This is my first fanfic ever. Please be gentle...hehe. You should know I am writing this as if Sasuke never attacked Konoha.

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Premise: After the attack on the village by Pain, Naruto leaves Konoha to hunt down the Akatsuki and recover Sasuke. After three years of searching he finds and recovers Sasuke for Sakura's happiness, but he finds himself more depressed than he anticipated and leaves the village. Can she convince him to stay?

Rated M for swearing and possible future lemons.

Four figures dressed in black cloaks with red clouds on them stand silently in a heavily wooded forest patiently listening to the faint sound of explosions heard in the distance. Suddenly, all noise ceases. The only sound they hear now is the faint breathing they are exchanging instead of words.

The first one to speak is a woman with fire red hair and glasses, "He's finished with the base. He's heading directly for us Sasuke-kun."

"Hmm" says the onyx eyed man with black hair "Is he alone or are there others with him like the reports said Karin?"

"He's alone but..." Karin says before she falls to one knee holding her chest earning a glare from the black haired man.

A man with blue hair steps up, "What the hell's wrong with ya dumb broad! You're such a wimp haha!"

"Shut your mouth Suigetsu!" screams the woman gasping for air, "I... can feel both of his chakras getting closer." she says with tears forming in her eyes, "One of the chakras is comforting me. It feels like it's holding me in a warm embrace and wants to protect me from harm..."

"Then why the hell are ya on the ground gaspin for air ya bimbo!" yells Suigetsu while he snakes his hand around the hilt of his giant sword in preparation for the fight he knows is coming.

"Its the other chakra... its vile." she says shut her eyes from the pain she feels now coursing through her, "I CAN FEEL ITS TEETH AROUND MY THROAT! I CAN SEE IT KILLING US!" she screams at the top of her lungs, "AHHHHHHH IT HURTS SASUKE-KUN!"

"Jugo, take care of Karin" Sasuke says to the as of yet silent member of the group.

"Hai, Sasuke" says the brown haired muscular man as he walks over to Karin and tries to comfort her.

"He'll be here any..." Sasuke is cut off as a swirl of leaves appears in front of the group.

Silence again takes hold of the group. The only noise heard is Karins desperate panting for air.

In front of them stands a six foot tall man with blonde spiky hair with red streaks that reaches down his neck and stops just before his shoulders. He's wearing black pants that tuck into his black boots, and a black muscle shirt with a thick orange line down the front with a green chuunin jacket left unzipped.

"Hey teme. Whats up?" says the newcomer while he surveys the group.

"Just like you Naruto-dobe" says Sasuke, "just show up and ask a stupid question as if there were nothing wrong."

"Well I'm so sorry your highness" says the blonde man while he graciously bows to Sasuke, "I didnt know you were hoping for formalities."

"AHHHHH!" their conversation was cut off by a loud scream by Karin.

"Whats wrong with her?" asks Naruto with a confused look on his face.

"It's you ya dumbass" says Suigetsu who has his sword out and at the ready for any retaliation from the blonde jinchuuriki. "Your chakras killin her"

"Whoops hehe! The kyuubi gets pretty riled up whenever an Uchiha is around" Naruto while waving his hands in front of him in his defense.

'This guy is such an idiot! Why am I supposed to be afraid of him?," thinks Suigetsu almost out loud.

"I can help! I think..." says Naruto before making hand signs and yelling "KAGE NO BUNSHIN JUTSU!" and with that a perfect shadow clone appears beside Naruto waiting for instructions. "Hey Karin!" shouts Naruto.

"I dont remember introducing you dobe" says the onyx eyed Uchiha with a stoic look on his face.

"Oh haha" says Naruto while scratching behind his head before noticing Karin squirming around. "Ill explain in a minute teme" he says before looking at Karin again. "Hey Karin! Im going to quiet the Kyuubi down a bit OK? I made this clone next to me entirely of my personal chakra. Try to concentrate on just him and you might feel a bit better." says Naruto with a giant smile on his face.

Karin feels the new chakra source and tries to calm down and concentrate on it as best as she can. She feels the kyuubi's chakra recede and pinpoints the clone to feel Naruto's chakra wash over her with relief. The warm arms of the chakra are back around her and she lets a smile escape as she bathes in the comfort of it. She slowly regains a regular breathing pattern and sits up. For the first time since Naruto arrived she opens her eyes to look at the source of this intoxicating chakra. She nearly hits the floor again as she stares into the cerulean eyes of the jinchuuriki.

'He's absolutely gorgeous!' Karin yells in her mind while eyeing up the man in front of her. She takes her time dragging red her eyes up and down his firm, muscular torso. She notices the beautiful smile he's giving her, which draws her attention to the whisker marks on his face. She blushes a little wondering what they feel like. Suigetsu notices this right away.

"Hey baka get your head in the game! He's the enemy!" Suigetsu yells before running at Naruto with his sword at the ready.

The smile on Naruto's is replaced with a grin, "you dont really know how to use that sword too well do you?"

"I know how to use it well enough to rip you to shreds with it!" he screams while bringing down his sword to Naruto's head.

Naruto simply bats the sword to the side with no effort and shoves his fist though Suigetsu's chest.

'What the hell' thinks Suigetsu 'he wasnt even fucking trying!'

Naruto's victory is short lived as he hears Suigetsu laugh, "haha you think that can hurt me? If thats all you got then you're screwed!" laughs Suigetsu while he swing the sword down again. His laughter is cut abruptly short as the blade stops before it hits its intended target. "Wha?" Its then he notices his giant cleaver has been stopped by two fingers pinching at the blade. Before Suigetsu can do anything the blade is tossed into the nearest tree where it cleaves nearly half way through.

