which he was imprisoned

The third time…

The third time, after being beaten by Tobias, with the personality of Charles, Reid had waited for his jailer again himself and he brings the instrument that would relieve this Dilaudid allowing him to escape into the world.

Tobias had read in the eyes of Reid the desire for needle, the need for drugs. Addiction began to take and the ravaging. The drug had incredibly quickly.

Tobias knew what Reid felt. He himself went through here. How many times, youngest, was shot to death? How many years? All this to escape his father flee the despairing reality.

Of course, there was the cures for detoxification. And he was weaned at the price of excruciating pain, so his arm was strong. But now he knew happen heroin, from Percodan, Dilaudid, like any opiate. It became stronger, more durable, more powerful.

Tobias was no longer a victim.

He became a dominant.

Sitting on the floor, on the dusty floor of the cabin, Tobias looked Reid, so lean, so frail, so elongated. This young man, tied to his chair, he seemed so fragile… He needed these injections. The drug would hold; It would allow him to endure its pain and beaten him imposed Charles. Tobias knew how, in this case, Dilaudid could be good.

If his father still hit Spencer Reid until the blood came, he should give attendance, he would look after him. Need someone help. Tobias, him, nobody had ever helped him. Not one person…

No one, except for drugs.

A follow…