"Roast at 190C, Gas Mark 4 for 100 minutes"

"If I have to have Christmas dinner with you, I want a real one—home cooked! "

"Well, I did—do! Still do. Besides, the mistakes are… part of the charm."

"For a pair of newlyweds! Not for sensible men who prefer turkey to charcoal!"

"But how could this have happened? I followed the directions exactly."

"Clearly you didn't. Which proves my…"

"Yes, Sherlock. Next time we'll do it your way, and eat out."

Sherlock smiled inwardly, and added "recalibrate oven gauge" to his list of things to do when John went out with his Blackheath mates on Boxing Day.

This is my second (and more in character, I think) take on Sherlock and John's first Christmas dinner together. "Another Christmas Dinner" (my first attempt at this) was one of my first Sherlock fics, and I was still feeling out the characters when I wrote it.