"Ah!" Yukimura was surprised on what he is seeing right now. "Igarashi-kaichou, what made you come by here today? Is there anything you need?"

"I'm sorry if I came here so suddenly," Tora was showing his good side right now. "But I really need to speak with Ayuzawa-kaichou right now. Is she here?"

No one from Seika's student council answered Tora's question for Misaki was not inside the student council room until the secretary of the student council spoke. "Ayuzawa-kaichou just went to the broadcasting room, right? She just left when we heard a strange sleepy sound in loudspeakers in the campus."

"Ah, yes! That's right," Yukimura was quivering now. "Would you like me to fetch you, Igarashi-kaichou?"

"I would love to," Tora smiled then turned to the other Miyabigaoka students. "You stay here inside Seika's student council room and do not do anything unless I return."

Tora immediately went outside together with Yukimura. The Miyabigaoka students were just sitting still and not saying anything. Seika students council was trembling… How much can they sit like that and do nothing? Igarashi-kaichou is really something.

"Wow, Seika has really changed, right?" Tora said in amusement seeing that student of Seika are wearing their uniforms properly, stood quietly along the corridors, no one has been loitering, and nothing violent is going on. "It improved a lot."

Yukimura smiled. "Thanks to Ayuzawa-kaichou, Seika's aura really changed. And I'm proud to tell you that whenever girls pass by Seika, they can feel peaceful aura compared before!"

"Say, Yukimura," Tora was becoming serious. "Takumi-san and Ayuzawa-kaichou are going out, right?"

"What?" Yukimura was surprised. Why would the president of Miyabigaoka care about the relationship status of the president of Seika? "Well… I've seen them many times before. They ride together on the train, they came out from the same café and I even saw them come out from a luxurious apartment! Oh, I'm sorry if I'm being exaggerated."

"So, you are telling me that they are in a relationship right now?" Tora is really serious this time.

Yukimura also doesn't know what's with Misaki and Usui right now. But he's lucky. Before he could answer Tora's question, they arrived in front of the Broadcasting Room. "Oh, Igarashi-kaichou, we're here."

Tora stopped.

"If you could excuse me, I need to go back immediately to the Student Council Room or no one will take over. I've got a lot of things to do," Yukimura apologized.

"Thank you for fetching me here, Yukimura," Tora smiled.

He cannot believe what he is seeing right now as Tora opened the door. The student council president of Seika is sleeping peacefully inside the Broadcasting Room. Why the hell is she sleeping here? he thought. He slowly went near to Misaki and touched her forehead and he was again surprised that she was damn hot. She has a fever! He immediately rushed into the door while carrying Misaki and went to the clinic to check Misaki out.