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The beautiful pale eyes of a raven haired beauty flutter open as she pushed a blanket made of the finest threads in all of Konoha off of her voluptuous frame. Her lavender eyes which allow a near omniscient view of the world look restless, but happy. Hinata Hyūga never really cared for all the finer things she had been given, but she accepted them as a common occurrence with her family name and future title of Hyūga clan leader. Her happiness never stemmed from her expensive things or her lavish future, but they came from the recent arrival of a blonde and red haired man who she loved more than anything money or status could ever afford her.

The blush that covered her face since Naruto had arrived the day before had finally vanished. However, thoughts of the odd effect he had on her body at the gate of Konoha ran through her mind and the short reprieve in her blush was gone as blood rushed to her face once more. Still, she was very proud of herself because she did not faint the second she saw him. It took a few minutes for that to happen.

She hadn't seen him since the Pain attack. Since she confessed her love for him and ran away. Naruto had tried to find her after that, but her embarrassment and fear of rejection were far too strong to allow a meeting. Whenever he came around the compound to find her she would hide in her room until he left. When she finally gained the courage to go see him he had already gone to retrieve Sasuke so for the past three years she has been thinking about what to say when she saw him next. The black haired beauty still didn't know the words.

However, Hinata was sick of waiting. She was sick of turning suitors down left and right. She didn't want them. The same person has been in her dreams since the first day she met him and nothing has changed. Overall, the pale skinned woman was lucky her relationship with her father had increased dramatically over the past few years or she might have been forced into a marriage by now. Her renewed relationship with her father was just one of the many things Naruto gave her the confidence to achieve and she was going to thank him for it ten fold. Naruto had a friend and admirer before he could've realized and she was going to see him now whether she was ready or not.

Small beams of light from the rising sun peeked through the windows of the Hyūga compound and made their way to the pale skin of Hinata's bare arms, but they didn't wake her because she had never gone to sleep. The entire night had been spent thinking about what to say when she saw Naruto again. It felt like the words should just be there and this shouldn't be so difficult, but it was. She knew exactly how she felt, but the articulation of those feelings was like an impossible dream. She hoped that when she found him again the words would form and flow, but she knew she would probably just stutter a whole lot and pass out like she did when she saw him at the gate.

Her strong, milk colored legs swept off to the side of her bed as she made to rise for the day. Her dainty feet lightly touched the ground with a form of elegance that couldn't be taught, but was more like a gift from Kami that only she was given. The very way she walked could make any man swoon, but because of her choice in semi-baggy clothing no one was allowed an appreciative look at the Hyūga heir.

All of her attempts to turn suitors away with baggy clothes were for naught because even though she was able to cover her body she could not stop men from looking into her eyes. They seemed to have a power beyond the byakugan. A few of the suitors pursued her for the power they could gain in their union with her, but most were captivated by her glowing lavender orbs that allowed her to see beyond the scope of normal human sight. She thought maybe if she could find the courage to look up at Naruto for once and stare into his eyes then maybe he might just look back and notice her the same way she has noticed him. Unfortunately, she still hasn't gained the nerve to look at him when they spoke in the past. Even when she confessed her love she couldn't look back at him because of her apprehension, but that is all going to change.

Today is the day she will confront him. She just has to find him first. After quickly showering and getting dressed in her usual purple coat with fishnet underneath and blue pants she runs out of the Hyūga compound and towards Naruto's apartment. When she arrived she activated her byakugan to find he had already left and to where she did not know. She ran a hand through her beautiful waist length raven colored hair and sighed in sadness for the tedious journey ahead of her. The only thing she could do was check his favorite hot spots, but lucky for her she knew them all by heart having been there multiple times in his absence excluding his apartment, which was almost always occupied by Sakura. She wasn't sure what to think of her.

The obvious place to start was Ichiraku's, but when she talked to Ayame she found he hadn't been there yet. Next was the Hokage monument. Again, that was a dud. Finally, she started to check his favorite training spots. She came upon him in the first ground she checked. She was so happy to find her judgment of his favorite area was correct and out of habit she ducked behind a tree to watch him train like she used to. With her byakugan activated she could finally take her time and examine him.

Three years had done Naruto well. The black and orange muscle shirt he is wearing clung to his body and his untamed red and blonde hair that draped past his ears looked downright sexy. She is able to see through his clothes with her byakugan, but chose not to since she would probably pass out and lose track of him. She noticed that large chunks of the forest had been destroyed and he was currently putting out what seemed like puddles of fire by holding his hand out. She was curious and decided now was her time to approach. She took a step forward, but got scared and crouched back behind the tree.

