Title: Huis clos

Author: Haldol

Translator: Shannon

Fan-Fic Of: Criminal Minds

Theme(s): Angst, Crime, Drama,

Rating: M

Warnings: Abuse, M/M, Rape

Note: I translated it to the best of my ability so you might or may mot get confused. If you do I'm very sorry!


Chapter 14: Epilogue

September 2009

Agent Hotchner, sitting in his office in Quantico, had just completed an evaluation report that JJ had worn a few hours earlier. He looked out the window the light of Indian summer who played with the red leaves of the trees. September lived his last days and it was beautiful early autumn.

The ringing phone woke him from his reverie.

"Hotchner" he said, his voice cold and neutral, by winning.

"Uh ... Agent Hotchner ... I am the Marshall McCoy, of Walton, Delaware."

"What can I do for you, Marshall? "

"Well... It's about an old case dating back nearly three years... The disappearance of one of your agents in February 2007..."

Hotch's heart seemed to stop one second, then resumed his beats so fast.

"The disappearance of Dr. Reid? "Hotch questioned nervously. His hand tightened on the handset.

"Exactly..." Marshall said the man of her voice. "Spencer Reid."

"You've found? "

"No, no... But alas, we just arrest someone ..."

"Tobias Hankel? "Hotch ventured.

The Marshall seemed surprised: "Yes, that's it ..."

"Under what circumstances?"

"This morning, during a routine traffic stop. The man was foolishly a red light at an intersection downtown"

"How did you link with the Reid case?"

"Well ... the guy had the air... weird... My men asked him his papers and IT audit has to see that the documents were false. They then proceeded to search the vehicle. In the glove box, they found a weapon. We checked the serial number: the weapon was registered in the name of Dr. Spencer Reid. And the search for fingerprints gave us the name of the offender: Tobias Hankel."

"You've done a search of his home? "

"No, no. It failed. We can not find his true address. And then when we saw the importance of the case... removing a federal agent... Anyway, you were immediately called."

"Where is he?"

"Here in Walton. He is in custody for an hour."

"He said something?"

"Nothing. He refuses to talk. He did not even want a lawyer."

"Especially do not do anything. It happens immediately."

And Hotch, his heart beating, hurried from his office.


In the plane that brought them to Walton, this small town lost in Delaware, no one dared speak. The tension was palpable. Even Dave Rossi, who had never known Reid was upset by the case.

Everyone, stomach knotted hoped .

Only in the car that led them to the Marshall County Jennifer Jarreau, its big bright eyes, dared to ask: "Sir... You believe he's alive?"

Hotch stared at her a moment to be lost: "I do not know, JJ... I honestly do not know."

Local Sheriff's office, Hotch Morgan appointed to assist in the interrogation of Tobias Hankel.

JJ, Rossi and Emily stayed behind mirrored glass window.

The bearded man was a surly. He wore dark clothes and filthy: frayed jeans, a black sweatshirt with hood closed until chin. Sitting in front of them, Tobias did not seem to see them. The face turned sideways, he stared at something far beyond the barred window.

"Mr. Hankel?" Hotch started, trying to keep calm. It was necessary, despite the circumstances, stay professional. Tobias does not react, Hotch repeated, a slightly firmer tone, "Mr. Hankel? Where the agent is Reid?"

Tobias, his eyes still glued to the window, slowly shook his head negatively, "No... No..."

Rabies vibrations in the voice of Morgan: "Hankel! He must tell us where Agent Reid is!"

But Tobias was definitely stumbled.

Hotch had an idea. He had to try another approach. "Mr. Hankel ..." Her voice had made softer, even sympathetic. "If the agent... Reid Spencer .. "Aaron corrected. It was the most personalize the victim. Hotch said: "If Spencer is with you, if you hold somewhere, what will happen to him now that you're under arrest, locked up here in these premises?"

Hotch had managed to capture the attention of Tobias. For the first time, it turned her head towards him and then looked Agent Hotchner with sad eyes and worried.

Behind a mirrored glass window, JJ could not restrain a cry: "Oh! My God! He is alive!"

