Leave a Legacy

When HYDRA infiltrates the government and takes over most of the senate, the Avengers have no choice but to watch in agony while Baron Strucker slowly gains control over everything. Meanwhile, Janet also finds herself stuck in the middle of everything, as evil once again tries to take its toll to the world.

A story about love, challenges and leaving the legacy for the world to witness, full of action, adventure, deceit, lies and romance.

Takes place after "Widow's Sting."

Rated T for extreme violence, sexuality, angst, and some harsh language.

Chapter 1:

Set Me Free

Thunder and lighting rolled into one, crashing deep in the dark sky. The reflection of the flashes of lightning shimmered off the glowing clouds, glistening like blazes of light. The darkness caused the air to look bleak and grey, the depressing mood lingering on its inhabitants. The rain poured heavily down onto the ground, the storm never ceasing. The heavy drops landed on the ground violently, creating a gloomy fog and a soft mist flowing through the air.

The desolate streets were quiet and barren, as the rain was the only thing that was present in the city currently. The silence, besides the rainfall that was pattering against the streets and buildings, was tortuous to endure.

Her radiant sapphire eyes opened suddenly to the world around her, breathing in the fresh, moist, and salubrious air that tickled her cheeks lightly. She sighed longingly, smelling the precipitation that engulfed the air so easily. She swayed her feet like a swing, sitting on the wet bench but never caring. Her lips curved into a smile absolutely loving the peace and serenity the world currently was giving off.

The park was empty at the moment, which was fine for her, for she enjoyed the quiet atmosphere the rain created from time to time. She hugged herself tighter in her long jacket, taking every ounce of warmth gratefully. She let her hair soak from the drops that were placing themselves on her head, not caring for the consequences later.

She noticed a couple walking along the cobbled stone path, fully embracing each other and laughing lightly. They stopped to kiss for a brief moment, and then continued to walk throughout the park. She smiled longingly, sighing with admiration and thoughtfulness. She watched them till they disappeared fully, and suddenly she began to daydream. She exhaled deeply once more with a love struck grin, and then decided to get up and depart.

She jumped up like a pixie with much enthusiasm, stuffing her small hands in her coat pockets and walking along the same cobbled path. She crossed the bridge that was over the small river that ran through the park. Glancing at the small droplets and rivets plopping on the surface of the river, she skipped down the last part of the bridge.

She heard a shuffle behind her…

She stopped suddenly, swiftly turning her head in the direction behind her. The rain continued to fall, as she saw no one there. She narrowed her eyes defiantly, her instincts telling her that she was being followed. She stared at the nothingness around her, keeping everything quiet so that even if a twig snapped, she would hear it. However, nothing made a sound and nothing moved. She shook her head, her head telling her to keep searching, but her body saying just to leave it alone.

Instead, she shrunk her size down to her miniature level, flying quickly into the air and out of the park. She grunted, the larger drops pelting her smaller body. As soon as she exited the park, she grew back to her original size, brushing off the mass amount of water off her jacket. She frowned slightly, as the rain suddenly poured harder.

"Great," Janet mumbled to herself, looking up into the sky. Although she had been relaxing for hours in the rain, she absolutely hated it. Call it her inner bug, but the rain was always a disappointment when it came along. The only thing she did like about it was the silence it brought to the large city. Barely anyone left the house when it did pour like this, and she always took the chance to stroll the vacant streets.

She took another glance behind her, checking her surroundings once more. She bit her lip nervously, but continued to walk down the street anyway. She scoffed, stuffing her hands deep into her pockets; if anyone wanted to mess with her, then sure as hell they would get a mess. She wasn't in the mood to be mocked with and followed around like some child in a store. She was doing something important. Ok, so she was just wandering around and doing nothing, but that was definitely important to her. Besides, villains didn't wreak as much havoc when it rained than sunny days.

She smiled as she neared her favorite shopping area, the same streets Whirlwind always like to trash around. The street was empty, all but a few roaming cars, a couple of people and a homeless man down an alley. She threw a couple of dollars before walking a few more steps to her favorite store. She was all for going to the mall on a rainy day, but there was something about visiting the local boutiques that she loved even better.