"Ahh and what are doing here? Not spying on my favorite pupil I hope." A lazy sounding voice from behind Hinata spoke.

She turned around to see the one and only Copycat Kakashi standing in front of her with his infamous eye smile. She was so transfixed on Naruto she didn't even realize the scarecrow ninja was there. "Hel... hello Kakashi-san." She stuttered out.

He lifted his favorite orange book up to his face. "You know there is nothing to be nervous about. Just let him do the talking." He said understanding the situation before it was ever explained as he has been known to do.

She looked down at her hands and started to rub them together. "I...I ummmm.."

She was taking far too long to say anything for the cyclops so he spoke up. "I'll help you. I'll just let him know you're here." He began towards Naruto who was lying on the ground.

"No!" She clasped her hand over her mouth.

Kakashi turned around with a raised brow. "And why not?"

"I'm not ready yet." She said with more confidence.

Kakshi looked at her for a minute. "Yeah you are." He turned around again. "Trust me. You'll thank me later." He resumed his walk.

She had to stop him, but how! Thinking quickly she realized her byakugan let her be privy to information no one else was. "If you don't stop I'll tell people what's under your mask." She yelled to him.

He turned around again, but this time with a wide eye. "You wouldn't!" He put his book back into its pouch.

"I would." She said affirmatively.

He crossed his arms and sized her up to see if she was lying. "It doesn't matter. No one would believe you." He pulled out his sharingan to test her answers.

The pale skinned woman clenched her hands and prepared her best noble speak. "Being a noble I have been taught many things. One of those things is how to draw realism to perfection." She steeled her will. Without Naruto's influence she would never have the confidence to blackmail anyone like this. "The fangirls will go insane. You won't have a moments rest once they find out what you look like under there."

Seeing that she wasn't lying Kakashi threw his hands up and lowered his head. "Very well." He said lazily. "You win." Kakashi covered his eye and took his book back out before slowly slinking away. He stopped, but didn't turn around. "I was with him for the past three years so I know him well enough by now. You should just talk to him."

Hinata watched him walk away before turning around to watch her love train some more before she confronted him. She slumped forward in depression. "He's gone." She frowned as she looked at the place Naruto once laid. Her stance stiffened up and she crushed a fist in front of her. "I'm not giving up! Naruto-kun wouldn't and neither will I!"

Unfortunately it took her until he reached the hospital to seal Sasuke and his team later that night to find him. She decided to wait in a tree outside for him. Stake outs were common for ninja so a few hours in a tree was not all that uncommon. Nothing will stop her from talking to him that night and letting him know how she felt.

(Line Break)

With Karin and Naruto

"Alright then." Naruto said as he bent down and got back to work on Karin's shapely ass. He finished her backside with only a few more moans escaping Karin's lips, but nothing too major. He surveyed his work. "Good. Ok I'm done with your backside. In a few minutes I'm going to have you sit up and I'll start drawing the seals on your face." Over the next few minutes Naruto poked and prodded his work to make sure it was perfect. He had no idea that all he was doing was getting Karin excited again. The teenage girl went so long without being touched by another person that every slight graze of Naruto's fingers excited her. She said she would try her hardest, but her hardest was not enough and she was losing control fast.

"It all looks dry." Naruto said as he wrapped the towels around her back. "You can sit up now." Karin pushed herself up and sat cross legged facing Naruto, but covered her most sensitive parts from Naruto's eyes. "Are you ready?" She nodded. Naruto leaned forward and gently held her chin in his hand. The redhead stared into his deep blue eyes so intently she didn't even notice he had begun writing on her cheek. He made quick work of her face and asked her to lie down so he could start on the rest of her body. Naruto finished the complicated design necessary for her stomach and the basic pattern on the front of her legs quickly and now was the time to remove the towels again. Naruto took a deep breath to calm himself. "Karin." She lifted her head to look at him. "I need you to uh..." He tried to say remove your towel as professionally as he could, but he was too embarrassed to finish the sentence.

She merely smiled in understanding, nodded her head, and ripped the towel off with one clean swoop of her hand. Naruto's control faded at the sight. Two perfect milky white breasts bounced around as the towel flung away. Naruto shut his eyes in an attempt to prevent himself from getting an erection and it seemed like it worked until Karin spoke. "Open yours eyes Naruto-kun." She said seductively. He bolstered his will and slowly opened his eyes to see Karin's light pink nipples jiggling right in his face.

"Gah! Karin-chan what are you doing?" He fell backwards and landed on his butt.

She laid back down. "I'm just trying to get you used to them faster so we can move on." The devious medic replied casually.

