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From the diary of Edward Kennedy….

It's been over seven years since I published the first chapter of Mighty Morphin' Poké Rangers, spawning a huge chain reaction. Loads of people asked me if they could write spin-offs, building the world. I felt really happy about it and things started off great. Then, just over a year ago, I was asked to come to Japan and turn my creation into a TV show. It was amazing. I met my fellow writers in person for the first time and we were all thrilled. But when we landed in Japan I never expected to face a real villain. A villain that no author created: Tina Rage. She and her army of monsters were attacking the country. I, Jack Farrell, and Brooke Taylor had been called to act, taking on the Dimension Morphers, and becoming the Poké Rangers Dimension Warriors to save the world from her. We were soon joined by Anthony Madigan, Aly Davis, and Sentrovasi. The six of us have become an awesome team. But it's been months since any monsters have shown up. We started to wonder if Tina had given up...

Then a new monster that came into town. However, he was not part of Rage's army. He was a monster I'd created – somehow the information about him had been taken from my hard drive and made real. Now, how he able to come out of my flash drive, I don't know. But, he caused a problem in the dimension rift between our world and the Pokémon world, and somehow opened up all the different time periods. Jack and I are the only ones here right now, so it seems the only logical choice is for me to travel to the different time periods in the Pokémon world, and recruit the Rangers we all created. Together, we must stand and defeat the monster that plans to wreak massive destruction.

We all had our own strengths and weaknesses, and our own ways to combat evil. However, there is something we have in common… we all wore red. My name is Edward Kennedy, better known as Frank Mariendo. And, I, Frank, and all the other Red Poké Rangers will stop this beast once and for all…


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Poké Rangers: Forever Red

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