She walked into the store, immediately soaking in the hot air and warmth of the fashion store. She dried off her feet and took off her heavy jacket, placing it on the stores hooks at the front. The clerk woman instantly straightened up and fixed her clothes and hair, immediately recognizing who entered the store. The clerk was always at a loss for words when the Avenger came in.

"Ah, welcome again Was-… I mean, Ms. van Dyne. Shall I assist you in anything?" the clerk asked, walking up to her.

"No, I'm just looking today, thank you," Janet replied, walking along.

"Our new spring collection just came in. I could show you around…" the clerk suggested, jogging behind her.

"No thank you, I'll just be in and out," Janet responded, slightly irritated with the clerk's persistence. The clerk nodded in disappointment, going back to her counter.

Janet sauntered around, looking at every display. She heard someone else walk into the store, but she didn't pay any attention to it. She glanced at every piece of clothing, itching to buy the entire collection. She was about to pick up a blouse when her phone began to vibrate in her pocket. She checked to see an unknown caller was on the line, only meaning one thing…

"Doctor Henry Pym's line, this is Janet speaking…" she answered, feeling the leather of a coat. "I'm sorry, Dr. Pym is actually in Wakanda again and won't be in town for another month." Her lips frowned as she said this, becoming a little sad. "The Vibranium exposition isn't for another month anyway, so I could book you in for that time." She took out a small notebook and pen, writing information down. She stopped writing, looking up to find that she was in the formal attire section. Her mouth hung open, as she slowly said, "Thank you for calling and we'll see you in a month."

The beautiful dresses shimmered and glistened before her, standing out above all the rest. She touched a navy one longingly, feeling its soft material between her fingers. Was it so bad to want to get dressed up and go out every once in a while? She secretly longed to get fancied up and have some fun. Was it too much to ask for a man to buy her a beautiful dress and wear it whenever she felt like it? She smiled as she pictured herself wearing a glamorous dress, dancing on a ballroom floor with the man of her dreams…particularly someone she had in mind.

She took the dress with excitement and held it up to her. It matched her eyes perfectly, bringing out the natural colors of her body. She wondered if Hank would actually buy her something like this, but then she had to remember that he was always 'busy.' Science was everything, and if it wasn't science, it didn't really matter.

Ever since the 'Marvel' incident, he'd been extra distant. He was keeping to himself more, escaping every question she would ask and dodged every flirtatious smile she conveniently gave. Pretty much, she was acting like her normal self, but he was different.

"Stupid Hank…" she muttered, putting down the dress and shoving it back in its place. She picked up another one and looked into the mirror. When she did, she saw an eye staring at her in the corner of the mirror. She gasped, turning around abruptly to see no one there once again. Her mouth went dry, but her palms began to sweat. This was really starting to freak her out. At first she might have thought it was just her imagination, but there was no way this was just her mind playing tricks on her.

She heard the shop bell ring, as someone exited the store. She growled, grinding her teeth angrily, taking herself into a sprint and out the door, while leaving her jacket. She stepped out into the pouring rain, as lightning flashed in the sky. She looked around and saw nothing, nothing but the raindrops falling from the sky. She ran further down, the drops pelting her face. She stopped after turning a corner, looking up into the sky.

"Stay away from me!" she stated loudly and threateningly, knowing that who ever was following her, definitely heard her. She narrowed her eyes, looking back down to her feet. Her clothes were being soaked; she literally felt like she had jumped in a pool. She slowly walked back to the shop, retrieved her jacket, shrunk her size and flew back to the mansion.

"Welcome Ms. Wasp," Jarvis said through the speakers, welcoming her home.

"Hey," she mumbled in annoyance, now really feeling completely wet as she felt the hot warmth inside. She stomped directly to her room, throwing off her wet clothes and turning on her shower. After warming her body up and washing the dirt and grime off, she came out in a robe and wet hair, deciding to turn on her TV. The news flashed on, while she rummaged through different files of Hanks. She then looked at the calendar, scheduling Hank's appointments for him. The news anchor on the TV continued to speak.