Naruto sighed happily when he noticed the bulge that formed in his pants was reacting to his will and not his hormones as it started to retract. With tired hands he picked up the brush and got back to work. Karin almost came yet again as the brush slowly swept across her nipples. It took every once of her will not to cum, but she knew she could make it. The final part however, was a different story. She wasn't so sure she would be able to hold out once the final towel came off.

Naruto quickly finished up Karin's breasts, but that just meant he was one step closer to the epicenter of his raging hormones. He even did it without getting too aroused by the delicious scent of honey she released as he performed his duties, but the next step was going to be different. Hidden beneath the towel in front of him was the reason he was losing control and he knew that there was a high risk of problems once that small piece of cloth was removed. Too bad for him now was the time. He gently nudged Karin and she lifted her head to look at him. He didn't say anything, but she understood what she had to do.

The redheaded woman slowly undid the towel this time instead of just flinging it off. Naruto took the towel, threw it to a clone, and ordered him to wait outside of the room. Naruto had no feelings of arousal this time. The girl in front of him looked more fragile than seductive and Naruto instantly felt terrible he had to do this to her. She noticed this and took his hand. "It's alright Naruto-kun. I'm ok with it if it's you."

Naruto held her hand back and gave her a smile. "I'm glad you trust me Karin-chan because this part will be a little difficult for both of us." Their faces went bright red. "As soon as you feel ready I'm going to need you to lie back." She nodded and slowly laid down. Naruto moved a little closer to her. He cleared his throat a little. "Umm... I need you to... let your legs fall apart." He didn't want to say the words 'spread your legs' because that sounded far too insinuative. She complied and her legs spread slightly. Naruto cleared his throat again. "I'm sorry Karin-chan, but could you open them a little more?"

Karin spread her legs wide and Naruto salivated. Karin smirked. 'I finally got him to drool.' She was proud of her achievement. It was impossible for Naruto to contain his erection once her legs opened up and the sight of her glistening wet lips came into view. He quickly adjusted himself to make the bulge less noticeable and averted his eyes to the inside of her leg.

"Looks like you have a thing for redheads huh Naruto-kun." The Kyuubi said playfully. He just ignored her.

Unfortunately for Naruto the designs around the reproductive organs are very intricate due to the fact that the human body is only made to do a couple of things during a lifetime. One important thing the body does is reproduction so a lot of chakra is pushed there, which makes the design he has to draw quite elaborate. He is forced to bring his face close to her sopping wet folds in order to make sure the design he draws is correct.

Karin felt him move his head between her legs and got hopeful. She propped herself up onto her elbows so she could watch him work. The first stroke caressed Karin's inner leg and her eyes rolled back into her head as the feeling almost sent her over the edge again. As she brought her head back down to look at Naruto she noticed he had stopped applying the seals. The reason was because his eyes were fastened to her well shaven core. The look in his eyes was one of hunger. It was an animalistic gaze that only spelled a good time for Karin unless she was mistaken. "See something you like Naruto-kun?" She said seductively as she has already gotten over her slight fear of fully exposing herself to another.

Naruto shook his head quickly and snapped himself out of his trance. "I'm sorry Karin-chan. That must have made you uncomfortable." He said with his head down.

"No that's fine Naruto-kun. Let's just continue." She purred to him. Naruto regained his composure and got back to work. His brush strokes quickly and efficiently moved across Karin's sensitive lips. His warm breath moved across her engorged reproductive organ and it caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. 'Oh no not again!' She tried to hold herself back, but the strokes moving across her skin coupled with Naruto's hot breath caused her to erupt. Her liquid sprayed for the second time that day, but this time there was no towel to collect the flow. Only Naruto's face was there to catch the fruits of her orgasm.

Karin moved to apologize, but she noticed something strange about Naruto. Instead of wiping his face of the liquid dripping off of it he just stood still with his eyes wide open. Karin didn't say anything. She just watched Naruto put his hand to his face and wiped down his cheek slowly. His hand was covered with Karin's orgasm and the liquid dripped down his fingers as he held them in front of him. The former Akatsuki watched as Naruto's hand slowly moved towards his mouth and his tongue escaped his lips. His small pink appendage gently drug across his extended fingers before it shot back into his mouth to give him a taste of the redhead.

Karin loved every second of it. Now was the time for her to make her move. The hot redhead leaned forward to unbuckle his pants, but stopped when red slit eyes looked back at her. If the ink covering her body wasn't filled with Naruto's chakra she knew the Kyuubi's would be strangling her right then. "Naruto-kun?" She asked fearfully.

