Years had been kind to the Cullen family. Nothing…extreme had happened since the Voltori had departed. Edward, for one, was quite glad that the excitement was over. He preferred his monotonous charade to the stressful events that had lead to his finding his mate and having a child.

Of course, raising Nessie had not been without its share of excitement. She was a bright and talented little girl, and more than other parents Edward and Bella had the pleasure and the pain of watching their child grow up in a short time.

Now though, his little girl had reached her stopping point. She had not visibly aged in over three years. Edward's little girl was 'all grown up' even though she had barely lived a decade, but even as Nessie asserted her independence and individuality from her parents, there was one thing that she and her father could always bond over.

Edward sat at his piano without playing for a moment. He contemplated his song choice carefully. His daughter was a fan of modern music that made his lips curl up in distaste, but there was one type of 'old' music she liked.

His decision made, Edward let his fingers fly over the keys, careful not to play the spirited song too fast.

"What was that?" Nessie inquired when he finished the short song, leaning over to get a look at Edward's hands on the keys.

"Alexander's Ragtime Band. It was played on the Titanic," her father informed her, trying to give her a scope of the age of the song.

Nessie arched an eyebrow and leaned back in her previous position. "You would know all about that, Old Man," she muttered, sarcastically but not unkindly, flipping a page in her book.

Edward smiled. I knew she would like it.

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