"For the past several months, the Avenger's have made themselves honorary heroes within the city and the world. Each of them have brought a new justice to the earth, providing a safety for everyone," the woman spoke in her perfect tone. The man nodded in agreement next to her, adding a few things himself. "But who are they? How do they contribute to the team? The questions on everyone's mind will finally be answered."

Janet looked up to watch, now interested in what they were going to say about the team. She smiled, as they talked about Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. The list continued, as each of the anchors pointed out their strengths.

"Steve Rogers as 'Captain America' has always touched our hearts. Hearing the stories of his past and remembering his legacy has been a real honor to witness, now that he is here and fighting for us," the woman said with a smile, as the reel showed Captain America is a sequence of battles, fighting different villains. Janet bit her lip anxiously, waiting for her small section to be said. The woman continued.

"And last but not least, we have Janet Van Dyne as 'The Wasp.'" The woman giggled slightly.

"The only woman on the team," the man pointed out, smiling smugly to the camera.

"With the ability to shrink and shoot several blasts from her hands, Wasp has contributed the spunk and an interesting blend to the team," the woman resumed. While the woman said positive things about Janet, they certainly weren't statements that were as…wonderful and amazing as the others. She contributed a lot, didn't she? "While the Wasp is still considered an Avenger, some critics do say that she is the weakest member of the team…"

"Well, there you have it folks. Next is a special interview with the infamous Nick Fury himself. Stay tuned…" the man finished, smiling proudly to the camera. The TV flashed to a commercial.

Janet's mouth hung open slightly, astonished at what she just heard. She rewound the TV a few times, letting her words repeat over and over in her mind. Tears suddenly formed behind her eyes, the water welling up. A tear managed to slide down without her even knowing it. Embarrassment was the first emotion she felt followed by sadness. Her lip quivered in anger, feeling the electric pulses tremor throughout her body. She turned off the TV forcefully.


She quickly changed into her uniform, ready to walk around the mansion and clear her head.

She wished Hank were here. Even if he didn't know the situation, just talking to him made her feel safe and secure. His handsome and protective voice always assured her everything was going to be all right. His sincere eyes always made her feel sheltered and confident in herself. However, while he was absent for long periods of time…it was like she couldn't function correctly.

"Can't believe this crap," she mumbled to herself, straightening out her skirt and stepping out of her room. She roamed the halls aimlessly, completely bored out of her mind. Most of the team was out and doing other things, so the mansion was pretty quiet. She could do some practice sessions with Tony's simulations to cool off some steam, but in all honesty, she wasn't in the mood.

"Janet?" a deep voiced wondered. Her attention was aroused, looking up and turning around to see Steve. She didn't even realize she had passed him up. She noticed they were in the main hall, the large wall windows overlooking the rainy city.

"Hey Cap," she tried to sound upbeat, as she usually did, but she drastically failed. He noticed this right away.

"I see you watched the news…" he chose his words carefully. She visibly cringed, feeling even more embarrassed that probably most of the Avengers saw the broadcast.

"Last time I watch that station," she smiled slightly, trying to turn it into something comical…but it wasn't working out very well. Steve's face remained the same, seeing right through her façade.

"Don't listen to them, Janet, you're better than that. It was just some snooty people trying to cause a stir in the media," Steve said, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "And get their latest check."

"Yeah I know."

"But it still hurts…" Steve said, as if reading her mind. She crossed her arms, desperately wanting to change the subject. She knew he had a point, but her anger was still clearly present.

"I have always found Earth's media vulgar and pointless," another voice agreed, as Thor walked down the hall casually. "Half the praises they acclaimed for me were false and fallacious. I do not play this 'football' in my spare time for pure liberating pleasure." Janet giggled lightly.

"Nor do I workout eight hours a day to perfect and sculpt my 'amazingly toned and immaculate' body," Steve chuckled loudly, as Thor and Janet joined in as well.