Naruto's growled loudly and a hand shot out to grab Karin's face. Suddenly every seal around the room spiraled onto the medic's body and settled onto her right shoulder in the form of two overlapping triangles. The pain was too much of a surprise for her to bear. She almost instantly passed out leaving a panting Naruto clutching his chest. The blonde fell back and sighed. "That was too close." He looked down at the bulge in his pants. "Goddammit I told you not to embarrass me!" He yelled pointing at his offending package. "Fucking hormones!" The jinchuuriki looked down at the sleeping Karin. The serene look on her face made him let loose a small smile. "I'm sorry." Using a blanket he wrapped her up and carried her bridal style up the steps to her hospital bed. Naruto didn't want her to wake up confused and completely naked in front of the rest of the guys so he got another room for her and decided to put her there instead.

After he laid Karin on her bed and turned off the lights he went to get cleaned up. There were showers all over the hospital he could use so he picked one and stripped down. Following his recent experience with Karin he made sure the shower was cold as ice to ease his …. tension.

Even though only moments ago he saw a fully exposed Karin the only thing he could think about was having lunch with Sakura the next day. He planted both his hands against the wall and shivered as cold water ran down his spine. His feelings for Sakura still hadn't changed. He thought maybe time and distance would make him forget or at least help him gain the will to hold himself back and not interfere in her life. But distance only made the heart grow fonder. He wondered if it would be a better idea to cancel his meal and start avoiding her again, but he couldn't do that to the pinkette. He didn't want to make her sad ever again.

He turned the knobs for the water to close them off and stepped out of the shower to change into his usual mostly black attire. He was going to leave but instead he decided, like a good friend, to check up on Sasuke and the others. As he made his way to Sasuke's door he put his hand out to turn the handle, but stopped abruptly when he felt two conscious chakra signatures on the other side. Leaning his hands against the door he could feel who it was and what was happening using his sage abilities.

It was Sakura and Sasuke and their chakras were wrapped around each other. "They're kissing." Naruto clutched his chest and fell to the ground. There was a sharp ache where his heart should be and it was threatening to spread to the rest of his body. 'Why!' He mentally cursed himself. 'This is what I knew would happen so why does it feel like this?' He slowly stood up and stepped away from the door that held the thing he dreaded so much. His hand never left his chest as the pain in his heart started leading up into his throat and made him wheeze. 'What was I expecting anyways? I've been pushing her away.' He was slowly making his way out of the hospital doors when he realized he could just use his Hiraishin to go home instantly instead of walking. He missed the pale eyed Hyūga jump out of a tree and call his name before he teleported away.

(Line break)

Sakura walked into the hospital ready to see Sasuke for the first time since he's been back. She didn't know if he was even awake or not, but she didn't care because enough time has been wasted not seeing him or Naruto. Making her way to Sasuke's room was easy. After working in the hospital for so long she could walk to most areas blindfolded hence she didn't waste any time going straight to the Uchiha. Following a deep breath, she opened the door to the sharingan user's room to find him awake and leaning back in his bed. The other two men whose names she didn't know were both sleeping in their respective beds and seemed to be out for the night.

"Hello Sakura. It's nice to see you again." He turned his head and black eyes met green.

Sakura had to admit the he was a pretty man. His body wasn't as muscular as Naruto's, but had a whole different kind of appeal to it. It was a more feminine look with an accompanying cold attitude that made him mysterious. Unlike Naruto's tanned and tone skin his was pale and looked elegant. Sakura didn't even realize the only thing she was doing was comparing Sasuke to Naruto the entire time. "It's nice to see you too Sasuke-kun." She moved towards him and sat at the end of his bed. The medic gently placed her hand on the bed sheet covering his foot. "How are you feeling?"

He lifted his arms and showed her a few fading cuts. "My wounds have closed and my chakra is replenished. I'm ready for active duty as soon as it's allowed." The raven haired man put his arms down and shifted closer to Sakura. "I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me when I'm permitted to leave the hospital."

The conversation just took a 180 and Sakura was shocked by his forwardness. She looked into his face to try and find some emotion, but as usual there was none. This is not happening at all like she planned. She was supposed to casually come by and talk to him to see how she felt, not have him ask her out. "Wha? Really?"

"Of course. I would like to begin a courtship with you if you would like." He gently placed his hand on hers as she looked down in uncertainty. This isn't what he had expected would happen. "Is something wrong?"

She picked her head up. "No no. I'm just surprised is all." Her eyes looked to the floor. "So why the sudden change? You never wanted to go out with me before." She didn't know why she was questioning his motives. This was supposed to be her dream since before she was a genin and now something feels weird about the whole situation.

