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I never knew what it was about Arnold. And yet it seemed obvious, in a way. I liked him so much. A lot more than as a friend, which was weird to me. I mean, I'm married, and I love my husband very much, and I love my life as it is now. At times he's like my "celebrity crush", pretty much. But I just don't understand.

It was funny, though. I always had strange feelings when I was near him. Strange urges, if you will. Like I wanted to do something that was far beyond familial or platonic.

Especially that one night, when we left the school board office building, after the meeting with the board members and school representatives. We were in the parking lot, standing next to my car. We were embracing...and even though it was pretty chilly that night, I felt so warm in his arms. So safe. I don't know why I hugged him. I only hugged people I cared about, like my family, my husband and very close friends. And sure, at that point Arnold and I knew each other fairly well and got along great, I guess you could say we were friends, but...to hug him? I have no idea why I felt so compelled to hug him at all! But when I did, I felt so warm, safe, and comforted. Like everything would be okay. Ohhh, I felt so wonderful when he hugged me back...

And then we just had this moment.

We were looking at each other, still in each other's arms, just looking each other's eyes. I can't lie, he has gorgeous green eyes, that even in the dark of the night, were still shining and beautiful. I got so lost in his eyes, I just seemed to forget where I was and what was going on, like I was tuning everything out. Everything but him. This moment was so intense, and I just...had this urge.

I wanted to kiss him.

We were so close, too. It would've been so easy. In fact, I played it out in my head. All I had to do was place my hands on the nape of his neck, lean up to his level, and just kiss him. I fantasized that for what seemed like hours, and my hands were just ITCHING to move so I could do it. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss and kiss him and get lost in him. I wanted to kiss him so badly. And I still wish I knew why.

But I knew I couldn't. I had to break it, fast. Thankfully I managed to, and we parted ways for the evening. At the same time I felt a pang of regret, wishing I could have just screwed the rules and kissed him. But I knew I couldn't. Hell, I can't right NOW, he's getting a divorce. Poor guy. A long time ago I wouldn't have cared, it wasn't my problem. Of course that was before Brian came along. And that was before I grew up. Still, even so, I feel terrible for him. But I know he needs it, I could tell. His married life wasn't horrible or abysmal, but it was missing a lot of what was needed to make a marriage work, and especially resulted in losing his first child. Besides, he needs to get his life on a good track and have a chance to truly do what he loves. I just hope it all goes smoothly for him. He deserves it.

Still, aside from everything, something was amiss. I didn't know what it was. I had never felt this way around another man before. Brian was always the one I loved, and who I felt such feelings toward. Sure they say that at times we have fantasies about being with other men, which are all harmless. But what happens when that other man happens to be someone you're growing to be friends with, and seem to feel that with almost every time you're near him? What was up with that? Why did I have to suppress urges around him? It didn't make sense. I wasn't new to spotting men around and finding them attractive, obviously, but that was nothing. This was different. What the hell was wrong with me?

I had no idea, and for some reason it led to what happened to me today.

The morning seemed to be a blur. I awoke early, before my husband, and got up, showered and dressed, ready for work. It's not long after I make some breakfast that Arnold calls me up, asking me for some advice and who he can turn to in finding a good divorce attorney. I can see why he asked me, since I'm attorney myself. And a damn good one! I felt bad for him, but was glad he and Ruth were moving forward in their lives with no hard feelings or bitter memories. And I was flattered he came to me of all people for help. Of course I was all too happy to help him out, after all, he had no idea what the process was. Then again, who did? Anyone could've used help with that. So I directed him to a couple of divorce attorneys I knew from work, and that was that.

Then he asked me to join him for lunch, with his colleague, that nice second-grade teacher Eileen Galvin and her boyfriend, that Henry Townshend dude I remember from when I was helping in the Walter Sullivan case. Hey, why not? I was definitely up for that. Sounded like fun. So I agreed to go, and la-dee-da. You get the point!

But then I was feeling sick. It started the night before, little inklings that I didn't concern myself over. The feelings stayed this morning, and got worse after a little while, especially when Brian was just leaving for work at the hospital. After that, something weird happened.

I later on found myself at P.S.118, good ol' elementary school. It was all a strange blur, but I remember walking in, which I guess looked funny. A blonde woman who looked out of it and sick in a business suit walking into an elementary school. Eventually I found myself in the main office, and I saw the surprised stare of Eileen Galvin, with her pale green eyes wide as saucers while she was getting some papers from the secretary. She came over to me and sat me down, asking me what I was doing here and what was wrong. All I remember was that I was asking where Arnold was in a very out of it kind of way. Must've been the fever. For some reason I just had to find him and see him, ask him for help. Why that all brought me here, I'll never know.

