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[The evil pink video tape returns from the dead!! Mwahaha. ]

"My god, they are SLOW!" the Mysterious Disembodied Voice (MDV) finished her foot spa session and stared down at Gimli and Aragorn who STILL haven't figured out the color of the DOOM. It has been over three hours.

"Gimli? My butt hurts," Aragorn shifted restlessly on his spot on the rock.

"SHHH!" Gimli hissed and let out a heavy sigh. WHAT WAS THE DAMN COLOR?

"They need help," the MDV rolled her eyes and sent a wave of pink flamingos over their head.

"What the hell are flamingos doing here?!" Gimli looked up towards the flapping noises.

"Wow, flamingos are pink. I didn't know that. Did you, Gimli?" Aragorn mused.

"Of COURSE flamingos are pink, you bas-" Gimli paused and a heavenly "ahhhh" and golden light shone upon him. "That's the color, Aragorn! THAT'S IT! It's PINK!" Aragorn jumped up and cheered.

"Whoo! We figured it out! ....what's pink that could possibly be the ending of us?" Aragorn turned to Gimli. Gimli frowned in confusion.

"I don't know....I know I'm allergic to salmon. Does that count as pink?" Aragorn nodded slowly.

"That could be it....that could be it...." As they pondered, a Legolas fangirl burst into the clearing.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Gimli and Aragorn screamed. A wave of terror and DOOM washed over them.

"She's PINK! She'll be the death of us! Valar help us! Valar help us!" Aragorn dropped to his knees and moaned.

"Sorry. We're on lunch break. Maybe later," the Valar carelessly glanced down at Aragorn and unwrapped their Subway sandwiches.

"Well, our only choice is to RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, DAMMIT!" Gimli began to run, dragging Aragorn up by his collar.

"Wait! I'm harmless! Really! Come back! I was just going to ask if you've seen Legolas!" The fangirl sighed and frowned. She glanced down at the pink videotape she held in her hand. "Guess they haven't...." No use running after Gimli and Aragorn when Legolas needed to be desperately found. "Where the hell is he??" Legolas was unfortunately (rather fortunately for him) was super-good at evading people when he wanted to. Damn Elven skills. The frustrated fangirl ran in the direction of several other fangirls in pursuit of the prince. They'd get him sooner or later.

"Is she gone, Gimli? Is she gone?" Aragorn breathed hard and collapsed to the ground. If the fangirl wasn't going to be the death of him, cross- country running sure would be.

"Seems like it.....we better go into hiding. Did she say she was searching for Legolas?"

"I think so....."

"That means he escaped those devils! Good for him! Maybe we should join up with him.....if we can find him first," Gimli began surveying their surroundings. Trees. Lots of them.

"Maybe we should call for him. LEGO-" Aragorn began when a ruddy, stone- hardened hand clamped his jaw shut.

"Your yelling could attract the fangirls, you fool! They have sharp hearing, remember?" he hissed and dragged Aragorn up. "You humans and your weak respiratory systems." He shook his head and began walking further into the woods. "Too many frikkin' trees. They're like LOOMING over you like you're some insignificant being. And you know why they....." Gimli ranted. Aragorn just tuned him out. Who cares if Gimli hated trees? They just needed to find Legolas, that was all.

"One goal at a time, Aragorn...." he told himself.



The fangirls met back at the clearing where they vanquished the Mary-Sue and all turned on their flashlights.

"We are NOT giving up, girls! We're going to find him soon, I can feel it! Our I-Love-Legolas flashlights will find him! They run on AA batteries! They won't fail us!" one of the leaders exclaimed and held up her bright, pink flashlight. Renewed with energy, the fangirls cheered and spread out again.

Meanwhile, Gimli and Aragorn were immersed in darkness.

"I TOLD you to always pack a flashlight, you idiot!" Gimli angrily reprimanded Aragorn.

"You are lowering my self-esteem! That's not very nice," Aragorn pouted.

"That's not the point, you sissy! FLASHLIGHT! I can BARELY see you! Much less that poncy elf, wherever he is...." Gimli squinted his eyes.

"I'm tired...." Aragorn yawned. "Maybe we should just sleep."

"NO! What if the fangirls find us again?! We barely escaped the last one. That was odd, that she didn't chase us for Legolas information. Remember the one before? She kept asking for Legolas's grocery shopping schedules. How are WE supposed to know? As if we go grocery shopping with him. Huh!" Gimli scoffed.

"Actually..." Aragorn raised an index finger.

"Shut up! That's not the point," Gimli growled and sighed. "You're right. Maybe we should just wait till the sun comes back out....."

"Wait! Gimli, what's that light over there?" Aragorn cocked his head to one side, pondering the moving light about three-fourths of a mile away. Gimli peered closer and shrugged.

"I have no idea.....who would be out this late, anyhow?" Gimli frowned in confusion. Then the answer dawned upon him. "FANGIRLS! LEGOLAS FANGIRLS! RUN! RUN!"

"Not again...." Aragorn whined. He was pushed by Gimli into running.

"OW!!" Simultaneous groans were emitted by the two when they both crashed into trees. Then they passed out cold.

"Sh! What was that noise?" One fangirl in her small search party of five girls whispered and aimed their powerful flashlights in the direction of Gimli and Aragorn.

"Let's go check it out," They stealthily crept over to the two unconscious figures and sighed in disappointment. Suddenly, for some miraculous reason, one of the fangirls concocted a brilliant plan. Well, brilliant for them anyway.

"Wait! Let's hold them RANSOM! Then Legolas will HAVE to come to us!" she squealed. The fangirls cheered. They tied up Gimli and Aragorn with their own special kind of rope. The kind you can't get out of if you were tied with it. Not even with a lighter and a knife.

"Wait....How will we send Legolas the ransom note?" one of the smarter (I said smarter....not smart) fangirls said. The rest of the fangirls blinked and were silent.

"Umm....we could write lots of them and leave them all over the place. He's bound to find one," another fangirl suggested. The fangirls cheered again. They began scribbling furiously on lots of paper and bunched it all together. "Let's wait until morning to put these out so Legolas can read them." All the fangirls nodded and began the heavy task of dragging both Aragorn and Gimli back into the central clearing.


Legolas gasped as he began climbing over rugged terrain: sharp rocks and slippery mud. Where the hell he was, he didn't know. He gripped on the branches of trees to pull himself out of the sticky mud. He had run 50 miles nonstop since the time the two fangirls nearly found him hiding in a tree. He didn't care if his expensive Look-Like-A-Sexy-Archer-Even-Though- You-Can't-Do-Archery! suit was ruined. So long as the fangirls were away. Far far far far away.


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