He wrapped his fingers around her palm so they were holding hands. "In my time away I've come to realize a few things. I've wasted so much time on revenge when I should have come back right away and started my life." She felt his grip on her hand tighten slightly almost as if he was nervous. "Some day I would like to rebuild my clan and I was hoping you could join me. You're strong, smart, and most of all my friend." She smiled brightly. He has never said anything so kind to her. "Also, Naruto made a good point. I had originally intended on marrying for political strength, but he suggested I talk to you first." Sasuke let a small smile grace his lips. "He's actually much smarter than I thought. At least in matters of the heart." He chuckled.

Sakura was noticeably shocked. 'Naruto-kun told him to do this? I guess he really doesn't want me.' The pinkette eyed up the Uchiha. The fact that he showed an emotion like nervousness so openly surprised her. Still, something felt wrong to her. There was only one way for her to decide if this was right. "I would be glad to go out on a date with you." They both smiled. "But there is something that I need you to do first."

Sasuke was confused, but of course he didn't show it. "What would you like me to do?"

Sakura moved closer to his lap. "I need you to kiss me."

He would have thought she was joking if she didn't look so serious. Since he wasn't one to back down from anything and this almost felt like a challenge he didn't even question why she wanted him to do this before he moved in and kissed her.

The medic knew what to expect. The kiss would be phenomenal. All the emotions Sasuke refused to show in person would be reflected through their connection and she would feel cared for and loved. Everything would be the same as their first kiss so long ago…. but it wasn't. The kiss felt wrong. It almost felt familial to her like a brother was on the other side of her lips. It was cold and her feelings were ultimately unreturned. A soft thump was heard outside the door. She almost instantly broke off the kiss and stared at the stoic faced Uchiha. "That wasn't anything like our first kiss." She said bluntly.

Sasuke stared at her incredulously. "I don't understand. What kiss are you referring to?"

Sakura frowned at his lack of care for something that was so special to her. "Our first kiss. When we became genin you found me in the park. You told me I was beautiful and you kissed me. How could you forget something like that?"

Sasuke calmly stared at her. "That never happened."

She laughed. "I think being away so long has made you forget a few things."

Her laughter was cut off. "That. Never. Happened." He said harshly not sparing her feelings since he felt like she was laughing at him.

The medic shook her head and glared back at him in defiance. Her hand tightened around his to the point where he visibly cringed. "It did happen. You said my forehead was beautiful and you kissed me."

Sasuke pried his hand out of hers and rubbed it. "I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is I never kissed you. Maybe it was someone with a henge active or something."

Sakura pointed a finger at him. "You know that can't be true. If it was a henge then I would've passed through the illusion when I kissed you. We did kiss. Get it?"

Sasuke rubbed his chin in thought for a second and then began to chuckle. Sakura would normally beat someone for laughing at her, but seeing the last Uchiha with a smile was so rare she was too flabbergasted to smack him. "Sakura. I think it was a henge."

"I just told you it couldn't have been!" She shouted. "Henges aren't solid!"

"They can be." He chuckled a little more.

"There is no such thing as a... solid... henge." Realization set in. "Oh shit."

Sasuke decided it was safe to hold her hand again. Before he could grab her she jumped forward and wrapped him up in a hug. "S..Sakura?" His arms were held up in surprise.

Tears streamed out of her eyes. "I've wasted so much time!"

Sasuke's arms slowly came down and held her. "It's ok." He let loose a small smile. "Naruto snuck in a kiss while henged into me huh? I always thought the reason he tied me up back then was because he was jealous of me or something, but now I know he was just trying to make more time with you." Saying that only made her cry louder and the raven haired man didn't know how to deal with crying women. Especially not super strong women that are in a position to rip him in half at his midsection. "Oh. Uh. I'm sorry." He said slightly nervous.

She sat up and smiled a little. "No. This is a good thing!" She let him out of the hug and wiped the tears from her eyes. "All this time I've been so confused. Now I know what to do! Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with Naruto and I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." She bit her lip.

Sasuke lifts an eyebrow. "You're going to what?" He said in an annoyed tone.

She put her head down. "I don't know. I told Ino I would talk to her before I tried anything with Naruto. I would feel like a bitch if I just grabbed him out from under her." The exhausted medic laid her head on Sasuke's chest. "I just want him to..." She passed out. A full day of work at a busy hospital coupled with the fact that it was almost sunrise made her too tired to lift her head before she fell asleep.

Sasuke smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "Looks like there won't be an 'us' in the future." He stroked her hair as she breathed deeply into his chest. "Oh well. I did prefer you over anyone else you know." Sasuke sighed with a sad smile as he spoke to the sleeping woman. "I suppose this is for the best. I can't boot out that troglodyte warhawk Danzo without more support from the ninja clans anyways. But still, I would've preferred you." With those words he began to drift off as well. "Please make my brother happy." And he was out.