"I can always count on you guys to make me feel better, can't I?" she asked.

"Who else is going to get the job done?" Steve asked, chuckling a bit.

"No one, I guess," she giggled some more, facing the large windows with water dripping down them. "So where are the others anyway? The place is pretty quiet right now."

"Not really sure. Tony is down at Stark Industries, the Hulk is in his room, and Clint and T'Challa are together somewhere," Steve responded.

"Makes me wonder if we're running a super hero team or a hotel service," she sighed, as lighting flashed in the sky. She squinted her eyes at sky, thinking she saw something. Ugh, her eyes were playing tricks on her again.

"I sense a disturbance in the sky," Thor suddenly said, stepping toward the window. Janet suddenly thought she wasn't as crazy as she thought.

"It is a pretty big storm," Steve reasoned.

"Nay, it is something else," he narrowed his eyes.

"Should we check it out? Thor is usually right about this kind of stuff," Janet muttered to Steve.

Before he could answer, the ground beneath them shook slightly, feeling like a small earthquake. Only, as the tremors progressed, they became more violent, shaking the whole mansion. They looked outside, as it seemed the entire city was feeling the tremors.

"Detection has been made: several unknown aircrafts approaching city limits. Threat at maximum level," Jarvis stated loudly, as the alarm went off.

"I will never understand how a home can see such things," Thor muttered aloud. "We must leave at once."

"I'll contact the others," Janet announced, pressing the button on her card. As she did this, all three looked up into the sky after a seeing what they saw.

It was a whole army of aircrafts, hovering slightly over the city. However, they weren't normal aircrafts…they were HYDRA. The green utility ships, labeled with the HYDRA seal, continued to hover over the city. There were hundreds of ships threatening the city, something the Avengers weren't prepared for at all.

"HYDRA…" Steve mumbled in astonishment

"Jarvis, prepare the ships," Janet commanded, thinking sensibly. She was about to say more only she stopped short. On the other side, facing the HYDRA ships, SHIELD ships were standing by, already in action and prepared. The same amount of shops were equipped and organized, looking as if to blow each ship up, one by one. "Is Fury insane? They're going to have a war right above the city!"

"Aye! To the machines!" Thor yelled, thrusting his hammer upward. They ran to the elevators that took them down to the hanger. They ran into the ship, preparing to take off. Strapping themselves in and turning on the ignition, the ship roared with energy, ready to fly.

"Hold up!" Hawkeye yelled, running with the Black Panther to the door. Both ran in quickly, with Wasp at the controls.

"We had just arrived when we saw the ships," Black Panther explained, sitting down and strapping in. "We better hurry."

"Already on it," Wasp said to herself, hovering the Avenger ship off the ground slightly. In no time, the ship was flying in the sky, making its way towards the HYDRA ships. Captain America gasped lightly.

"It's Iron Man," Captain America pointed, seeing Tony suddenly flying next to them. Tony gestured for them to follow them, flying in front toward Nick Fury's ship, the biggest one in front of the others. Wasp landed the ship in SHIELD hanger, landing it perfectly on the floor. They unbuckled in a rush, filtering out.

"Iron Man, what is happening?" Black Panther asked, as everyone hurried out of the Avenger ship.

"I don't know. I was about to attack Baron's ship when Fury contacted me to come here," Iron Man answered, walking down the halls to the front of the ship. They hurried to the front, seeing Fury looking out the window, talking to Mockingbird. Hawkeye managed to gulp slowly. "Fury, what's going on? Why is Strucker placed over the city?"

"We've got a serious problem," he replied, turning around and walking down the stairs.

"No shit Fury, there's a whole army over the city!" Hawkeye said with annoyance, glancing at Mockingbird every so often.

"That's not the problem. Baron's just here to make a statement…freely positioning himself."

"Freely? What do you mean freely?" Iron Man asked. "He's a wanted criminal."

"Not anymore... Government has given him total access to everything. He's now mayor of the city and an elected official of the senate," Fury explained. "We can't do anything."

