It was starting slowly. Every caress of Tora in Misaki's face was showing a sincere serenade and a desperate love for her. She did not move. She lets him violate her so that he could show how sincere he is to her. He swiped her hair away from her face and he stared at her for a long time. Oh, how long did he wait for this very moment. He could not believe what he is seeing right now in front of him. He could not love her more. Everything was too good to be true, that she was even the one who wants all this to happen.

Now, Tora pressed his lips to Misaki's and explored her mouth. Neither of them wants to lose in tongue to tongue kisses. They broke kisses for a while and he stared at her. They kissed again as his left hand slowly went down to her breast and cupped it. Later on, his right hand did the same while kissing her. She moaned when she felt his lips tracing kisses down to her neck as he continued to cup her breasts this time in circular motion. She circled her arms to his neck and nibbled her ear making him groan and squish her breasts hard. He kissed her nipples again and sucked it making her moan lightly. They were both in great pleasure. He started to trace kisses again down to her pussy and saw a very beautiful view in front of him. He kissed it and he licked it again. This time, he knelt in front of her. She was looking at his every move. He slipped one finger and pacing it in and out slowly. She was feeling a tingling sense again. He added one finger into hers and did the same. She was now moaning in satisfaction. He added another finger but this time it was painful to her. She shouted in pain.

Oh, I remember. This is her first time. A virgin is laying in front of me! Tora thought.

He slipped it in and out quickly then he added another finger. There were four fingers in all now inside her and she was about to cry now because of the pain. He looked at his dick and saw his own erection. He placed his in front the small hole of her womanhood. He stopped and looked at the pitiful Misaki in front of her who was like a baby wanted to cry. But she looked at Tora with a smiling face saying that she was okay and he must continue. She is insisting. But he is now desperate. He wants her to be convinced and make her his own, only for him. She left him no choice but to continue. He slowly inserted his penis into his vagina. Since it was not big enough for his, she moaned in pain. He gave it another try. This time almost half of his penis was inside. He pulled it out and exerted more force and inserted it again. She shouted lightly. His penis was now more than half inside. Once again he pulled it out and tried another. Now, only quarter of his penis was not inside. He was desperate. He pulled it out again, and exerted his whole force to make it in her fully and he did it successfully!

"T-To-Tora!" Misaki shouted as a tear fell down from her eyes but smiled. She looked at the view in front of her. "It's… it's in!"

Tora cannot believe it himself. It was really in. But he can see Misaki's blood stained the blankets of the clinic. It was her first time. They started at their love-making, slowly first. He was pulling his penis in and out slowly then a little bit faster and a little bit faster. He can hear her moan now. Now faster and faster. He was also groaning now. Faster, faster, and they both made their sounds of satisfaction and now slowly, and slowly and they stopped. He pulled it out and stood up.

"Stand up, Misaki," he commanded.

She stood up and he laid down on the bed. Upon seeing his erection, she seemed to know what she was about to do. She knelt down in front of him and she placed the hole of her vagina above his erecting penis. Slowly, she sat on his penis and went up again. She did this in ascending motion until she was already bouncing on his. While she was moaning, he groaned upon satisfaction and while seeing her breast follow her every movement. She became tired but his penis was still inside her vagina but she still wants more. What she did was she started to grind herself on top of him while his penis was enjoying inside her vagina. Oh, what pleasure has it given to the both of them? While he was still inside her, she kissed him passionately again.

It was unstoppable now. Even though he doesn't want it yet, he decided to skip to their climax. They both stood up. He was holding her head now. He made her kneel on the bed and stood on her arms. Yes, she was standing like a dog-a bitch-right now. He placed his in front of her ass. He tried to insert his penis inside his ass. It was not that hard compared to her vagina. He started pacing in and out as she inserted her own fingers inside her vagina in and out. She can't wait. He decided to insert his penis now to her vagina. She moaned when she felt his erection slowly going inside her. It was a tingling sensation that she never felt before. She doesn't want this to end. He is now pacing in and out faster, then faster, then faster. Both of them are shouting right now. As they reach their climax, the bed was following their movements right now, making a sound of friction with the floor. He felt tireless. He was still going fast until she came back to her senses, her normalself. It was like waking up from a dream. She closed her eyes then suddenly opened it slowly.

What is this feeling? What is this tingling sensation? Why am I sweaty? Why do I feel satisfaction? Why am I naked? Misaki thought and she now knew that she was love-making with Tora.

She looked backward and saw Tora violating her freely and this time her face was angry but still blushed red but not drunk. "What the hell are you doing, Tora?"

He was surprised. Misaki was not like that a while ago. He was slowing his pace before he could stop completely. He pulled out his penis and stands in front of her, very confused. She stood up and felt ashamed. He saw my bare body! She lay down on the bed and covered herself with blankets.

"I was hypnotized by a bullcrap a while ago inside the broadcasting room, Tora. He told me that he knows it very well that Usui will come and help me again as he always did. He knows it very well that I will get angry at Usui when he helps me. He said that I will get addicted on whatever I am doing when I come back to my senses. He predicted that it will be when I get angry on Usui. He wants me to be addicted with getting angry with him so that no one could ever help me again and bring me down from my position being the student council president," Misaki explained, starting to cry. "So tell me, Tora, what the hell happened here! Why am I making love with you?"

Now Tora knew that it was not the proper Misaki he was talking to a while ago, not the proper Misaki who was love-making with him. He gets a towel and covered himself. He sat on the bed and he felt Misaki avoiding and getting away from him. He now explained what happened. "I went here together with other Miyabigaoka students to tell something very important to you but you were not inside the student council room so Yukimura led me the way to the broadcasting room because he said that you were there. I found you dead asleep and you had a bad fever. I brought you here in the clinic and was supposed to take care of you but you demanded me to… to strip you. I refused at first, honestly, but you insisted. I admit I have a split personality and you know that."

"What important thing are you going to tell me anyway?"

"While walking the way to the broadcasting room, I asked Yukimura what your real relationship with Usui is. He said he doesn't know, but he had seen you together many times now."

"Is that the important thing?"

"I wanted to court you, Misaki. I wanted to show you my real feelings. I wanted to change my own self. I wanted to confess to you. I wanted to tell you I love you but… I didn't know that you were just hypnotized. I thought it was all real."

Misaki cried and went near Tora. She gave him a hug from the back. He was surprised. They broke hug then Tora faced her and hugged her. They were hugging each other now.

"Why are you hugging me now? Aren't you supposed to hate me on what I've done to you?" asked Tora.

"It wasn't our fault. But… how are we going to show our faces to other students now after this? To your fellow students on Miyabigaoka? Me, to my mom and my sister, and to… Usui."

Tora hugged her tight. "Then we are in the same boat now."