Feeling that he was the right end, Hotch continued: "Who will look after him now? After what you did, Mr. Hankel, you will stay longer with us... For months, most likely for years... "Hotch said cautiously. He left voluntarily evasive about the duration of the prisoner's incarceration. "We need someone to take care of Spencer, is not it? "

Tobias began to nod, approving the reasoning of the federal agent calm and composed, sitting opposite him. Morgan gave a sigh of relief and rushed to his supervisor a grateful look. Hotch had managed to overcome the resistance of Tobias and find ways to reach it.

"You can lead us to him?" Hotch asked in a voice as neutral as possible.

Tobias looked down, like a child scolded for doing something stupid, and nodded his head approvingly.


Handcuffed and under guard, Tobias led the FBI and the escort of Marshall in the middle of nowhere. They walked through dirt roads, surrounded by a thick forest. Police cars came to a rickety wooden shack built in the center of a sort of field of weeds. You could see some very old graves of more than corn yellowed by the sun. It looked like the remains of an old cemetery. The place was abandoned long ago.

Inspectors, Marshall and all the FBI agents out of the vehicle, senses alert, marking out the places look. Everything seemed calm and quiet.

Hand on his revolver, the Marshall was out of the police car the suspect was chained.

"This is..." Tobias whispered, pointing to the scene of a nod.

Equipped with their resistance of Kevlar, weapon in hand, Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi and Morgan advanced to the wooden hut in attack position.

Hotch broke down the door of a violent kick. The half-rotten wood could not resist the shock, and the lock gave way.

"FBI!" Shouted the officer Hotchner penetrating the small, heart pounding.

The cabin was not very large.

And it was empty .

The floor was dirty and old mattress thrown in the back of the room, took the dust. Apparently no one had come here for years.

Hotch was disappointed... so disappointed... and so angry! He came out with a bang of the cabin, while Emily, Morgan and Rossi were inspecting the scene looking for clues.

Tobias Hotch grabbed by the neck and clenched fist, he yelled: "What's that scrambles? He is not here! You lied to us!"

"No, no!"Tobias said. "I am not a liar! I told the truth! There he is! "

"Where?" Hotch said, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. The place was deserted. Tobias was he making fun of him?

Tobias gave a nod towards the hut and whispered: "There... Just behind..."

Hotch turned without conviction, as if he did not believe a word of what was said Hankel and then, suddenly, he understood.

"He is here..." Tobias repeated in a voice broken with grief.

Hotch's arm loosened his grip and he looked so gray headstones to the graves that were deteriorating as a result of the time.

Hotch, throat, tied, took a few steps forward, towards the cemetery and asked: "Which one?"

He heard his back JJ burst into tears.

"I'll show you..." said Tobias. Tobias and Marshall left forward and join Hotch who ran a step behind the lurching cabin.

Approaching the graves, Hotch did not need him as Tobias refers to that of Reid. He guessed right away.

The grave was only 50 meters behind the rickety shack. It was the only tomb maintained. Tobias had dug himself and had clumsily carved stone stele. There was no name on it, but it was flowers. A small bouquet of wildflowers picked from the surrounding fields.

The land had not been freshly turned, quite the contrary. The ground was hard, and roots were beginning to interfere, showing the effect of inexorable time.

Reid had to be there long. Months, probably years...

Hotch closed eyes for a moment, stunned by grief. During this time he had looked everywhere, he had hoped... so that Reid was already dead and buried, rotting amid the tombs in ruins... in the middle of nowhere.

The angelic face of Reid triumphed in the spirit of Aaron Hotchner flash painful. Reid, though young, so talented, so passionate... He had his whole life ahead of him... And now he was there to rest underground. It was over.

Tobias, standing near the officer Hotchner, murmured: "You come and put flowers on his grave every day... like I did... I do not want him to feel abandoned ..."

Hotch now understood the meaning of the fatal words he had spoken and had captured the attention of Tobias, in the office of Marshall...

All eyes on the little grave, Tobias repeated softly: "You need someone to look after him ..."

- END -