AN; In which Lily threatens, James sucks at names and Sirius is traumatized.

"Will it hurt?"

Sebastian smiled inwardly. It had been such a human and childlike thing to ask.

"Yes, a little," he hesitated, searching for a few words of reassurance that his past contractors had all searched for. "I'll keep it as gentle as possible."

"Don't," Sebastian startled and nearly raised an eyebrow at that. Well, that deferred from the reactions of his previous contractors. The young master kept surprising him. "Make it as painful as you can. Carve the pain of my life into my soul."

The butler knelt, a Cheshire grin working its way into his lips. His young master was so interesting. He placed his only hand over where his heart would have been if demons had hearts, and tilted his head downward subserviently, bowing down to his young master's order.

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel tipped his head back into the stone bench, watching as his butler tugged off his white glove with his teeth. The demon reached out, caressing the boy's soft cheek, before slipping off the eye patch in a smooth motion and dropping it onto the ground.

A mismatched pair of eyes stared up at the butler and in response, Sebastian's own eyes glowed an eerie crimson and his pupils slitted like a cat's. Ciel closed his eyes, his soul drifting from his flesh container as he willingly gave it up to a demon. The demon leant forward, lips parted to form a mocking smirk.

"Then, Bocchan…" If it is your wish.

At the last possible moment, he stopped.

The (ex-?) butler stood and swept away, not even staying to watch the soul fragments disperse. His past words drifted after him, long after the darkness had swallowed him up.

"We will see each other again."

After all, the young master had wanted it to be as painful as Sebastian could make it, and the demon's damned pride would not allow him to disobey such an order. It was such a shame that the boy had not specified what.

Sebastian had figured that taking into account the fact that a soul bound to a contract with a demon would not be allowed to pass through neither the Gates of Hell nor the Gates of Heaven, it would have to be sent through the reincarnation stream.

Sebastian smirked.

Their contract had not yet ended.

Not until he had devoured the boy's soul.

After much threatening and cursing of James Potter's family jewels, much whimpering from said grown man and much teasing from James' supposed best friend, Lily finally gave birth to a healthy boy.

In the end, the new mother got to rest, her husband didn't have to be paranoid about the attachment of his fingers or his precious manly parts, and Sirius got to take a look at his godson.

"Congratulations, Prongs," the new godfather began, staring down at the newborn nestled in a few blankets. "So… wat'cha gonna call him?"

"Well, Lily flower wanted to name him Ciel, after some bloke in her history book. Personally, I think that it sounds overly posh and girly."

Lily snapped back wearily. "I'll have you know that Ciel Phantomhive was a Victorian Era Earl who-,"

"See, that just proves my point. The guy was probably some old, rich and snobby Earl who had too much time in his hands."

"He was not! According to my books, he was kind of like a policeman."

"Policeman?" Sirius asked, confused by the odd and unfamiliar word.

"The muggle version of Aurors."

"Still, sounds really girly. What is it? French?" James protested.

"In fact, it is."

"There's no way my son's going to be named that then." The father put his foot down.

"Fine! Name him whatever you want! As long as it isn't something idiotic like 'Prongs Jr' or 'The Godson of Sirius Black- do not touch' or- or 'God's gift to the world'! I swear I'll curse off a vital part of the male anatomy if you do." Lily had just given birth, she was tired out of her mind and there was no way in hell she was putting up with anymore of this shit.

Both men gulped and crossed their legs, looking appropriately pathetic.

"Yes, Lily flower."

With that, Lily fell asleep, both men afraid to make a sound.

After a few tense minutes, Sirius was brave enough to wave his hand in front of Lily's closed eyes. They breathed in a collective sigh of relief when she continued sleeping. Sirius then turned to look at his best friend.

"So, wat'cha gonna name the pup?"

James had a conflicting expression on his face.

"How about… eh, Matthew?"

"You gotta be kidding me. Matthew Potter? Seriously, can't you do any better?"

"Hey, I thought it sounded fine. You try if you're so great at it."


"Sirius, naming children after stars is a Black tradition, not a Potter one."

"They're constellations, not stars!"

"I'm surprised you know the difference. Actually, maybe not. Weren't you dating a girl who was studying Astronomy? Sinny? Sinsta?"

"Sinistra. Yeah, in fifth year."

"Fine, whatever. So… Timothy?"

"Are you insane, Jamsie? Are you trying to make your son into a social outcast even before he's at Hogwarts? I would hang myself if I was named that! No wait, I would disown my parents and then hang myself!"

"What about…Sebastian?" Even before Sirius could comment, the baby boy let out a nearly out raged sounding wail. "Ok, I guess not then. Hmm… Jesus?"

"What're you doing? Reading a Bible?" James rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Well… Lily flower wanted me to learn more about muggle culture and…"

"No, I do not want to know!" Sirius curled up into a fetal position and began rocking back and forth, trying to block out the horrible image of his best friend reading, let alone such a thick one.

"Sirius? Sirius? You'd better stop that before a mediwitch thinks that you're a baby as well. Considering how you're acting now, there's not much difference," James waited a while before giving it up for a lost case. "So, does Harold sound good?"

Sirius would have normally shot that pitiful attempt down in a flash, but he was still too traumatized. Receiving no protest, James took it as approval and grinned proudly.

"Then Harold James Potter it is; Harry for short."

Had Lily been awake, Sirius in his right mind or James not blinded by sheer joy, someone would have noticed that little Harry's eyes flickered azure and striking violet. But it was only a moment before they faded back into the identical emerald that he inherited from his mother.

Alas, it was not to be, and they remained oblivious to the curious state of the new baby's soul.