"What? How is that possible?" Wasp blurted.

"You think I understand? I was given direct orders to stay away from Strucker and his methods of settling in. I can't touch him," Fury grumbled, his fists tightening up. "Obviously this wasn't random. I don't know what Strucker is up to, but I will find out. He's not going to get away with this."

"Sir, we have an incoming message for you…from the HYDRA ship," Mockingbird announced, handing him an earpiece.

"This should be good…" he snarled. "This is Special Agent Nick Fury." He was talking to someone for a long time.

Wasp tapped her foot in anticipation, just wanting to blow the HYDRA ships out of the sky and send them running. What was Strucker up to? She didn't understand…how did he get total access to everything? He was a dictator, a criminal, and a monster; it made her wonder how reliable their so-called government was. Whatever the case was, Baron had a plan and so far he was succeeding. He was one step ahead and she hated being behind in the game. It was too simple and too effortless.

Fury finally disconnected the link, looking at the Avenger's with a serious face. "He's coming aboard."

"Right now?" Captain America asked in surprise.

"I want all the men in the hanger waiting for Strucker. The rest of us will be waiting here," Fury ordered, as most of the men left and went down the halls.

"What does he want?" Iron Man asked harshly.

"To rub it in our faces. What else would it be?" Hawkeye answered, shaking his head in annoyance.

"I just don't get it; it doesn't make sense. How did he get this far? How is he doing this?" Wasp inquired.

"The real question is how did he infiltrate it? How is HYDRA now considered the most respectable organization in America?" Fury asked them all. Mockingbird put a hand to her earpiece.

"He's here."

"I'm so excited," Fury mocked, facing the window once more. The Avengers stood anxiously, waiting to see what Baron Strucker had to say.

"If this is some sort of sick joke, I will be so pissed," Wasp whispered to Thor.

"I do not think this is some joke…I believe this to be real," Thor replied, never taking his eyes off the door.

Finally, the doors slid open, revealing some HYDRA agents walking through. Then, Baron Strucker walked in, his hands placed behind his back, and his sword dangling on his waist. The Black Widow walked slightly behind him, checking all the SHIELD agents for any sudden movements. More agents filtered out behind them, as they swarmed around the ships floor. Nick Fury walked forward, in the middle of the Avengers.

"What can I help you with, Mr. Strucker?" Fury asked, narrowing his eye.

"I just wanted to know why your ships are over my city, Agent Fury?" Baron asked rhetorically.

"Just a precaution, I can assure you," Fury added.

The conversations were boring and dull, in Janet's opinion. They mostly talked about power and their limits, to which Fury wasn't very happy about. No one moved or spoke; it was mainly Strucker and Fury. Finally, the Black Widow spoke, explaining to Fury and his men what he, and the Avengers, were allowed to do in the city.

Janet rolled her eyes in boredom, not believing what was happening. She didn't really want to hear anything from the beautiful and salacious Black Widow. She looked back up, noticing that Baron Strucker was staring at her. Her eyes went wide, turning her head to look behind her, thinking he was looking at someone else. No, he was staring at her…and not in a good way. It was a look of hunger and passion, a look that a predator would give its prey. She swallowed roughly, not taking her eyes off his. He smiled eerily, looking at her with desire, yearning and…lust?

It was then her mind whirled around with fear, for his blue eye matched exactly like the one she caught staring at her through the mirror of her favorite shop…

Chapter 1:

Ok, not at all am I used to the Avengers. I have only just begun to watch the cartoon (Earth's Mightiest Heroes) and I immediately fell in love with it. So this is just something I thought in my little brain, wanting to bring a closer look at our favorite heroes, especially Wasp.

I was surprised, however, that there weren't a lot of Wasp/Ant-Man stories. They obviously were made for each other, so it was strange that I didn't see really any stories on their lives. Did I miss the memo or something? Either way, this story does revolve around them mostly.

Please tell me your thoughts, I would really like to here them. If it sounds too OC, then sorry. I will try my best to make this as original, and not too corny, as it's going to be.