(Line break)

Naruto flashed into his apartment just inside the door where the seal for his Hiraishin no Jutsu was located. The blonde slumped back into a wall and slowly fell to the floor. 'This doesn't make any sense to me. I want her to be happy and I've made that happen so why do I feel like this?' He clutched a hand to his chest. 'Is this what heartbreak feels like?' He wanted to get up, but he felt too defeated to even move.

Naruto closed his eyes. When he opened them again he found he was no longer in his room. Instead he was overlooking a serene grassy meadow with Oak trees scattered throughout. The sun was high in the sky so he knew he must have fallen asleep and this is his mindscape. The scene looked very nice. It appeared to be a beautiful summer day and the leaves on the trees were green and full of life as well as the grass and flowers surrounding him so he knew it was not one of his own mind's creations. Normally his preferred time of year is fall because he liked the orange and yellow of the leaves and the slightly cooler weather, but the picture before him was calming and made him feel more at ease than anything he had manufactured before.

He looked around for the only other being that should be located in his mind. A movement on the other side of the meadow caught his eye and he turned. It was the Kyuubi unlike he had ever seen her before. She was walking towards him wearing a white sundress that stopped about mid thigh and left most of her back exposed. Her red and black hair was topped off with a large white brimmed hat used to block out the shining sun, but it was still untamed as it ran down her bare back and over her shoulders. The dark color of her skin seemed to glow in the brightness of the sun and held a perfect contrast to the white dress she was wearing. Naruto had to admit the Kyuubi had style and she was more beautiful than he could ever hope to describe.

He was so taken by her appearance he didn't even notice she had already made her way to him. "Hey Naruto-kun." She said with a cute smile.

Naruto snapped out of his trance. "Hey Kyuubi-chan. What is all of this?" He said swiveling his head around to look over the meadow once more.

She took his hand and walked towards a large tree. "Well you were stressed out and I wanted to make you happy so I created this place." As they sat in the shade of the tree together she took off her large brimmed hat and threw it to the side where it merely disappeared.

He held her hand tightly. "You didn't need to do all this for me you know."

"Of course I did! I've been saving this place I created for a special time, but you were so upset I thought sooner was better than later." She pulled a picnic basket out of thin air. "Here!" She opened up the basket to remove a red and black checkered blanket for them to lie on, and a steaming bowl of beef ramen. "I think you'll enjoy this."

He moved onto the blanket and sipped at the ramen. Before the Kyuubi could ask how it tasted he had already finished the bowl in one giant gulp. "This is delicious!"

She chuckled. "It should be. It's the best ramen you've ever had. I took it from your memory and brought it out here for you to have as many times as you want." Naruto watched astonished as the bowl refilled itself, but instead of eating more he moved it off to the side and laid down. The red eyed demoness moved and laid across the checkered sheet in front of him. They were both on their sides propped up by their elbows so they could stare in to each others eyes.

A sad look crossed Naruto face. "Why are you doing this for me?" He looked around. "The attention to detail, the beautiful dress... everything is perfect."

She rolled into his arms so Naruto had his chest pressed against her back and she took his hands to place them on her flat stomach. "It's because…." She said quietly before she trailed off.

"Because why Kyuubi-chan?" He said as he removed a few strands of hair from her face.

She turned her head to stare into his bright blue eyes. "I'm doing this because I love you!"

"Oh I see." He turned his head away from her and tears began to well up in her eyes. The great demon queen feared the human boy no longer loved her and was on the verge of crying right in front of him. "This is just another one of my dreams then."

The Kyuubi shook out of her daze and almost laughed at her own assumption. "You think this is a dream?"

"Well yeah." He said less certain than before. "It's a little different than the normal one where you appear and we hold each other, but the concept is the same."

The all powerful Kyuubi giggled in the blonde boys face. "Those kind of weren't dreams either."

His eyes went wide. "I told you they were real!" He shouted in victory as he shifted up. Naruto looked down at her accusingly and pointed a finger in her face. "You laughed at me and said to stop dreaming about you!"

She waved her hands in defense. "I know I know! I'm sorry about that." She put her bronze hand gently across his cheek. "But I think you're missing the point."

The smile he gave her was soft, but it warmed her heart. "I love you too Kyuubi-chan." He brought her in to his chest a little farther and she purred at the contact. "So what does this mean for us?"

She ground her hips against him and his breath hitched for a moment. She smiled. "It means a few things. But first you have to promise me something." She turned towards him so he could realize she was serious.