It's funny, you know. My own husband was a doctor, and worked in the hospital. You'd think that if I were sick as a dog, I'd go to him for help, wouldn't I? That would surely make more sense! But I have no idea why it didn't seem to register to me. I don't know why I didn't think of it.

Eileen seemed to understand me, so she told me to wait, I think she did, and then she dashed out of the office. I sat there for a few minutes, feeling nauseous, warm, weak, and dizzy. I wanted to curl up and sleep. Eileen eventually came back, with Arnold at her side. He came to me, asking me things I couldn't remember or make out, and obviously concerned. I felt his hand on my forehead, and for some reason my face felt heated up more, as if I were sitting in front of an open oven that was turned on. Next thing I knew, he was saying something to Eileen, who nodded and then said something to me with a warm, caring smile. I wanted to reach out and hug her, what a sweetheart. I was then helped to stand up, with Arnold asking me if I needed help standing. At least, I think that's what he asked.

Eventually we came back outside, and the cool air was a little more refreshing and I felt a soft wave of relief. I felt nauseous, though, and hoped I wouldn't throw up. That would've been so humiliating. Then again, I was quite the basket case, even now at twenty-six.

Soon I was in the front seat of Arnold's Packard, wow, an old car and still running smoothly. He must've taken good care of it. I'm not sure how long I was sitting there, my head against the window, because the next thing I knew, I could make out the walls of our condo, and felt warm arms holding me with support as I was guided to the bedroom.

I fell back on the bed, breathing sporadically, but calming down at the welcoming comfort. Arnold stood over the bed and leaned down toward me, touching my forehead again and asking me something I couldn't make out. This was probably the sickness talking, but I had an urge to grab him into the bed with me and start ravishing him. In fact, one of my hands were moving to his shoulder, looking for a place to rest. He blushed and stood up a bit, and gently touched my hand.

Finally I caught his words as he said "You should change into your night clothes, so you can rest for a while. I'll call Brian, don't worry."

I simply nodded and lay back on my bed, trying to relax, but I seemed so lost in the painful feelings. I had a headache, I felt nauseous, I felt sluggish and icky. Today was just not a good day for me. I could hear Arnold's voice out in the main room of the condo on the phone, he sounded concerned and confused, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Was he talking to Brian? Where was Brainy? I didn't even know at the moment. I was so out of it, I guess.

Before long, he came back and felt my forehead, asking me how I was feeling. I mumbled to him, not sure what I said, but he took it in stride and then went to the bathroom. When he returned, he gave me some medicine caplets and a cup of water. So I took them, and eventually let myself fall asleep.

I came to later on in a daze, not quite knowing where I was, but I felt rested and a little less icky, but still sick. Arnold came in, and at first I was a little surprised, but he explained what was going on, and strangely I felt better, safe with him here. He offered to make me soup, which I gladly accepted. I was sick, but I did have a bit of an appetite. Just don't ask me to run a marathon.

Pathetic, huh? Helga G. Williams letting someone help. I was always a woman of pride. Not quite to the point of looking down on others thinking I was better than them, come on, that's just what douchebags and bitches do. I'm not one of them. Ha! Anyway, but because I didn't much feel like doing ANYTHING, or had the strength to for that matter, I just let him. Let him help me out.

Thankfully I didn't feel nauseous, but I hoped that the soup I ate wouldn't be coming back up later. Thankfully, it didn't.

I don't remember much of what happened afterwards, I just remember waking up at one point and Arnold was in the doorway, so I called out to him and asked him to sit next to the bed. We were talking a bit, although I don't recall all that we said. But I just knew he was concerned about my health. What a sweetheart. Despite how sick I was, I was pretty glad he was here with me. To have someone who genuinely cared about you, despite that they were not family nor married to you. It was sweet. More than that, really.

Still, he did try to convince me to rest and take it easy, despite that I was adamant about attending the court session the next day. I worked hard for it, and I wanted to see it through and help them all out. Was that too much to ask? Yes it was. Helga G. Williams had fallen! No! I have my pride! Why oh why must you be so cruel, whoever you are up there?


Maybe I need to clear my head at the moment. I'm not quite thinking clearly.

Brian. Brainy. Heh heh, Sir Wheeze-A-Lot. Maybe I'll suggest we go for a walk later. I also made a mental note to myself to call Kevin and Christine, see how they and soon-to-be baby snooks are doing.


Stay tuned for part two! :D