"Oh boy, that was lucky haha!" says Naruto with his right hand still imbedded in Suigetsu's chest.

' This asshole is patronizin me!' screams the blue haired man in his own mind. Before he can even get another thought across he feels something weird in his chest.

"Please dont attack me again" says Naruto before the hand in Suigetsu's chest erupts and pushes him away with a flurry of wind.

The now weaponless Suigetsu stumbles to his feet while repairing the hole in his chest. "I told you, you're gonna need more than that to hurt me!" He once again charges at Naruto.

'He cant hurt me so long as I can keep turnin into water if he hits me haha' he thinks ' I jus gotta wait for him to slip up once and take my shot'

Naruto sighs "I asked you not to attack so nicely... oh well." Naruto smacks his hand directly into Suigetsu's chest once more, but this time no water breaks the punch. Suigetsu feels his sternum cracking and looks and his opponent with a confused face as he goes flying into a tree, smacking into with another bone crunching thump.

"Wha... How?" chokes out Suigetsu.

"When I blasted you away from me the first time I shoved a chunk my chakra into you." says Naruto with a grin on his face. "In fact I put so much in that it hardened hehe. You should thank me because if I put any more of my chakra into you then you wouldn't have had time to fix the hole in your chest before your body hardened."

"Damn" says the shark toothed man before he passes out.

"Well now that he's out of the way..." the jinchuuriki tries to continue before he is again cut off by a scaled arm swinging towards his face.

"HAHAHAHA DIEEEEEE!" screams Jugo while swinging at Naruto.

"HEY IM TRYIN TO TALK OVER HERE JUGO!" yells Naruto before he grabs the large mans arm and twists it behind his back. He then kicks Jugo in the back so hard he flys across the forest and his face smacks into a tree. His curse mark recedes leaving Jugo rubbing his head and silently thanking Naruto for snapping him out of his trance. 'He truly is powerful. He can stop me without even trying just like Sasuke. Although I question his method' Jugo thinks to himself while rubbing his sore head.

"Again dobe, you speak as if you have met my compatriots before." the sharingan user snaps while staring daggers at Naruto.

"Haha oh yea..." says Naruto while scratching his head again, "I've been gathering information for a bit so I found out all about what you were up to and who you were with." Naruto says with a smile.

"Gathering information?" questions Sasuke. "The reports I heard say you have been blowing up any Akatsuki base you have found, while systematically killing the main members of the Akatsuki."

"Well that was only part of the mission. Didn't your reports say I had people with me?" says Naruto.

"Yes. All reports said you were accompanied by Kakashi Hatake and Ibiki Morino." the raven haired man says before he nearly slapped himself in the head for being so stupid.

"What is it Sasuke-kun?" says Karin who reluctantly shifted her eyes off of Naruto, momentarily satisfied with merely sensing his clones chakra around her.

"Kakashi Hatake is one of the best infiltrators and trackers in the Fire country and Ibiki Morino is the best interrogator I've ever had the misfortune of meeting" Sasuke shudders remembering the chuunin written exam. "It's obvious they were gathering information."

"Yeah" Naruto says with both arms lazily behind his head, "Look at me. I love bright orange colors that scream kill me and on top of that Im too loud for infiltration. That's why I requested Kakashi came with, plus his nin dogs are perfect trackers. I needed Ibiki because I refuse to torture anyone, but at the same time I needed more info that I know only he could get. Don't get me wrong though. I did my fair share of work. Once we sapped the Akatsuki bases for information I would completely destroy them."

'He would destroy the base entirely by himself!' Karin went wide eyed 'I thought they planted explosives or something, but he single handedly blew up our bases leaving nothing but craters!' "HOW?" yelled Karin.

"Uhhh do you really want me to show you a jutsu that can blow up an entire base?" he asks while smiling at her.

She completely forgot what she asked as she gazed into his eyes. She blushes again.

"You alright over there?" Asks Naruto looking confused.

Sasuke getting fed up with this waste of time says "Please ignore her dobe." trying to get back on track he asks "so you gathered information as to the whereabouts of the other Akatsuki members so you can kill them?"

"Like I said before the Akatsuki is only part of the mission." the jinchuuriki states, "In fact, I dont care at all about the other members of the Akatsuki. I just wanted to find you." Naruto says while looking at Sasuke dead in the eyes.

"Hmm" Sasuke says his gaze hardening and his stance straightening. "Karin. Jugo."

"Yes Sasuke-kun?" says Karin.

"Yes Sasuke?" says Jugo.

"Take Suigetsu and retreat into the forest." Sasuke says with an emotionless tone.

"Hai Sasuke." Jugo says as he picks up Suigetsu and runs into the forest.

Karin hasn't moved since Sasuke gave his order.

"I said leave Karin." Sasuke says coldly.

"But what if you need my healing chakra!" yells Karin with a concerned tone.

"I'm sorry Karin, but I have to speak with Sasuke alone" says Naruto. Karin looks over at him to see his clone charging at her. With one swift movement the clone scoops her up bridal style and runs after Jugo.

Now the two 'friends' stared at each other as they prepared for the inevitable fight that was on the horizon.

"Before we start I have to say a few things." Naruto says with a smile.

"I have a few things to say as well" Sasuke says allowing a small smile to creep on his face.

Hey everyone! So thats chapter one! Please be gentle with me! I know it might be terrible but I couldnt help myself. I had to write a fanfic haha. Anyways, I will update soon so long as I dont come out of this crying my eyes out haha. Either way I will complete this fanfic. Thanks to those read!