"A promise? What kind of promise?" He was concerned.

"I will always be with you. Nothing will ever change that, but the fact is there are some things I can't do. Most importantly is I can't give you any children." The sadness of her inability to be a mother showed through her expression.

He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "That's ok Kyu..."

"No it's not ok!" She put her hands on his chest. "You can be an amazing father one day. I know you can! So you have to promise me that you will find someone besides me to love."

He looked away. "I can't promise you that."

The demon sighed. "I can't make you fall in love. We will always have other and that is enough for me, but I really want you to find another to join us. Please just promise me you'll at least try."

"Alright I promise." They both smiled and embraced each other. "I knew you loved me too." He teasingly spoke into her wild hair.

She kissed his neck softly. "Sure you did." There was a small hint of sarcasm in her voice. She pulled her head back a little so the could look each other in the eyes. "Naruto-kun I was thinking." The jinchuuriki quirked an eyebrow. "Why don't we leave Konoha for now. There are many things I've seen in this world that I wouldn't want you to miss out on."

"You mean leave the village?" He stared back into her eyes.

She averted her gaze. "Well let's just call it an extended vacation."

Naruto wanted to just flat-out say no, but he understood her intentions. The Kyuubi was startled as a hand came and brushed her hair off of her cheek. She looked up to see Naruto smiling down at her lovingly. "Thank you for caring about me so much, but my problem earlier….. was just a small moment of weakness. You don't need to worry about me. Everything will be fine." He said sounding quite sure of himself.

"Oh it's so cute when you try to lie like that." She said as he pinched his cheek, which only served to frustrate him.

"What? I'm not lying!" He said more affirmatively than before.

"Hmmm maybe you don't know you are, but you really are." She giggled. "I've been in your head for your entire life. I know what you think and how you feel for the most part. You definitely still love that girl just as much as ever and if you stay in Konoha you will only know strife and heartache. But if we leave.." He gave her a look to let her know he would never abandon Konoha. "not forever. Just for a bit…" His features calmed again and she continued. "I guarantee you will happier than you ever thought you could be. You just need to give me time." Naruto looked at her and saw the almost pleading look in her eyes.

She gave him the puppy dog eyes to which he had no defense. He sighed. "I can't believe I'm giving in so easily."

She gave him a huge smile as she jerked around in excitement. "I swear you won't regret it!" She leaned forward and captured his mouth with hers. It was so sudden that Naruto didn't even close his eyes until she began to prod his lips with her tongue. He returned her kiss and upped the ante as he rolled on top of her and pushed his hand into her hair. She tore at his back with scratches that he was sure would leave a mark if he was in his real body and not in his mind.

After a few minutes of playful kissing they broke apart and held each other delicately. "I hope you don't mind a change in scenery because I have a place I've wanted to show you." The Kyuubi watched in awe as the sun that was so high in the sky just a second ago began to set and the field of flowers they were laying in turned into sand. She yelped a little as water came rushing at them from over the horizon, but calmed down when the large waves slowed down to gently ebb and flow across her feet instead of crashing into them. She reached down to feel the warmth of the water on her hands and smell the saltiness of the warm ocean breeze that softly tossed her hair around. Next, a moon more full and large than anything the real world could provide was set just above the horizon overlooking the vast ocean Naruto's mind just created.

The red haired demoness looked around. Naruto had created a long beachfront with a midnight scene for her. "I've never seen such a beautiful place in my life." As she spoke two tiki torches appeared on either side of them so their small area held a gentle glow. She stared at the features of his face as the shadows his contours provided danced around while the flames from the torches flickered.

"Thank you Kyuubi-chan." He said as he looked out over the quietly moving ocean. "I've wanted to bring you here for a long time, but I wasn't sure if I should. You know because it's kind of romantic." He said goofily as he scratched the back of his head in nervousness.

She laughed at his inexperience with dates. "It's very romantic Naruto-kun. I love it." He turned to her and smiled. Just like every other time he's ever given her that loving grin she promptly melted like butter on a hot day in his arms. They laid there in each others arms for what seemed like hours just talking.

Eventually she felt a need arise in her belly. Her knees sunk slightly into the sand as she straddled Naruto and locked his lips once more, only this time it was more passionate and filled with a powerful lust. She was about to do something she has wanted to do for a long time.

Naruto was enthralled by the woman on top of him. His hands gently brushed her well tanned and tone thighs causing her to moan softly. Everything about the Kyuubi was perfection. The scars that cover the bodies of most ninja make no appearance on her unmarred skin and she has a beauty more akin to a goddess than a demoness. He attempted to keep his cool, but it was degrading fast as the redheaded woman feverishly placed kiss after kiss upon his face and neck.

The Kyuubi smirked when she felt his erection press against her thigh. As she looked down on him she noticed he wasn't exactly sure what to do. She grabbed his hands and brought them under her dress to cup her buttocks. When she felt his erection twitch she knew he was loving this treatment. "I'm going to give you a little gift Naruto-kun." She said in her all seductive manner.

Naruto gulped. "A gift?"

She traced a finger down his chest. "Let's call it a... taste." She gave him a half smile as she eyed him up like a piece of meat.

Naruto didn't even have time to wonder what she meant before the kisses that she was placing on his neck began to move down to his chest and then lower. By this time she had backed up so far her legs were mostly in the water of the ocean and her head was hovering over his groin. "Ahhhaha." He chuckled nervously as she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down in one swift blow releasing his manhood to the warm ocean air.

"Well Naruto-kun. I would say I was surprised by the size of this thing if I hadn't seen it before." She said as one of her hands gripped him by the base of his shaft and swung his member around in circles.

Naruto blushed heavily as the feel of her soft hand made him twist in pleasure. "Oh you like that?" The distressed man could only nod back to her. The demoness smirked before quickly pumping his dick a few times.

"Gah!" The intense feeling caught him by surprise.

"Heehee." She was having too much fun making him squirm. "Remember Naruto-kun." He looked down at her to watch her finger slowly drag up and down his shaft. "This is only the beginning of what I have planned for our little journey. There is going to be Oh. So. Much. More." She rubbed the tip. "When I think you're ready for it that is."

Naruto quirked a brow at her devious smile. "Ohhhhhhhmmmmm." That was the noise she made as her mouth fully engulfed his member. It was the single most amazing sound he has ever heard coupled with the most amazing feeling he has ever experienced. Her hot mouth slurped across his cock and released the pressure he had accumulated over his encounter with Karin. He shot up as his tip hit the back of her throat just to be pushed back down by her bronze hand. The blonde man sounded more like a little child as he whined when the Kyuubi slipped him out of her mouth. "Ah ah ah you just stay down there." She chastised him and wagged her finger.

Naruto wanted to complain, but he couldn't risk her stopping. She chuckled at his compliance before she got back to work. Her tongue slowly drug up his length while it took both of her hands to hold it in place. One hand gripped his base while she took him in her mouth once more. Her other hand gently played with the skin of his scrotum, careful not to accidently push too hard on his balls. With her special treatment it wasn't long before he could feel himself reaching his limit. The Kyuubi knew he was getting close because his engorged member was becoming even more difficult to handle in her mouth. She was ready to throw him over the edge. The Kyuubi slammed her head down on his cock repeatedly. "Gug gug gug gug." The sound of her gagging turned him on more than she could imagine.

"Ah Kyuubi-chan!" Only seconds after she began deepthroating he was ready to cum. She knew what was coming so she took him in as far as she could. Waves of his seed shot directly down her throat almost completely bypassing her mouth.

She was barely even able to get a taste of it, but to her it tasted like. "Strawberry yogurt?" She looked at him oddly as she licked a little excess Naruto off of her lips.

He was far too gone to answer her. She just heard him mumble something along the lines of 'my mind' and 'probably tastes better' as he laid on the sand trying to recover from the powerful orgasm she just gave him.

"Aww you made it taste like yogurt for me." She smiled at her job well done as Naruto lay writhing in front of her. She laid next to him and rested her head against his chest. She could still hear his heart beating rapidly and she laughed. "Damn I'm good."

Naruto chuckled. "You have no idea." With that they both drifted off to sleep inside Naruto's mind, but from the outside it would just appear like Naruto leaned against the door and fell asleep. Or at least that's what Hinata saw with her byakugan as she stood outside his apartment.

"He's asleep." She was forlorn as she stood outside of his apartment. Soon her pale beautiful face perked up a bit. "Tomorrow it is then Naruto-kun." She said before dashing off to finally get a nights rest of her own.

So that was my first little lemon. Not a full one or anything, but don't you worry about that. There will be one soon enough.

I have to apologize to everyone now. When I started this story I had an idea of Naruto wanting to leave and stay away from Konoha because of other circumstances. Unfortunately my story has shifted so now he just wants to leave for a long vacation and not forever. The point is my tagline for this story is highly misleading and for that I am sorry. I'll have to change that soon I suppose. It's just I never realized how angsty I would have to make this story in order for him to want to leave that badly and I'm not sure I can write at that level of emotional turmoil.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading even with my major mess up!